Soundtrack Review: The Bag Man (2014)

Soundtrack Review: The Bag Man (2014)

The Bag Man Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Bag Man by Tony Morales & Edward Rogers.

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This new thriller by David Grovic has a vary dark and sort of backwater south sound to it. It growls, the cello plays with dark undertones and on top of that there’s subtle percussion. Edward Rogers of “Warehouse 13” fame and Tony Morales who recently scored “Enemies Closer” and “Hatfields & McCoys” with John Debney are creating the score for “The Bag Man”. I should say soundscape rather than just music, because this score is definitely burnt into the film itself as a dark and mysterious character.

I’m fascinated listening to this. There’s nothing you can hold on to, nothing to remember from this score. Instead you just have to tag along and either be mesmerized by this music or be disgusted by it. I am certainly fascinated, but that’s about it. It is very slow, dragging along, and that’s probably why I keep listening. I don’t think for a second there will be a repeat listen though, perhaps while watching the movie where it all makes sense (hopefully).


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