Soundtrack Review: The Ballad Of Lefty Brown

Soundtrack Review: The Ballad Of Lefty Brown

The Ballad Of Lefty Brown Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Ballad Of Lefty Brown by H. Scott Salinas.

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The Ballad Of Lefty Brown is a 2017 American western film directed by Jared Moshe and starring Bill Pullman, Peter Fonda & Joseph Lee Anderson. When cowboy Lefty Brown witnesses the murder of his longtime partner, the newly-elected Senator Edward Johnson. He strikes out to find the killers and avenge his friend’s gruesome death. Tracking the outlaws across the vast and desolate Montana plains, Lefty recruits a young gunslinger, Jeremiah, and an old friend, a hard-drinking U.S. Marshall, to help deliver the men to justice. After a gunfight with the outlaws leaves Jeremiah wounded, Lefty returns home with the names of Johnson’s killers only to find that he is being accused of his friend’s murder. With the tables turned, and with his friend in the governor’s mansion refusing to help, Lefty must evade the law and prove his innocence by exposing the powerful men ultimately responsible for Johnson’s death. The score is composed by H. Scott Salinas.

Is it just me or are westerns getting a resurgence? I have felt the revival of the western genre recently, both on the small screen and the big screen and I think that’s great. Growing up, I used to watch a lot of westerns, mostly older ones, but there were some good ones in the 80s and 90s as well and then it just died until HBO brought it back to life, however briefly, with the excellent Deadwood which is getting a comeback. This year, western fans are getting their money worth with good films and television shows and I’m also stoked that we get to hear some of the scores as well. This one is very interesting as I’m not too familiar with H. Scott Salinas’ scripted film works, but mostly his documentary scores.

Having grown up with the western music of Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith and Dimitri Tiomkin, I wouldn’t even dream that this score would sound anything like the classics, although I wouldn’t mind that either. The score opens with ‘Lefty’s Theme’, a theme for the main character and it’s like the title says, a ballad for Lefty Brown. A romantic and nice theme indeed, and I’m not exactly getting the western feel, but I don’t think I’m supposed to. No this is a different western but I suppose it has to be. We are in 2017 after all and not in the 50s or 60s. I wonder though if the music will alienate classic western music fans specially with cues like ‘Noah Comes And Goes’, a minimalistic and very scary mood piece, built for modern audiences. I enjoy it quite a bit as music. I take the western away, strip it all, and I am left with a really great sounding score.

I love how the score alternates with white hat and black hat. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about it’s the fact that in really old times, a cowboy with a black hat was bad and one with a white hat was good. The music goes from romantic simple music to extremely dark and scary pieces like ‘Assassination Of Johnson’ which could easily fit a modern horror film. It excites me as a listener though and makes me look forward to cue after cue. Look, it’s no western score, at least not what is deemed to be one, but if you just have a listen to the music regardless of the circumstances, I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting and great like I did.

1. Lefty’s Theme
2. Noah Comes And Goes
3. Lefty Tells A Story
4. Assassination Of Johnson
5. A Private Wake
6. Reunion
7. Devil In The Darkness
8. A Desperate Ride
9. Returning To JEremiah
10. Face Off
11. A Real Posse
12. Gunfight At The Goldmill
13. After The Rustlers
14. Speech And Shootout
15. Tom Meets His Maker
16. The End
17. The Ballad Of Lefty Brown

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