Soundtrack Review: The Brotherhood

Soundtrack Review: The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Brotherhood by Arnau Bataller.

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13 tracks
46 minutes of score
Geek Score: 95.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 35.37
Album excellence: 77%
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Arnau Bataller is back with a new Spanish thriller score (La Hermandad) and after the very impressive La herencia Valdemar and it’s sequel, it’s allowed to be very excited about a new score release. Me and Arnau is in perfect sync right from the start with ‘Main Titles’ that starts off with hurried strings, a powerful male choir that is slowing down nicely near the end with haunting strings and a female vocal. This is what I like to hear! There’s a great power behind Arnau’s scores. It might be the wonderful vocals, but there’s a lot more. The haunting variations of great music, some fast, some slow. It really makes me appreciate and love his scores.

You could have (almost) been forgiven for thinking that tha main title was just another great opening cue with no follow-up. Not so with The Brotherhood. Here you’ll constantly get’s flooded with eerie music, powerful choir and tremendous orchestral scoring. It gets very uncomfortable too with cues like ‘Investigations’ who plays on your fears. ‘Get Them!’ is pure fun and we get a beautiful theme in ‘My Daughter’. Finally, the last two cues ‘The Confession’ and ‘The Brotherhood’ tops it all. This score really got me on the first listen and I doubt it will get any less great in the future. This is a proper thriller score, one of the true better examples of great scores in the genre.

1. Main Titles
2. Discovering The Past
5. Eli’s Book
6. There Are Children
7. Investigations
8. Isolated
9. Get Them!
10. My Daughter
12. The Confession
13. The Brotherhood

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