Soundtrack Review: The Circle

Soundtrack Review: The Circle

The Circle Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Circle by Danny Elfman.

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The Circle is a 2017 American science fiction thriller directed by James Ponsoldt and starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks & John Boyega. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) seizes the opportunity of a lifetime when she lands a job with the world’s most powerful technology and social media company. Encouraged by the company’s founder (Tom Hanks), Mae joins a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes soon starts to affect the lives and futures of her friends, family and that of humanity. The score is composed by Danny Elfman.

So, what is The Circle? I think that I’ve read that it’s Facebook, sort of. We already had that movie “The Social Network” years ago, but this is different and obviously pure fiction. The score will abviously be quite different. And different it is. Just check out the opening cue ‘Into A Circle’, a short quirky electronic piece which I am still wrapping my head around. Very strange and unorthodox, certainly for Elfman. I see where he’s going though, and in some ways it’s not so different from The Social Network. Why does the music about computers and networks be like this though? Of course it doesn’t, but it is the obvious way of thinking. Computer, circuitry and the vast internet. It makes sense.

Still, even if it makes sense, I expect the score to grab me in any way that it can. If not emotionally, at least make it interesting. It’s sadly neither of those except for a few cues. Electronic music can and should work, but for me it just doesn’t. Whenever Elfman uses a warmer analog style, I find it much more appealing than his attempts to make the electronic parts work. Elfman had some very fun electronic experiments in his early days, before he became the Elfman we all know so it’s not like it isn’t a part of him. It’s not part of the “new” Danny Elfman, at least not from what I’ve heard from him in his career. This is not Elfman’s electronic renaissance, and the sooner he gets back doing what he does so brilliantly, the better.

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