Soundtrack Review: The Expendables 2 (2012)

Soundtrack Review: The Expendables 2 (2012)

The Expendables 2 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Expendables 2 by Brian Tyler.

“If you just buy one action score this year, The Expendables 2 wouldn’t be a bad bet.”

The Expendables 2 is the all-you-can-eat action buffet with Sly, Arnie, Bruce, Chuck, Dolph, Jason and even Van damme. The gang is back together and they managed to cram even more old action heroes. The difference is that the director Sylvester Stallone from the previous film has now become just an actor (but still writer) as Simon West takes the helm. The score is yet again composed by Brian Tyler.

Track List

1. The Expendables Return 80
2. Fists, Knives and Chains 80
3. Track ‘Em, Find ‘Em, Kill ‘Em 80
4. Making an Entrance 100
5. Respect 60
6. Rest in Pieces 80
7. Preparations 100
8. Party Crashers 80
9. Rescue 80
10. Countdown 80
11. Bad Way to Live 80
12. Villain 80
13. Duelling Blades 100
14. Escape 100

*You might wonder why the track list is different on Amazon. I have no idea. This is the iTunes version that I am reviewing.

It’s been around two years since Brian Tyler’s The Expendables arrived and I really enjoyed that one. Naturally I expected The Expendables 2 to build upon the first one, and it has in my experience. It’s not the same score and one could argue that it isn’t a true sequel score either, but it delivers when it matters and that’s important. The Expendables 2 is an old-fashioned action film, but of course with modern special effects and quality. The score is exactly what was promised to us, an all-out action fest.

With scores like these, it’s easy to go the generic route, but almost all the cues feel fresh within parts and that’s a big sigh of relief for me and a lot of action score fans out there. Brian Tyler doesn’t enter the endless trap of loops of mindless generic action scoring that so many seems to end up in. There are great themes added upon the action as well like in ‘Making an Entrance’, even multiple ones. It’s small touches like that which makes this score one of the top action scores this year.


If you just buy one action score this year, The Expendables 2 wouldn’t be a bad bet. It’s a multi-faceted action score with small themes added within great action cues and what can I say? Brian Tyler delivers again.


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