Soundtrack Review: The Fifth Element

Soundtrack Review: The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Fifth Element by Eric Serra.

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21 tracks
46 minutes of score
Geek Score: 90.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 23.85
Album Excellence: 52%
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Have you ever watched a film and thought that this is the best thing ever and have to check out everything from director to who delivered coffee and bagels to the set? That’s exactly what happened to me in 1997 when I saw The Fifth Element for the first time. It was visually stunning, the story was great, acting was great, directing was great and it was funny as hell. Plus it was sci-fi, my favorite genre at the time. The sound was also superb. I was stunned by everything about it really. Me and a friend even talked like Ruby Rhod played by Chris Tucker for the next week or so. He was the coolest guy ever and that sound, that music. What was it? It was something else, that’s what it was. I’ve noticed director Luc Besson before with Nikita and Leon, but now I REALLY noticed him. Bruce Willis was great as the good guy, Gary Oldman was fantastic as the bad guy and Milla Jovovich was out of this world with her performance and then there’s the diva, the wonderful blue diva. This movie had it all. Oh, the design of the alien, the ships, the cities, all superb. So the story is that some bad guys wants to destroy the world and only the fifth element can save it. The score is composed by Eric Serra. This review is part of Composer Of The Month.

The music and sound in the movie is such a blast, but how’s the score on album? Turns out it’s great as well. Everything from the loud mouth Ruby Rhod’s ‘Korben Dallas’ to the wonderful ‘Leeloo’ who is funny, fast and dangerous. The score has excellent sound design as well. ‘Five Millennia Later’ is brilliant as it is unique. The score is also all over the place. Sometimes it has a beautiful theme, then it’s experimental electronic music before it enters the realm of Reggae. I think that if I had never seen the movie, I would probably not be so into the score as I am. How bizarre is ‘The Diva Dance’? Bizarre yes, but important movie history right there.

Yeah I love the movie, more than I love the score, but in all honesty, I think both are pretty great and it will be like that for at least 5 more millennia, or until my multipass expires.

3. Timecrash
4. Korben Dallas
5. Koolen
7. Leeloo
8. Five Millennia Later
12. Badaboom
15. The Diva Dance
16. Leeloominai
18. Mina Hinoo *
21. Human Nature
22. Pictures Of War
24. Protect Life *

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