Soundtrack Review: The Forbiddance

Soundtrack Review: The Forbiddance

The Forbiddance Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Forbiddance by Yuri Poteyenko.

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The Forbiddance is a 2014 Russian drama film directed by Alexey Kozlov and starring Anna Molchanova, Natalia Tkachenko and Giuliano Di Capua. The Second World War. The crew of an Italian military motorboat is stationed at a dilapidated convent on Lake Ladoga. Italian officer Giacomo and novitiate Lora fall in love. But with Russian troops advancing, the Italians are forced to leave their positions. The austere nun Anna is afraid that the Communists will find out about her niece Lora’s affair with the enemy officer, and she therefore sends Lora by boat to the remote island hermitage of Jesusareth. Through a remarkable series of events, an irreconcilable foursome finds itself on the island amidst the northern boulders and remnants of the humble hermits: Pelageia the nun; the Russian Captain, haunted by revenge; and Lora with her lover Giacomo, the Italian enemy… But the boat has a leak and only two can return to the mainland… The score is composed by Yuri Poteyenko.

A little love drama during the war. Great music can come of that. The score opens with ‘Prologue’, a dramatic opener with a repeating rhythm and a woodwind instrument the main player. The theme is not as interesting as the rhythm. The underscore is where my attention is. The underlying rhythm seems a bit messy, but listening closer, there’s a system. I enjoyed that. The theme is taking over in the second half of the cue, but it’s not a great theme, it’s a good one. ‘Escape Plan’ is similar to ‘Prologue’ in that it has a very dramatic feel to it. The percussion in the beginning and the hurried string section in the second half takes this into a little bit different direction though. It’s not an action cue, but it’s heavier than before. ‘The Way To The Island’ is a bit romantic with some sadness buried inside it. It’s like a piano waltz written for the forbidden love, the unattainable love. The sheer strength of the strings are the cues high point. There’s something about it that makes me think about epic love. I don’t care so much for the melody, but the strings really got to me. Powerful. One of the most aggressive cues on the score is ‘Under The Gun / Do Not Leave Me’, a very percussion heavy cue, but it’s nice and very different than what I’ve heard so far. It’s twisted too, sounds a bit crazy at times.

The drama wears me down though. There’s nothing spectacular or interesting about it, yet at the same time it’s enjoyable. I don’t want enjoyable though, I want spectacular. This has very little of that, and I got bored at the end. Still, it’s a really good score, one that I might come back to sooner than I might plan to.

3. The Way To The Island
5. New Beginning
6. Under The Gun / Do Not Leave Me

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