Soundtrack Review: The Judge

Soundtrack Review: The Judge

The Judge Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Judge by Thomas Newman.

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27 tracks
48 minutes of score
Geek Score: 80,7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 10.35
Album Excellence: 22%
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The Judge directed by David Dobkin is a family drama first and foremost, a criminal drama second. Dobkin’s choice of composers is interesting. He changes composer with every movie he makes and now the turn has come to Thomas Newman. I can tell you right now that Thomas Newman fans will absolutely love this score. Newman goes back to his roots with this one while adding some of the flavours of recent years. I can hear a lot of different Thomas Newman scores and it feels good. It was time.

The Judge is a very pleasant score unless you have a dislike for Thoman Newman’s style, but who can dislike it, really? I personally enjoy the cues that are similar to “The Help”, those lovely minimalistic shades of music. This is nothing new or groundbreaking territory for Newman. This is a fan service to all Newman fans out there who enjoy his music, new and old. I didn’t expect something new and was satisfied with what I heard.

4. St. francis
5. Indiana
8. The Judge
17. Ten Speed
27. Wabash River Float

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