Soundtrack Review: The Last Mentsch

Soundtrack Review: The Last Mentsch

The Last Mentsch Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Last Mentsch by Durbeck & Dohmen.

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15 tracks
40 minutes of score
Geek Score: 88
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 21.55
Album Excellence: 54%
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I am not too familiar with Durbeck & Dohmen, although last year I heard Free Fall by them and wasn’t impressed. It felt too tense for it’s own good. The Last Mentsch definitely have a different feeling to it. It is still very minimalistic in it’s buildup, but there is a lot more reflection here. It’s opened up quite a bit compared to Free Fall.

I like that there is an element of Jewish music in here, even though it is not the dominant factor. Mostly it’s synth pads and piano, which makes for quite an easy listen all around. In some cues like ‘Markus’ and ‘Interview: Part I’ it goes deeper and a bit darker with strings, which is definitely more interesting to me personally. This score can be downright beautiful as well. ‘Walking Around The Streets’ and ‘Interview: Part II’ is gloomy, but so beautiful.

This score is much better than Free Fall, and a big step up for Durbeck & Dohmen in my book. This is what happens when it all opens up and themes are used while not going overboard with complex orchestration. I wonder if I got the correct copy though because in the cue ‘Ethel’, something weird is happening after 47 seconds. It’s like the cue is mixed with another or skipped a part. Maybe a mastering issue though, I don’t worry too much about it. Overall, I think The Last Mentsch is a fine score with quite a few standout moments.

1. Markus
5. Miklos
6. Walking Around The Streets
8. Interview: Part II
9. Markus’ Love
11. Goodbyes
12. Interview: Part III
14. Dead

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