Soundtrack Review: The Lone Ranger (2013)

Soundtrack Review: The Lone Ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Lone Ranger by Hans Zimmer.

Another Hans Zimmer score, a lot of anticipation and a natural dose of scepticism. Hans Zimmer is taking on the classic The Lone Ranger and he does so in a way that only he can. There’s of course the Pirates Of The Caribbean or Jack Sparrow inspired theme in ‘Absurdity’ or Sherlock Holmes quirkyness in ‘Red’s Theater Of The Absurd’, but there’s also a lot more. ‘Ride’ present us with some classic western fused with Zimmer’s action scoring in the beginning before we get to hear the markings of a great theme. There was also talk of experimentation with train sounds, but I can’t hear much of that in the score.

The final three tracks of the score are worth the purchase alone for me. ‘For God and For Country’ is a terrific action cue, but the real fun starts with ‘Finale’ which is Hans Zimmer & Geoff Zanelli’s version of the famous William Tell Overture by Rossini. What a great and unexpected touch by Zimmer! This almost 10 minute track is up there with the best Hans Zimmer cues I have heard, it’s so full of energy like the original William Tell Overture, but Zimmer extends on it in a wonderful way to make it a fantastic experience. Well done! Now I say Hans Zimmer because he gets the credit although Geoff Zanelli has said on his Twitter account that he had a hand in it. It ends with a re-visit of the theme I heard in ‘Ride’ and it’s this score’s ‘Time’ or ‘Chevaliers De Sangreal’. It’s the same perfect formula Hans Zimmer has become an expert on now. There’s a powerful buildup, lots of ostinato before it ends in a superb finale.

The Lone Ranger has a healthy dose of fun and I can’t get over the fantastic ‘Finale’ cue. It should be everyone’s wake up alarm, it has become mine. The best cues are the longest ones and that makes this score more than good, almost great. It’s far from Zimmer’s best score, but sometimes you just want a little fun and The Lone Ranger provides that in spades.

4. Ride
9. For God And Country
10. Finale
11. Home


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