Soundtrack Review: The Longest Ride

Soundtrack Review: The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Longest Ride by Mark Isham.

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Geek Score: 94.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 38.48
Album Excellence: 74%
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The Longest Ride is a 2015 American romantic drama film directed by George Tillman, Jr. and starring Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood and Alan Alda. This is yet another movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, his 10th movie adaptation. This is based on his latest book from 2013 with the same name. It tells the stories of two couples, one from World War 2 and one from present time. Ira Levinson, a 90-year old widower was in a car crash and he was saved by young couple Sophia Danko and the cowboy that she loves, Luke Collins. Ira starts telling Sophia about his one true love from his perspective during the second World War while Sophia goes through similar challenges in her own love life. It’s all about sacrifice and what you would do for the one you love. The score is composed by Mark Isham.

From pretty much all the scores in Nicholas Sparks movies, it’s usually one constant, the score is sweet and romantic, perhaps overly so, but it works. The score starts with ‘Ruth And Ira’ which is the elderly couple. The music is very innocent sounding, piano and harp playing around each other. It’s not so romantic, but rather a bit quirky, almost comedic, particularly in the second half. It sounds complicated. Maybe their relationship was a complicated one. ‘In The Saddle’ has to be about Luke. He’s a cowboy and loves the rodeo. That’s all he can do according to himself and before he meets Sophia, that’s his whole life. This is a more dramatic, more energetic, and a bit dangerous sounding, which his passion can be. Where’s the love? ‘Picnic’ is your answer. A very sweet and simplistic guitar theme is just what’s needed to give this story a bit of romance. It’s not an epic one, but a sweet one, at least for the picnic. ‘Date Ends Early’ might sound like a downer, but musically it’s great, at least for the date part. Very sweet. I like how Isham has used a guitar and Americana flavoured music, which fits the whole “cowboy” and beautiful country theme.

In ‘Nice Walk Home’ Isham is using the same style as ‘Date Ends Early’ but use the piano instead of the guitar. I wonder if that’s how Isham is separating the two love stories. Piano for Ruth and Ira and guitar for Sophia and Luke. ‘Proposal’ and ‘Beach Frolic’ are beautiful cues, they are siblings musically. There’s a great swirling piano/strings theme in there which they have in common. Simply gorgeous. If piano is Ruth/Ira and Guitar is Sophia/Luke, maybe cello is the sound of romance in war time as can be heard in the first minute of ‘War’. Then it gets serious with heavy war drums, although the cello remains, this time not so triumphant as it was in the beginning, but part of a more dramatic scene. ‘War’ might be the best cue on the score, they way it treats the human drama, love and war. Such a beautiful mix of emotions. ‘Shower Love’ is showering with romantic cliches, but I love it. This is my kind of music. ‘Riding Tutorial’ is another brilliant cue with an excellent build up. Who is Daniel? Seems like Daniel could be someone important in Ruth’s life, a rival to Ira? ‘Daniel And Ruth’ is a lovely piece of music and the cello is used. They met during war time? Finally, in ‘Luke And Sophia’, the score ends, and my theory of piano and guitar gets shot down in violent flames as this is a piano based cue for the two lovers, and a beautiful one at that.

This was a beautiful experience. I just let it play and it wowed me. Other score may impress me with bombastic action or minimalistic music, but this convinced me on pure love. The themes and the music in general is sweet and caring and it really made me happier after I had listened to it. Maybe I’m not so cynical as I thought and I still believe in everything Nicholas Sparks is trying to tell the world. In any case, Isham turned on the charm and it won me over, no contest. Give it a go!

3. Picnic
4. Date Ends Early *
6. Calling Luke
7. Good Shabbos
8. Nice Walk Home
9. Proposal *
10. Beach Frolic *
11. War *
14. Making Up
15. Shower Love *
16. Rising Tutorial *
17. Black Mountain
21. How I Love You Now
22. Growing Old Together
23. Ruth’s Legacy *
25. Postcards From Ira
26. Defeating Rango
27. The Longest Ride
28. Luke and Sophia *

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