Soundtrack Review: The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones (2013)

Soundtrack Review: The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones (2013)

The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones by Atli Orvarsson.

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20 tracks
64 minutes of score
Geek Score: 94
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 44.1
Album Excellence: 69%
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What a year it has been for Atli Orvarsson. He has been prolific with 5 scores released, but unfortunately it hasn’t always been of great quality. I also feel that Orvarsson has a sort of a hit and miss reputation, but maybe it’s just me. These days, I don’t get much excited when I get an Orvarsson score, which is why it is so incredibly fun to have him hit a proper home run with a score. The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones is such a score that could define his very career, because it doesn’t get much better than this. This score is without a doubt Atli Orvarsson’s finest moment.

It feels almost unfair reviewing it now because I just know it will grow on me some more in the near future and those cues that hasn’t got 5 stars yet, might still get it. However, while listening to this score, I get overjoyed because not only is it epic with lots of percussion and choral pieces such as the cue ‘City Of Bones’, but it has the most wonderful of themes, a theme I am simply in love with. I am so excited about this theme that it could be my favourite theme of the year. I am talking about the extended three note theme he uses in a few cues like the excellent ‘Your Secret Is Safe’. You can hear it from 2:15. Not that the cue isn’t amazing before that piano theme, and the theme has already been heard in more epic ways, but that piano theme is driving me crazy with emotions. I want more of it, a lot more!

When there’s no amazing theme to listen to, Atli delivers a hell of an experience with great conviction. Every cue feels like a beautiful epic experience, unlike anything I have heard in Atli Orvarsson’s repertoire before, at least not at this level. Yes, I am totally flipping out from listening to this score, a totally unexpected glorious experience. More of this please, Mr. Orvarsson!

02. City Of Bones
03. Your Secret Is Safe
04. The Clave’s Curse
05. Pretty Far From Brooklyn
06. Close The Dome
08. The Angel Rune
12. Where’s The Cup?
13. You’re A Morgenstern
14. J.C.
15. She’s Not A Mundane
16. Valentine
17. Midnight In The Garden
19. Mortal Instruments – The Opening
20. The Portal

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