Soundtrack Review: The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Soundtrack Review: The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor by Randy Edelman.

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In 2008, the third movie in the Mummy franchise came to the big screeb, this time directed by Rob Cohen. They managed to get Brendan Fraser to repeat his role as Rick O’Connell, although they had Maria Bello replace Rachel Weisz as Evelyn O’Connell. Lukcily they got John Hannah back as well to reprise his role as Jonathan Carnahan. I always felt that this was the odd movie out. For me, there are teo The Mummy movies and that’s The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. This feels like an add-on to milk the product. The movie itself wasn’t bad but what was the most pleasant surprise for me was the score composed by Randy Edelman. I gave it a stellar review when it was released. Sadly that review is long gone so I’m excited to review it again to see if it still holds up.

‘A Call To Adventure (Theme From Mummy 3)’ is certainly an adventurous start to the movie. Edelman is an expert theme maker we know that and this heroic and very adventurous main theme certainly fits the bill. The theme starts around 30 seconds in, but before that and after that there’s a secondary theme, like a bridge building up to the main theme. I’m a fan and it brings back memories of how great this score was back in 2008 and hopefully still is. As good as that was, it’s the second cue I really remember from the score. ‘Silently Yearning For Centuries’ is a stunning cello theme with a bit of Chinese flair. The theme gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and is one of the better modern themes I have hear. It’s so hummable and memorable it will get stuck with you for a long time, maybe forever. The calmness of it makes it even better. I’m undecided on the secondary theme starting at 1:40. It’s romantic and beautiful on it’s own, but it also ruins the mood a bit for that theme. Still, the horn ending makes it all good. Brilliant! ‘Open Wound’ is a bit more comedic, but the first half sounds proper epic with a dark feel to it and some choir. The powerful Chinese sequence in the second half of the cue is really good though.

‘The Reign Of Terror’ is actually a bit comedic, but not in the way you think. It’s so blatantly over the top with it’s percussion and hectic action it goes a bit too far. Still, it berings a smile to my face. It’s a fun cue, no question about it, at least when the action is at it’s most frantic. There are other bits as well, and a couple of new motifs. That’s another thing I remember. This score is so full of great themes and sub themes. How did Edelman fit it all in? I was sure that after this score was released it would be like a new awakening of Edelman returning to his former glory. Sadly that wasn’t happening. Speaking of big, try ‘Formation Of The Terra Cotta Army’ for size. Edelman made it sound massive. This is basically what Doyle did for the Harry Potter series with Goblet Of Fire.

I really like the family theme in ‘A Family Presses Close’ played on the piano. It’s beautiful and inspirational. It’s what family is all about and yes, you can use it as your de-facto family theme from now on. It is also being used in ‘A Warm Rooftop’. ‘Reading Of The Scrolls’ combines the yearning theme with something new and still beautiful, very Asian at that. The main theme, the adventurous and heroic one is featured once again in ‘Crash And Burn’ which should be the opposite of what this theme stands fore. Still sounds marvelous. There’s a great love theme in ‘Alex And Lin’ that equals the main theme and the yearning theme. Sounds absolutely wonderful, filled with romance and love. ‘Ancient China’ reprises the amazing yearning theme

Well I’ve been gushing with nothing but love for this score and it’s true, this score needs a lot of love and I’m happy to help. However it runs a bit out of stream in the middle. I think that’s where they stuck all of the cues they didn’t want, but put it on there anyway. There’s comedy and a bit lacklustre action sequences and those cues which seems to go nowhere. Shame really because this has been such a fantastic and pleasant experience so far. At least it ends on a high with ‘Finale’ that has a great variation of the main theme, a bit Disney actually.

This is a tremendous score for a few reasons, but for me its mostly about the amazing themes I get to hear. Edelman has crafted music that’s easy to fall in love with and return to again and again. This was great in 2008 and it is still great today. It ran out of ideas a bit after bombarding us with one great theme after another and that’s understandable. It is still the great parts I will remember from this score and so for me, this is a winner.

1. A Call To Adventure (Theme From Mummy 3) *
2. Silently Yearning For Centuries *
3. Open Wound
4. The Reign Of Terror
5. A Family Presses Close *
6. Formations Of The Terra Cotta Family
7. Reading Of The Scrolls
8. Crash And Burn
9. Alex And Lin *
10. A New Assignment
11. Yang Follows The O’Connells
14. Ancient China *
21. Love In The Himalayas
24. Rick And Evy In Battle
25. A Warm Rooftop
26. Heartbreak
27. Finale*

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