Soundtrack Review: The Murder Pact

Soundtrack Review: The Murder Pact

The Murder Pact Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Murder Pact by Matthew Llewellyn.

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The Murder Pact is a 2015 thriller film directed by Colin Theys and starring Alexa PenaVega, Renee Olstead and Michael J. Willett. The film is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. After witnessing the accidental death of their classmate Heidi, a group of friends – four rich socialites – flee the scene, not realizing that Heidi’s roommate Lisa witnessed everything. When Lisa starts to drop hints that she knows about the “accident,” the friends decide they can’t trust her to stay quiet, and plot to kill Lisa before she rats them out, burying her body beneath the floorboards in one of their basements. Before long, though, the guilt and paranoia starts to consume them, and they become convinced that Lisa may actually be alive and looking for revenge. The score is composed by Matthew Llewellyn.

Two words: Analog. Synth. Get it? Well you’re about to. It’s a bold an untraditional choice for modern film of this type, but the style has gotten a little renaissance in the last few years. The score opens with ‘The Murder Pact’ and a super phat (yes, with a freaking ‘p’) bass is grabbing me. I’m literally shaking. That was awesome. Interesting how just a sound can make you feel amazing and that did it for me. The theme in the title cue is good, but that isn’t it’s best feature. It’s the sound palette itself. The bass, the synths and also the sound effects, all synth based. It’s a beautiful piece. It takes me back to the horror films of the 80s like Charles Bernstein’s score for A Nightmare On Elm Street and others. The cue also features a more hopeful theme in the second half, a buildup theme, ostinatos aplenty. Well, this was awesome. Long may it continue (and it does). In ‘I Chose You’ has a teasing warm synth sequence, and it’s glorious. It sure takes me back. It’s like a darker version of those classic synth romance themes of the 80s. ‘Chasing A Ghost’ starts in batshit crazy land with a zany synth sequence, but stabilises after a bit, but keeps on giving these lovely experimental synth passages.

This score is simply a love letter to everyone who loved 80s synth scores and horror. It really has got all the elements of that, and I for one applaud it. As a kid of the 80s, I love that it’s coming back. The music has always been there, but now it’s starting to re-appear in scores, the certain sound and warmth that was present in those scores. Of course, it’s not as easy as picking up a few 80s synths and start creating. You have to have immense skill to give it the right feel and Llewellyn is certainly skilled enough to pull it off convincingly. Not only is the sound great, but it is also a score filled with themes, really good ones at that. This one feels to me so much better than It Follows which tries to do the same. Along with Pawel Blaszczak’s Dying Light, The Murder Pact nails it. Despite the resurgence of this type of sound recently, this score remains quite unique in the big picture. This score gets 6 thumbs up for me, 2 that I have and 4 that I imagine I have. It’s awesome. Go get it. Seriously.

2. The Murder Pact
3. I Chose You *
4. Chasing A Ghost
5. Well Connected
6. Special K
7. Heidi Falls
8. Let’s Make A Trade
9. Trapped *
10. Staging The Scene
11. Through The Cracks
12. Remorse *
13. The Warning *
14. Secrets Like Yours
15. Eye For A Lie
16. Life In A Bubble
17. Belle Gets Rung
18. They’re Waiting For Me

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