Soundtrack Review: The Musketeers Series 2 & 3

Soundtrack Review: The Musketeers Series 2 & 3

The Musketeers Series 2 & 3 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score The Musketeers Series 2 & 3 by Paul Englishby.

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Geek Score: 82
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 29.9
Album Excellence: 26.7%

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The Musketeers is a 2014 British television drama series created by Adrian Hodges and starring Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke and Howard Charles. In a retelling of Dumas pere’s classic, law and order is more an ideal than a reality in 17th-century Paris. Athos, Porthos and Aramis are the best soldiers in the king’s regiment but are far more than just bodyguards. Committed to upholding justice, the Musketeers face an on-going battle to maintain order. The trio is soon joined by feisty young swordsman D’Artagnan, who seeks the murderer of his father. Together they must protect against all forces determined to sabotage he Musketeers and their homeland. The score is composed by Paul Englishby.

I’ve watched a few excellent movie adaptations of The Musketeers, but I never saw this BBC show. And where is the season 1 score? There’s the old theme by Murray Gold on YouTube. Well, at least we get plenty of music here with 2 CDs filled to the brim. The score opens with the title cue which I assume is the opening credits music called ‘The Musketeers’ which has a swashbuckling quality over it, but it’s largely fun and forgettable. If The Musketeers has a middle name, it would surely be adventure and this score delivers on that part straight from the beginning. It’s nothing spectacular in the beginning, but it’s fun to listen to. ‘The Ravine Sequence’ is a really fun action cue, in-the-moment-kind-of-fun if you know what I mean.

There’s of course more than adventure here, but most of the time it’s rather generic music, but at least it’s exciting. There’s a love theme as well for Constance and Dartagnon simply called ‘Constance and Dartagnon’. As I’m heading into CD 2 though I am stuck with a feeling that’s something is missing. I don’t feel as excited as I should be. The music is good, but it’s just not hittint he right notes so to speak. I think my main gripe is that I know I will just go on to the next score and forget about this one like it never existed. I also noticed something. The final track of CD 1 is called ‘Season Two Finale’ and the final track of CD 2 is called ‘Season 3 Finale’ so that indicates to me that the first CD is covering the second season while the 2nd CD is covering season three. That makes me excited again as a new season is about to start.

Season three is off to a rocky start with ‘Refugee’ and it doesn’t get better with ‘Sylvie Hide The Evidence’’ and ‘Veron’. It’s a very slow start indeed and not until cue 9 ‘The Prisoner’s Escape’ we get some proper entertaining music with som fast-paced action music. I also like the little “insane” feel of ‘Madman’, a very pompous overbearing piece of music that actually work very well. In the end though I am sitting here rather disappointed. The firet half of CD 1 was promising and exciting, but there were too many filler cues when it comes down to it. What do you think of the score?

1. The Musketeers
2. The Ravine Sequence
7. The Christening
8. Hail Mary
9. Constance and Dartagnon
16. Training The Villagers
19. He Died For His Country

9. The Prisoner’s Escape
10. Madman
13. Porthos Meets Elodie
19. We Refuse To Die
20. Season Three Finale

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