Soundtrack Review: The Odyssey (2012)

Soundtrack Review: The Odyssey (2012)

The Odyssey soundtrack review: This is a review of the documentary score Odyssey by Antonio Pinto & Dudu Aram.

“The Odyssey is an enjoyable but easily forgotten score.”

The Odyssey is a short documentary by Asif Kapadia that goes inside London and tells the events that led to the 2012 Olympics. The voice of the Londoner’s and aerial images is a big part of this documentary. The score is composed by Antonio Pinto & Dudu Aram.

Track List

1. Orange Town 80
2. Charles From Brazil 80
3. Zeus Talk 80
4. Fly London 60
5. Yellow Town 60
6. Doom Town 60
7. The Riot 60
8. Futurista 80
9. British Chaos 60
10. The Odyssey 80
11. The End Is Near 80
12. British Chaos (Dubstep Version) 80

Antonio Pinto is collaborating with DJ Ali Disco B aka Dudu Aram in this documentary about London and the events leading up to the 2012 Olympics. This score isn’t your typical Antonio Pinto score and has been heavily influenced by Dudu Aram. The cues are mostly synth and almost dance-like and there’s very little orchestral score. You can definitely hear Pinto’s influence in cues like ‘Charles From Brazil’ that has a wonderful violin sequence.

This score is quite pleasant to listen to although it gets a bit boring really quickly because it doesn’t really have an emotional hook. The cues feels bland and uninteresting and before you know it, the score has ended and you can’t remember any of it.


The Odyssey is an enjoyable but easily forgotten score. It plays heavily on synth but there’s not much to hold on to in the end. The cues goes from one to the next and it never grabbed me even once.


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