Soundtrack Review: The Returned

Soundtrack Review: The Returned

The Returned Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Returned by Jonathan Goldsmith.

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54 minutes of score
Geek Score: 63.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 4.95
Album Excellence: 9%
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I’ve never heard a horror score from Jonathan Goldsmith so this will be a first. This score is quite interesting as it mixes the lyrical with the weird, but never quite scary. ‘Opening Titles’ has a beautiful theme, but it starts off in horror land and ends up in weirdville. Already with the first cue we have something beautiful and weird, which makes for an exciting listen. We’re quickly entering the weird with ‘Hospital’ which is a cue built up on vinyl scratches and banging noises. More weirdness in ‘Drugs’. Goldsmith seems fixated on that vinyl effect throughout the score and overloading us with everything from breathing to alien noises.

After the sometimes beautiful and interesting opening theme, I was hoping that it was that kind of score. Unfortunately it turned weird and experimental. This is a score, perfect for the movie, not unlike Christopher Young’s Sinister that worked wonders in the movie, not so much on album. To be fair, Goldsmith does go back to a more lyrical approach with ‘Mercy’, ‘Falling Sky’ and partly ‘Broken’, but only ‘Falling Sky’ is as good as ‘Opening Titles’. It’s a score I can’t enjoy on it’s own. It’s not scary or emotive, it’s just perfect for those scary scenes in the movie.

1. Opening Titles
16. Falling Sky

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