Soundtrack Review: The Runner

Soundtrack Review: The Runner

The Runner Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Runner by The Newton Brothers

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 28.23
Album Excellence: 72.39%

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The Runner is a 2015 political drama film directed by Austin Stark and starring Nicolas Cage, Connie Nielsen and Peter Fonda. In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, an idealistic but flawed politician is forced to confront his dysfunctional life after his career is destroyed in a sex scandal. The score is composed by The Newton Brothers.

Political dramas used to be boring, but then Netflix came along with it’s exciting and excellent television series House Of Cards and with that some excellent music as well. Every composer deals with it differently and as always, I’m curious to what The Newton Brothers has come up with. It is starting with the tragic BP oil spill in 2010 with the opening cue ‘The Oil Spill’, a dramatic cue using a ticking clock as well as pop-inspired guitar and string sequences. There’s a very nice theme at the end which I hope is used later. If not, that’s a shame because I enjoyed that a lot. ‘Main Titles’ is a lovely minimalistic pop-inspired theme, nothing to remarkable but I enjoyed that. The Newton Brothers seem to go the way of minimalism with this score. ‘Nola Arrival’ is another cue in that category, but more forceful and powerful than the first two. It ends a bit too quickly, but again, this is very enjoyable music to me. I am wondering how long this trend lasts, the trend of minimalism. And I wonder when I tire of it, because I will eventually. Right now I am really loving 2015.

Could the minimalist trend has something to do with increased cost of hiring a full orchestra? No conspiracy theories, but it would make sense with the current economic state. For the really big blockbusters, nothing is spared, but maybe for the not so big productions, everyone is watching the finances. In any case, I feel the composers has done remarkably well, The Newton Brothers included. As with a lot of scores this type it’s not so much about the themes, but it’s more about the sound. I enjoy this sound. I think the use of guitar makes the score feels more earthy and a bit inspired by pop music instead of it’s classical counterpart. The earthy Americana is taking over when the human side of this drama comes to light in cues like ‘The Barbecue’, ‘Father & Son’ and ‘Divorce Paper’, a wonderful little trio of cues that are warm and delightful despite the serious undertones. It doesn’t end there though as the whole ending deserves extra praise. It is even going further and deeper down the path with some cues that makes me reflect. This turned out to be a soulful and warm representation of a subject that’s usually cold and bureaucratic, but I think the emphasis here is on the human drama and to that end, it’s a success.

2. Main Titles
3. Nola Arrival
7. Caving In
8. Rayne Entering
9. The Resignation
12. The Grant
14. The Barbecue *
15. Father & Son
16. Divorce Papers *
17. I Called A Cab *
18. I’m Nothing Like You
20. Rayne Has Passed
21. Losing It
22. The Runner

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