Soundtrack Review: The Technomancer

Soundtrack Review: The Technomancer

The Technomancer Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score The Technomancer by Olivier Deriviere.

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Geek Score: 85.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 40.1
Album Excellence: 52.1%

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The Technomancer is a science fiction-themed action role-playing video game developed by Spiders, who previously developed Mars: War Logs. Both games are set within the same universe and take place on the planet Mars. According to Spiders CEO and Creative Director, Jeanne Rousseau, the game is their largest and most expensive to date. The game is set during the War of Water, 200 years after humans colonized Mars. The protagonist is a rookie technomancer named Zachariah from Abundance, one of the powerful corporations on the red planet, who is on the run from the secret police. The score is composed by Olivier Deriviere.

Deriviere got quite a name for himself after Remember Me. Everyone suddenly paid attention to his every move. That was certainly his breakthrough score. He’s been quite busy since and this score hopefully marks a new high in his career. The score opens with ‘Lost Transmission’ and the sound that opens the first 30 seconds of this cue is very exciting again. Deriviere experienced with both orchestral and electronic soundscape for Remember Me and he did it so well. This seems to use almost the same formula. There’s much more electronic music here though, but occasionally you can hear a piano or flute. Though you might not find much lyrical beauty here, the music itself is of such high quality and well put together that you have to find it interesting. Every note is like a little surprise in itself. I can feel the cue being happy, the music is quite happy and not as dark as the synopsis say the game is. Still, it’s only the opening cue and it’s allowed to begin with hope. The way Deriviere keeps experimenting with sounds might turn out to be brilliant or foolish depending on who listens. In ‘Canyon To Noctis’ there’s more experimentation, here with mostly percussion. I love how unique and interesting this musical world is and that’s hopefully what I’ll get out of this score in the end.

There are sometimes that maybe it should be taken down a notch. ‘Noctis, The City Of Freedom’ almost sounds a bit childish doesn’t it? It’s not a bad kind of childish, but it’s not great either. There is these moments I think it’s brilliant and then there’s moments I think it’s madness. Both are great most of the time, but Deriviere is threading a very fine line here. I can see how this might rub some people the wrong way. I think this will be a very divisive score and I have no idea whoo will like it or not. I think you will need some affection for sound experimentation to truly appreciate this like I did. I think it’s a great score overall.

1. Lost Transmission
2. Canyon To Noctis
4. Mutiny
6. Act Of War
7. Friends
11. Mutant Valley
13. Moment Of Peace
15. The Technomancers
17. The Digger
20. The Slums

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