Soundtrack Review: The Unspoken

Soundtrack Review: The Unspoken

The Unspoken Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score The Unspoken by Gareth Coker.

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Geek Score: 94.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 53.2
Album Excellence: 71%

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The Unspoken is a 2017 VR action game developed by Insomniac Games. Discover your inner Arch-mage. Veteran developer Insomniac Games presents The Unspoken—an Oculus Touch‐enabled VR action game that pulls players into a hidden world of spellcasting and magician’s duels. Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips, summon unfathomable monstrosities with your bare hands, and rise up through the ranks of an urban magic fight club. The score is composed by Gareth Coker.

I remember when I read about the VR revolution in the 90s and how it was going to blow my mind and change everything I ever knew about gaming. Some 25 years later I’m starting to see what they meant. VR is really getting a push these last couple of years and I have a feeling it’ll just get stronger in the next few years. I don’t know much about this game, but I do know Gareth Coker from the excellent Ori And The Blind Forest so naturally I have to check this out. The score opens with ‘Ostium’ a short science fiction-y ambient electronic cue with a great finale that reminds me of the recent Deus Ex games. This is definitely something build on. The next few tracks features a few names you may or may not know. There’s Mimi Page, Tina Guo and Bonnie Brookshank and I suspect a lot of you know who Tina Guo is. They are featured on quite a few track, but it’s nothing that gets in the way of the music like way too much vocal and so on.

The Unspoken is definitely a different a different experience than Ori was musically and I’m sure the games can’t even be compared at a sane level. While Ori was orchestral, magical and lyrical, this one is well rooted in the world of electronica, the kind you might find in Electronic Arts Mirror’s Edge series. And if you’ve been reading my review of those scores you know I’m definitely into that kind of music. The music also happens to make the game a much better experience and I’m sure this will too. It will be a while until I buy some VR gear and get to enjoy the VR revolution, but as the hardware gets stronger, the visual experiences you might have with it becomes truly mind blowing, and if you have guys like Gareth Coker creating music for those experiences I’d say bring it on because this score is very exciting and if you loved the Mirror’s Edge scores, you’ll love this one as well.

1. Ostium
2. Spiritus Cultris (Blackjack)
3. Iactus Ignis (Anarchist)
6. Pronuntiatio
7. Perdisco
8. Initium
9. Intorqueo (Kineticist)
10. Praecisione (Blackjack)
11. Turbulentus (Anarchist)
12. Sanctum II
14. Exitium (Anarchist)

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