Soundtrack Review: There Came An Echo

Soundtrack Review: There Came An Echo

There Came An Echo Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score There Came An Echo by Big Giant Circles & Ronald Jenkees.

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Geek Score: 86.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 28.3
Album Excellence: 33%

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There Came An Echo started it’s life in 2013 where it was successfully funded on Kickstarter and finally got released on Steam this year. There Came An Echo is a real-time strategy game with a heavy narrative focus. It is developed by Iridium Studios and released on Playstation 4, Linux, OS X, Windows and Xbox One. The unique approach this game has is that you control your soldiers on the battlefield with your voice. Does that work well? Apparently. It has gotten some great reviews in that regard. Also it features geek icon Wil Wheaton as well as Ashly Burch. The score is composed by Big Giant Circles and Ronald Jenkees.

Big Giant Circles start with ‘The Echo’, a lovely simplistic synth and piano cue with an interesting motif. I particularly like the swirling piano towards the end. Still, there’s no “hook” to keep me there. The main theme ‘There Came An Echo Main Theme’ starts with a female humming voice and some strings. Now this is different and very beautiful. It’s an EDM or electronic dance music cue, and a great one at that. There motif is very catchy and the voice is really great. ‘Ignite Defence’ is another EDM track, although less enticing than the main theme but still good. ‘Radial Lock’ tones it down a bit with a more calm cue with EDM elements. Still not clicking like it did with the main theme. ‘Kinetic Potential’ adds a guitar to the proceedings, a very nice touch, but the music still doesn’t have that little extra. I’m very much enjoying it though.

So far, there has been only music by Bi Giant Circles. ‘Filter In’ is the first cue by Ronald Jenkees and I immediately feel a difference. It’s still EDM, but the approach is different. There’s a nice use of voice and the music is more fit for a spy thriller. I guess you can say it’s more action oriented. ‘Last Known Position’ by Big Giant Circles is the best I’ve heard since the main titles. Maybe it is because of the awesome bass synth twisting and morphing in there, but it’s something setting it apart from the rest. ‘The Singularity’ also stands out due to a great theme. ‘Telescopic’ is just a very calm and nice EDM track. I love the part from 1:50 where the underscoring synth pad. The best cue apart form the main title. ‘Alpha Numeric’ by Ronald Jenkees has a nice nostalgic retro feel about it, enough to put it into future playlist rotation. Speaking of nostalgia, ‘Daylight’ by Big Giant Circles has a very warm and nice feeling to it. The synth sounds great and give me the feeling of something I might heard in my youth. ‘Never Coming Back’ is different as it starts with just a nice piano theme and adds some cello after 35 seconds. It’s a nice contrast because the score is mostly electronic in nature. ‘Outside The Realm’ is just pure zen, a wonderful cue filled with voices doing the music. The final cue ‘Throwing Circles’ is a very nice, if a bit over-the-top ending with a nice guitar and EDM style music.

There Came An Echo is a very nice musical album filled with very good to great EDM music. The styles or Big Giant Circles and Ronald Jenkees is suitably different as well to make the score even more interesting. This is the kind of music that goes well with any game really and it’s a very nice listen outside of it.

2. There Came An Echo Main Theme *
8. Last Known Position
10. The Singularity
12. Telescopic *
13. Alpha Numeric (by Ronald Jenkees)
17. Daylight *
23. Outside The Realm *
24. Throwing Circles (by Big Giant Circles & Ronald Jenkees)

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