Soundtrack Review: Thumper

Soundtrack Review: Thumper

Thumper Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Thumper by Pedro Bromfman.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 11
Album Excellence: 34.4%

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Thumper is a 2017 American thriller film directed by Jordan Ross and starring Eliza Taylor, Pablo Schreiber & Lena Headey. Troubled new girl Kat Carter (a mesmerizing Eliza Taylor) struggles to fit in with her high school classmates in a community where drugs and violence run rampant. When she is befriended by the sweet-natured Beaver (Daniel Webber), Kat realizes that the reach of the local drug ring is far deeper than she imagined. But Kat’s harboring a dark secret of her own. She soon attracts the attention of the group’s leader Wyatt (Pablo Schreiber), a menacing individual who would kill to protect his livelihood. Surviving in this treacherous environment is no mean feat. Eliza Taylor deftly conveys Kat’s complex character, which combines vulnerability and strength. The score is composed by Pedro Bromfman.

Bromfman is a very interesting composer. The first I heard of him was the Robocop remake from 2014 and to my ears that didn’t sound right, but then there was Deep Web and Narcos, both which showed a new side of Bromfman and particularly Narcos had some very good moments. This is the first drama thriller score that I’ve heard from him and if we can judge progress, then each score gets better and better. In pure score math, that means this score should be his best yet, but we all know score math is pure nonsense and I’m making this all up, but still, I hope this one shows a marked improvement in style and music. The score opens with ‘Look Who It Is’, and those words pretty much never have good intentions behind them. Whenever someone says that it’s usually sarcastic or mean and so Bromfman’s opening cue is indeed a dark beast to tame, but it’s a nice one, with a minimalistic dreamy part as well as dark thriller music. The action in the second half is building up nicely, but doesn’t land anywhere. I like it though, but I don’t think a score full of this type of music would do me any good.

I love emotional scoring. Whenever there’s a cue or a part of a score that gives me something emotionally, I’m all in. That makes me happy and ‘Kat Walks Home’ is such a cue, but it’s sadly so short. It almost sounded happy though, at least relieved. The rest of score doesn’t have much in it for happiness, but it has a tense thriller feel about it and that’s pretty much what I expected. It’s a safe mix of orchestral and electronic music meaning it’s good, but it could have been better. Truthfully though, this is Bromfman’s best score so far out of those I have listened to and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

1. Look Who It Is
2. Kat Walks Home
5. I Waited For You
6. Wyatt Cooking
13. Wire Off
15. Kat’s Predicament
16. Still Trust Her

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