Soundtrack Review: Timecop

Soundtrack Review: Timecop

Timecop Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Timecop by Mark Isham.

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In 2004, time travel is possible. At least according to Petery Hyams vision of the future in Timecop from 1994 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mia Sara and Ron Silver. When the ability to travel through time is perfected, a new type of law enforcement agency is formed. It’s called Time Enforcement Commission or TEC. A cop, Max Walker, is assigned to the group. On the day he was chosen, some men attack him and kill his wife. Ten years later Max is still grieving but has become a good agent for the TEC. He tracks down a former co-worker who went into the past to make money. Max brings him back for sentencing but not after telling Max that Senator McComb, the man in charge of TEC, sent him. Max has his eye on McComb. The score is composed by Mark Isham and this review is part of Composer Of The Month.

I thought this was a fun movie and now they are discussing a possible reboot. The concept is good, but I must admit that when I first heard the score by Isham I didn’t like it at all. Here we are, many years later and perhaps Isham gets a redemption. Let’s talk about the action first. ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Lasers And Tasers’ are very disconnected action cues, a bit in the school of Michael Kamen I feel. It’s a stop/go kind of action music where you hear bursts of horn and/or percussion, then stop, then go etc. I’m not a fan of this kind of action. I prefer non-stop but great flowing action cues, and sadly it’s not much of that. An exception is a part of ‘Polaroid’ that’s really good. ‘Melissa’ and ‘Rescue And Return’ are better cues, a bit of a jazzy style and Isham does those really great.

Timecop isn’t doing action too well, but there are parts here that’s really great and I bet that it must sound great in context. I haven’t seen the movie for a long time so I need to see it again to get a feel for the score. I’m betting there’s score missing as well since it’s 90s Varese release. Hoping for an expanded release one day as this one sounds a lot better now than it did many years ago.


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