Soundtrack Review: Titanfall

Soundtrack Review: Titanfall

Titanfall Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Titanfall by Stephen Barton.

At a glance:

18 tracks
61 minutes of score
Geek Score: 98.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 58.78
Album Excellence: 96%
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Titanfall, the game that is going to rescue Xbox One. Nah, probably not, but it has had a massive impact in the console race. It’s fun with giant metal things who kills other metal things and the score for it all is written by Stephen Barton. What a great opening cue! The first minute of ‘Cosmology’ is just great thematic material and then it shows off what great action scoring is. It’s what happens next that is the most important though and more and more scores start out great just to fizzle out into nothing.

I’m starting to worry already on track 2 ‘Welcome To The Marauder Corps’. What is this? Some sort of country tune? It’s actually good, but nothing compared to what I had heard in ‘Cosmology’. Well, after that I didn’t have to worry any more as every note kept coming after me without fail. Man, that booming bass Barton is using, the one which is growing in power, it really tingles my spine. This is such relentless fun! Heavy, fast & furious percussion is coming at me left and right like I was in a boxing match fighting for my life. Percussion-wise, Powell, Jackman, Howard and Zimmer can’t do better. Man, the drums… The opening of ‘The Colony’ is actually shaking my house. I had to turn up the volume from “screaming loud” to “ear bursting are you insane loud” just so the neighbours knew I was alive and kicking. I was seriously worried this would be another repetitive, boring score on autopilot. A droning pile of meh. It is nothing of the kind. This is modern action scoring at it’s absolute finest. It’s so fine, I might have to cave in and but one of those new Xbox’es just to relive the score inside the game.

Just enjoy this one folks. It doesn’t get much better.

1. Cosmology
3. Peace And Order By Force
4. Demeter
5. Wallrunner
6. Here Be Dragons!
7. When Two Sides Go To War
8. Assault On The Sentinel
9. Pilot? What Pilot?
10. The Colony
11. Unifying The Frontier
12. The Three Towers
13. Get Barker
14. Vertical Flanking
15. Made Men
16. First To Fall
17. Macallan’s Endgame
18. Original Titanfall Trailer Demo

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