Soundtrack Review: Titanic

Soundtrack Review: Titanic

Titanic Collector’s Anniversary Edition Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Titanic Collector’s Anniversary Edition by James Horner.

“A score for the ages, close to being a classic in every sense of the word.”

April 10th marks the 100th anniversary of the doomed Titanic setting sail from Southampton. They have properly digitialized the film in 4K and converted it to 3D to create the film as it is supposed to be seen according to director James Cameron. I don’t know about that, but I admit I enjoyed the film, perhaps more than I should. They have released a 4 CD Collector’s Anniversary Edition of the Titanic soundtrack, but before you get all excited, there’s no new music from James Horner. I will be reviewing the original score and the “addon” soundtrack Back To Titanic.

Track List

1. Never an Absolution *****
2. Distant Memories *****
3. Southampton *****
4. Rose *****
5. Leaving Port ****
6. ‘Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch’ *****
7. ‘Hard to Starboard’ *****
8. Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave *****
9. The Sinking ****
10. Death of Titanic *****
11. A Promise Kept ****
12. A Life So Changed *****
13. An Ocean of Memories ****
15. Hymn to the Sea *****
16. Titanic Suite *****
19. The Portrait *****
21. A Building Panic ****
25. A Shore Never Reached ****
28. Epilogue – the Deep and Timeless Sea *****

* Tracks 19, 21, 25 and 28 is from the “Back To Titanic” soundtrack.

Some people are reported to have seen the film well over 10 times. For me it was enough with 1, but I have to admit that I have listened to the score well over 10 times since it’s release. It’s been a while since I had listened to it so I was curious whether it was just as good as I remember it was. The answer is a resounding yes, a cheerful and glorious yes. This is absolutely remarkable stuff from James Horner. Every tone perfectly placed in long beautiful cues that you just never want to end. Every piece of the story is carefully put together in a superb way starting from the ominous ‘Never an Absolution’ to the glorious ‘Rose’ that still after all these years give me tears.

I love the positivity of ‘Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch’ and then the very dramatic turn in ‘Hard To Starboard’. This is Horner at his absolute best. There’s not a single scene that Horner hasn’t scores to perfection, and to have a score so tightly connected to what’s happening onscreen sounds so incredibly good offscreen seems like a lost art these days, but Horner is one of the very few who seemed to pull it off in almost every score.

In the “Back To Titanic” album there are some notable James Horner cues, specially the ‘Titanic Suite’ that is over 19 minutes long. There’s also ‘The Portrait’ and ‘A Building Panic’ plus ‘A Shore Never Reached’ and finally ‘Epilogue – The Deep and Timeless Sea’. All are welcome contributions to an already impressive album. Finally a special mention to Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebø who provides the beautiful female vocals on the various tracks.


Could this be James Horner’s best work? Out of all the great scores he has made, this has to be one of his finest but not his best. A superb score from start to finish with lots of love, drama, action and adventure. A score for the ages, close to being a classic in every sense of the word. If you haven’t got Titanic yet, then you absolutely need to get it now. If you are only interested in Horner’s excellent score, like me, then you don’t need the Collector’s Anniversary Edition, just get the regular score plus “Back To Titanic”.

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