Soundtrack Review: Tuntematon Sotilas

Soundtrack Review: Tuntematon Sotilas

Tuntematon Sotilas Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Tuntematon Sotilas by Lasse Enersen.

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Tuntematon Sotilas AKA The Unknown Soldier is a 2017 Finnish-language war drama film directed by Aku Louhimies and starring Samuel Vauramo, Marketta Tikkanen & Eero Aho. The film is based on a bestseller by Väinö Linna, published in 1954. The production budget for the film and a four part television series is the biggest ever for a Finnish language film. The Unknown Soldier is a story of a platoon of ordinary Finnish soldiers in the battlefield between Finland and the Soviet Union during the Second World War. The score is composed by Lasse Enersen.

Well, I had to check out this one out. A mysterious cover with a stranger walking in a dark, partly ravaged forest and with a title like that, it got me curious. I’m also interested in hearing a score by Lasse Enersen, a Finnish-Norwegian composed who’s based in Los Angeles. As for international work, he is credited for 6 episodes of Penny Dreadful and assisting Heitor Pereira on Minions. I hope you don’t mind some Finnish language cue titles because I’m not going to translate them. The score opens with ‘Prologi’, a lovely mood piece with lots of interconnecting strings and ambient underscore. I love music like this, it connects me more with a feeling or scene I have in my head. It’s anonymous though because if I listened to this in a blind test, I couldn’t tell it was from this movie, probably, maybe. There’s a theme in the second half with a strong horn section I could probably go, "hey, it’s from that Finnish war drama", but that’s not the point of this music and I love it even if there was no theme present.

The score isn’t hugging the ambient route though for most of the score. It’s going the more lyrical route, and is giving the whole inspirational heroics thing a try. Check out ‘Raskas Taival’ which is a more typical modern Zimmer ostinato buildup piece which I still love by the way. This one was a good example of that, but could have finished stronger. There’s a lot to love about this score and sometimes it’s so intriguing and haunting, it could only be part of the Finnish fauna during war time. It’s certainly not going to be remembered years from now but there’s something about it, a mood that I really like and enjoy. Check it out if you’re ready to rough it in the Finnish woods with your life in danger at any second. In fact, check it out anyway.

1. Prologi
2. Raskas Taival
4. Ensimmainen Kosketus
9. Lotta
10. Lahto Petroskoista
11. Tankki
12. Kyla
16. Kuolema
17. Rauha

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