Soundtrack Review: Twin Peaks The Return

Soundtrack Review: Twin Peaks The Return

Twin Peaks The Return Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Twin Peaks The Return by Angelo Badalementi.

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Twin Peaks: The Return is a 2017 American television series created by Mark Frost & David Lynch and starring Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee & Michael Horse. It is the continuation of the 1990-91 ABC series of the same name. Set 25 years after the original Twin Peaks, the series focuses on a number of storylines, many of which are connected through association with FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan). Unlike the original series, which predominantly takes place in the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks, the season spans additional locations including Las Vegas and South Dakota. The score is composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

How about that? When they said “See you again in 25 years” they weren’t kidding. David Lynch is a visionary and he had a plan for Twin Peaks, even though it didn’t quite turn out the way he wanted it to be. Again, Lynch got the last word and that’s a good thing. Twin Peaks was a revolutionary TV show when it came out in 1990 and I would argue that the 2017 version is equally revolutionary, although with completely different metrics. Twin Peaks, the characters and it’s music has meant a lot to me and after watching season 3, I have to say it is by far the most mind blowing show on TV. It is truly spectacular and it is the most Lynchian of all his movies and the previous TV show.

The music though. I remember watching the first 4 episodes of the show and I asked myself: Where’s the music? There was music, but mostly a grinding darkness, much darker than anything I’ve heard from Badalamenti and Twin Peaks. Not until we see a cowboy statue was there some amazing new music and it turns out it wasn’t from Badalamenti himself, but from Johnny Jewel. We got the main theme of course and Laura and Audrey’s theme which can all be heard on the score, but the good warm jazzy feeling of Twin Peaks is gone, and given how the new television show is, I have no problem with that. This show is very divisive, and the music shows that perfectly. For nostalgic people, there’s always ‘Twin Peaks Theme’, ‘Laura Palmer’s Theme’ and ‘Audrey’s Dance’ which is exactly how you remember them and as gorgeous as ever.

As for the new music, there’s actually plenty. A lot more than I thought it would be. The first new cue is ‘Accident / Farewell Theme’ which is playing on the darkness that I spoke of. It’s a simple electronic theme, and quite beautiful. Reminds me of that Jewel piece. Would it really be Twin Peaks without a fast jazz shuffle? If you ask Lynch, maybe, but it’s here in the form of ‘Grady Groove’ and ‘Deer Meadow Shuffle’. Most of the score is taking a deep dive into the dark cave where Lynch and Frost is operating. It can be hard, but it’s ultimately rewarding. ‘The Chair’ is one of the most memorable cues from the tv series. I remember hearing that in context and promptly said that it’s the first “big” piece of new music from Angelo. ‘Deer Meadow Shuffle’ is one of the most interesting cues on the new score. It’s a shuffle like the name implies, but I love the little theme Badalamenti has created and underneath there’s literally an ocean of darkness trying to take over the musical world.

It might be Badalamenti’s score, but some of the music created by others is amazing. Check out Witold Rowicki’s ‘Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima’ which is nearly 10 minutes long and features in a groundbreaking episode of TV, perhaps the best I’ve ever witnessed. It’s so great, Penderecki had to hide. This certainly isn’t your grandpa’s Twin Peaks, or your younger self for that matter. It’s a whole new beast with a few nostalgic nugget, but I still loved the whole experience, music included.

1. Twin Peaks Theme *
3. Laura Palmer’s Theme *
4. Accident / Farewell Theme
5. Grady Groove
8. The Chair
9. Deer Meadow Shuffle *
12. The Fireman
15. Night
16. Heartbreaking
17. Audrey’s Dance *

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