Soundtrack Review: Uncle John

Soundtrack Review: Uncle John

Uncle John Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Uncle John by Adam Robl & Shawn Sutta.

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Geek Score: 89.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 16.6
Album Excellence: 52.1%

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Uncle John is a 2015 thriller directed by Steven Piet and starring John Ashton, Alex Moffat and Jenna Lyng. Small town bully turned born again Christian, Dutch, has gone missing. Well-regarded member of the community, John, is not a suspect, but has everything to do with it. Dutch’s younger brother, Danny, has his own theory about the disappearance and it centers on John. Meanwhile, John’s nephew, Ben, arrives in town with his new girlfriend Kate just as John finds himself confronted with threats from Danny. The score is composed by John Robl & Shawn Sutta.

I have no idea what to expect here not knowing anything about the movie, other than it’s plot. I haven’t heard about the composers either. ‘Johns Theme’ starts us off with a not-so-lyrical theme, more atonal and brooding, a little bit ambient with a big in-centre synth following through. I see where this is going as soon as I start the next one, ‘Through Town’. This isn’t going to be lyrical heaven, but instead play on deeper, darker emotions like uncertainty and fear. The score is droning, interesting, purely a mood type of score, textural to the brink. I like the variation of the pulses like in the second part of ‘Through Town’ where it varies between a dark synth and string. It’s like a pulse, but eerie and unsettling. Yeah I like it, but nothing quite spectacular (yet).

As I sit here listening to it (and I’m really trying to listen to it), it’s hard not to start doing other things like checking internet and so on because this score is really perfect for background listening. It’s there, it’s present, but here’s the thing though. If I don’t listen I miss the creepy violin in ‘Fire At The Quarry’, the sounds that reminds me of cries. The violin is doing me in though. This is great from a horror point of view. It scares me, it unsettles me at a deep level. And then out of nowhere comes a lovely piano theme in ‘Bike Ride Bens Theme’. I feel warmth, I feel summer and somehow I see myself bicycling. I’m happy. This music makes me happy. The lovely piano music continues and I am day dreaming about summer again. It’s raining outside now, the fall has arrived and I know summer is gone, but this music make me dream of summer again. I know it can’t last though, not with a movie like this, a score like this, but it’s fine. I like the dark textural world of moods that Robl and Sutta is providing me. This is a fine score, not a very memorable one, but a fine score. It all depends on whether you believe Robl and Sutta’s music, whether you believe it can take you places and live in the moment. If you can do that and enjoy going to darker places of your mind, then you’ll probably enjoy this like I did.

3. Fire At The Quarry
4. Bike Ride Bens Theme
5. Sushi Night The Shop
6. Lake Drive
10. The Farm
12. Exit
13. Nightwatch *

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