Soundtrack Review: Valdis Story Abyssal City Dark Side Of The Abyss

Soundtrack Review: Valdis Story Abyssal City Dark Side Of The Abyss

Valdis Story Abyssal City Dark Side Of The Abyss Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Valdis Story Abyssal City Dark Side Of The Abyss by Zack Parrish.

At a glance:

Geek Score: 82
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 2.2
Album Excellence: 3.8%

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Assume the role of Wyatt in this Action/Exploration Platformer as you explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat known only as the “Ferals”, using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey. Over 40 years ago, the goddess Valdis was killed by her daughter, the dark goddess Myrgato. Since this event Myrgato has been at war with her twin sister, Alagath the goddess of light. This perpetual war is fueled by human souls that the gods use to create their warriors; Myrgato twisting souls into demons, and Alagath manipulating souls to create angels. Each day the remaining human population dwindles as they are forced to choose a side or die. The score is composed by Zack Parrish.

I love the graphical style of this game. It looks pretty great and hopefully plays that way too. I have no idea what to expect from the score, but this should be interesting. The opening cue ‘Valdissonance’ is the perfect name for a track featuring some ambient dissonant music. There’s not a theme here unless you count the piano music part of the theme. It might be, but I can’t really make out one. The music builds up a great atmosphere though, and that’s something. It might not be a hit musically, but it makes me interested to hear what comes next. And next up is a short and sweet piano theme called ‘In Memoriam’. This score contains some pretty long tracks starting with ‘Abomination’ which is 10 minutes long and that’s not even the longest one. It’s a dramatic action cue, dissonant as well, a lot of noise, a lot of ambience. It’s good, but I can’t quite connect.

This score is quite a handful, and by that I mean it’s seems messy to me, or too busy. It’s a score I have to listen to a few times probably to hear all the details, but I just want the music distilled. It’s hard to get to unless it’s in your face like the guitar on ‘Exhume’ because there’s simply too much going on in the underscore and around it. There’s good music here and it might even be great if it’s allowed to breathe, to come out once in a while to greet me. I am enjoying the score though, but it annoys me that I can’t get to the core of the music easily. The one cue that I “got” though was ‘Waffles’ due to it’s 8-bit nature. This is what I’m talking about, right there. What do you think of the score?

10. Waffles

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