Soundtrack Review: Vuelven

Soundtrack Review: Vuelven

Vuelven Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Vuelven by Vince Pope.

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Album Excellence: 75.7%

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Vuelven AKA Tigers Are Not Afraid is a 2017 Spanish-language Mexican horror film directed by Issa López and starring Paola Lara, Hanssel Casillas & Rodrigo Cortes. Estrella is 10 years old, and three wishes: the first, is that her missing mother returns. And it is fulfilled; but she is dead and follows her everywhere. Terrade, Estrella tries to escape, joining a band of children orphaned by violence. He soon learns that in reality the dead are never left behind, and that when one lives in the midst of brutality and violence, though desires never go forth as the heart wishes, only warriors survive. The score is composed by Vince Pope.

Pope has mostly scored television series in his career and I really enjoyed his score for Undercover. Vuelven is one of his few film scores and I’m excited to hear what it sounds like. The score opens with ‘Ladybirds’, a mix of beautiful serene minimalism and modern thriller music. There’s a mix of orchestral and electronic instruments and it works well, nothing jarring or sticks out. My favorite part was the first half with that lovely minimalistic music, and it’s not really anything interesting when the thriller music takes over. This score works well when there’s less happening. Take ‘Stories To Tell’ as an example. It’s a lovely piece, minimalistic, a little bit of piano. It could almost pass as a Thomas Newman homage, but it’s not quite there. Whatever it is, it works.

I’m surprised at how romantic the score sounds, and if I had heard it without knowing what movie it was from, I would guess that it’s an indie drama. The scares are few and far between as this score takes a completely different route than what was expected. Sometimes though, the unxpected can be a very good thing and that’s the case here. It might not be horror, but the music itself is very solid and thought provoking. I’m not joking when I say that pretty much every cue incited some new ideas and thoughts. It’s that kind of score, more than a bit introvert, but it’s what makes it really great in my opinion. Purists might not enjoy a chase cue called ‘Rooftop Chase’ without actual action-filled chase music, but I say you should just listen to it and enjoy it. Forget about the cue names or what the movie is supposed or could be and I think you’ll have an very good time like I did.

2. Stories To Tell
3. Estrella
4. Finding Our Escape
5. Sleep
8. Shoot
9. The Bathroom
10. In The House
11. End Titles
12. Vuelven (Tigers Are Not Afraid)

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