Soundtrack Review: Vulcania

Soundtrack Review: Vulcania

Vulcania Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Vulcania by Arnau Bataller.

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Vulcania is a Spanish 2015 thriller directed by Jose Skaf and starring Aura Garrido, Miquel Fernandez and Ruben Ochandiano. After the accidental death of Jonas’ family in an abandoned mine in a mysterious place lost in place and time, he devotes himself to his dangerous job at the foundry. But Jonas will begin to find evidence that his family was in fact murdered because they knew that there was life beyond The Border. Torn apart by feelings of guilt and revenge, Jonas will come up with a plan to save Marta and her child. In order to gain back freedom for all the inhabitants of Vulcania, Jonas will have to accept that his curse is in fact a unique gift to save the community from their leaders. The score is composed by Arnau Bataller.

Normally probably wouldn’t give this movie a second thought, but then I saw that the score was by none other than Arnau Bataller who gave us the excellent La Verencia Valdemar, Ermessanda and Rec 3 & 4. This is sounding exciting already. The score opens with the title cue ‘Vulcania’ a deep and dark opener, truly music for the apocalypse. I get the feeling of death and darkness here. I love the “singing” and swerving violin and the mood thereafter. There’s a bell sound like you hear at the docks sometimes when it’s windy. It’s creepy, but most of all it’s teasing me. There’s something beyond this music and I aim to find out. ‘Parte De Nuestra Historia’ proves that Bataller isn’t letting go of the dark mood he’s created with the opening cue. Many of the same elements are here such as the swerving string. The bell is missing, but the mood itself is just the same. the music speaks to me, it’s haunting and too good to put down.

The opening cues are sinister and bleak yet beautiful, but ‘Pasa El Tiempo’ shows another side of the drama. The light guitar and string cue is like a summer breeze, gentle and beautiful. I imagine disturbing things while listening to this music. It’s not fast-paced, rather the opposite. It’s slow and brooding, building up slowly over time. It’s in no hurry, but I love that. It gives me an opportunity to form thoughts which match the music perfectly. I feel so tense all the time when I’m listening to it knowing it’s only music, but the feelings it evokes is all too real. This is a very strong score, a needed score, something to take you away from everything and just enjoy.

1. Vulcania
2. Parte De Nuestra Historia
3. Descubriendo Le Caja
4. Pasa El Tiempo
5. El Accidente
7. Ayudala
8. Reproches
9. Miradas
10. Este Infeliz
11. Una Tragedia
14. Callate
15. Ire A Buscarte
16. El Fuego
17. Creditos Finales

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