Soundtrack Review: Wild America

Soundtrack Review: Wild America

Wild America Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Wild America by Neil Argo.

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Geek Score: 87.11
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 31.53
Album Excellence: 61.83%

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Wild America is a television documentary series that aired on PBS from 1982 to 1994. It focuses on wild animals and wild lands of North America. Wild America was one of the most popular wildlife series on PBS and in production from 1982 thru 1994 on PBS Television. 120 episodes. Many of the 260 PBS stations chose to broadcast the programs multiple times each day throughout the weeks. In some weeks, according to Nielsen ratings, it was viewed by more than 450 million viewers. The score is composed by Neil Argo.

Although Neil Argo is the only one credited on the front cover, there is music here created by John Murtaugh and Peter Kater. I was a bit confused at first, because I thought Joel McNeely did the score, but as it turns out, that’s for a 1994 drama film with the same name. I’ve never seen the TV series myself, but hopefully the music is everything I’ve hoped for. It opens with the main theme ‘Wild America Theme’ by Neil Argo and it’s catchy, uplifting and very beautiful. Love it! Now that’s a theme. I love how inspirational it feels. Sure it’s confined and “small”, but the theme is majestic. I have a feeling me and Wild America are going to have some good times when I read the various cue titles. There are so many and so varied and I bet the music is as well. The music has that “archival” sound though. A bit thin sounding and there’s some hiss on the recordings, but that’s ok. It just makes me feel nostalgic. John Murthaugh’s first cue is called ‘Pronghorn Carcass T/L’ which is a bit more complex sounding than Argo’s opening cues and has a very nice early 80s style drum and bass included for that extra disco feel I know you love. The first Peter Kater cue is called ‘Badger & Turtle To Prairie’ which is a beautiful little love theme for the badger and turtle on piano. Kater is the piano guy. I love how his music sounds like a Bruce Hornsby song. Yeah bring it! The 80s is awesome. There’s chockfull of Americana here too. Check out ‘Bobcat With Mouse’ and the beautiful ‘Sunset’. Some of the music feels like a western like the preppy upbeat ‘Scissortail Flycatcher’. You’ll get all kinds of excellent fun and varied music here.

I loved this little score. Little because it’s only 51 minutes when there were 120 episodes, and most cues are really short. Short or not, it’s a terrific way to spend an evening with a varied palette of great thematic music covering anything from wolverines to a hare chase. Argo and his pals got it all covered. Shame that the sound quality wasn’t higher though, but if this is all I can get I’ll take it. It’s amazing to have this score I didn’t know I wanted after all these years. Thanks Kronos!

1. Wild America Theme *
2. Alaskan Sleigh Ride
3. Adirondacks Sunset
4. Pronghorn Carcass T/L
9. Badger & Turtle To Prairie
10. Happy Den Living
11. Wolverines In Autumn
12. Pronghorn Herd Slo/Mo *
13. Bobcat With Mouse
15. Sunset
16. Pronghorn Intro
17. Winter To Summer
18. Forest Sunset
19. Scissortail Flycatcher
20. Theme Tease The Predators
21. Sacred Skull *
22. Blue To Green
24. Tease Predators
26. Alaska To Africa
27. Elk Frisk In Snow & Summer
40. Adirondacks Swan
42. Antlered Kingdom *

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