Soundtrack Review: Winter’s Tale (2014)

Soundtrack Review: Winter’s Tale (2014)

Winter’s Tale Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Winter’s Tale by Hans Zimmer & Rupert Gregson-Williams.

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14 tracks
59 minutes of score
Geek Score: 82.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 12.07
Album Excellence: 20%
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I am surprised by the lack of hype for this score. It’s like everyone knew it was coming, but just let it happen in silence. The weird part is that Hans Zimmer is co-composing it with Rupert Gregson-Williams. Just the mere mention of Zimmer’s name should have half the internet in a frenzy, but for once it wasn’t to be. Winter’s Tale is a romantic fantasy drama and I have to admit I was curious to what it sounded like. It sounds pretty much like most modern RCP scores. Some nice themes, some full-on action scoring, the RCP way. Is it bad that I kind of enjoy this score? It’s not great by any means, but it is very nice at times, just to listen without too much afterthought. I don’t like to overanalyse scores like this to ruin what could be a very nice listening experience so I won’t.

I will say this though. Originality be damned. This is pretty much what scores sounds like today, just with added accessories and glitter. It’s shiny alright, and you can’t fault the production, but after listening to some other scores this year, it will not be close to being among the best. In a normal year, this would stand up pretty well, but 2014 has been extraordinary good so far in my opinion.

Winter’s Tale, meh or yeay? A bit on the yeay side for me.

1. Look Closely
5. What’s The Best Thing you’ve ever stolen?
8. Can You Hear Your Heart?

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