Soundtrack Review: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope

Soundtrack Review: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope by John Williams.

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105 minutes of score
Geek Score: 93
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 91.23
Album Excellence: 87%
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Star Wars is such an event that I wish I was born 10 years earlier just so I could experience was millions did at the time, go to the cinema and watch the original Star Wars. I’ve heard stories of what it was like and to me that’s more science fiction than Star Wars itself. If people had a time machine they might visit Da Vinci, dinosaurs etc. Not me! I’d go back to 1977 to watch the premiere of Star Wars. What an effect this movie and score has had on people. It’s astounding and nothing these days even comes close. In Star Wars we follow our heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca fight agains the evil empire and ultimately Darth Vader. The score is composed by John Williams and this review is part of Big J’s Sunday.

I remember I watched the original Star Wars on my dad’s old TV sometime in the late 80s. I remember the intro with the stars and the yellow text scrolling into infinity and that music, ‘Main Title – Rebel Blockade Runner’. Yes, before all other Star Wars themes, there was the main theme and in 1977 that must have sounded like nothing else at the time. Such a perfect theme for a spectacular space opera has not been beaten yet and I suspect it never will, at least not use who has grown up with it. In ‘The Hologram – Binary Sunset’ we hear the amazing Force theme for the first time. It is a s beautiful and easily identifiable as the main theme and a lot of people I talk to confuse this theme with the opening theme. ‘Princess Leia’s Theme’ is like the name suggests the theme for Princess Leia. We get to hear it before if you follow the album track by track, but this is the best one and it’s another brilliant theme by Williams. I always felt the theme was quite romantic and there is an element of forbidden love in Star Wars so it could play on that. There’s a fantastic theme for the Tie Fighter as well heard in ‘Ben Kenobi’s Death – Tie Fighter Attack’ which is one of the most fun action themes I have heard.

The themes aside, this score has so much to offer, and not just for nostalgic reasons. There are tons of Williams’ trademark action music and a lot of variations for the themes. ‘The Milliennium Falcon – Imperial Cruiser Pursuit’ is an exciting action theme that I can listen to again and again. ‘The Death Star – The Stormtroopers’ is another action gem from Williams that needs to be put on hard rotation in your playlists. ‘Shootout In The Cell Bay – Dianoga’ is another one you can add to your action playlist right away. Of course the big one is ‘The Battle Of Yavin’ which is over 9 minutes of action greatness.

Yeah so I hate the ‘Cantina Band’ and ‘Cantina Band 2’, but they got to be there. There’s also a bit of silliness in cues like ‘The Dune Sea Of Tatooine’ and ‘The Moisture Farm’ which I didn’t particularly enjoy. But come on, this is Star Wars, what’s not to like? It got possibly the best lienup of themes in the history of scores and… it’s Star Wars! Yeah I bet people were shocked when this music came out on LP and they heard the music for the “first time”. Wow what an emotional day it must have been. Well, we’re in 2014 now and this score has never sounded better to my ears at least. It’s of course impossible to imagine a soundtrack collection without this one. Buy, listen, enjoy.

2. Main Title – Rebel Blockade Runner *
3. Imperial Attack
6. The Hologram – Binary Sunset *
7. Landspeeder Search – Attack Of The Sand People
8. Tales Of a Jedi Knight – Learn About The Force *
9. Burning Homestead
13. Binary Sunset (Alternate)
14. Princess Leia’s Theme *
15. The Milliennium Falcon – Imperial Cruiser Pursuit *
16. Destruction Of Alderaan
17. The Death Star – The Stormtroopers
18. Wookie Prisoner – Detention Block Ambush
19. Shootout In The Cell Bay – Dianoga *
20. The Trash Compactor
21. The Tractor Beam – Chasm Crossfire *
22. Ben Kenobi’s Death – Tie Fighter Attack *
23. The Battle Of Yavin *
24. The Throne Room – End Title *

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