Guide for choosing sex toys for women in India and the most recommended sex toys!

There are various types of sex toys in India and I don’t know what to choose… for masturbation? For sex? for women? Men’s?

This guides you through the right choices for different sex toys. Learn the sex toys you need to improve your sex life!

Dildos, vibrators, BDSM restraints and adult games?

This is the Sex toy selection guide for women and the most recommended Sex toy!

An “adult toy” that makes sex and masturbation more enjoyable.
I’m interested, but I’m sure many people are wondering what kind of products there are and what to choose.

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In addition, I will also introduce how to store it so that it will not be revealed to family members.We will explain the most recommended Sex toy for beginners, so please also refer to those who have not used it yet.In this article, I will introduce how to choose Sex toy for such a woman.

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What is Sex toy and Adult toys?

What is a sex toy and  adult toy ??

Sex toys and adult toys are the same thing. It’s a small difference in wording, but they are the tools you think you use for sex and masturbation.

The term “sex toy” is more common.

Many women say, “I know something, but I’ve never seen the real thing,” or “I don’t know how to use it.”

Or already know about a name and some details, but not used before.

From here, I will explain concretely.

what is that , and what are there! And the reality is that everyone wants sex toys. Everyone is greedy for sex!

And if you do, how much do you want to spend?

There are a variety of toys to use, but you don’t want to spend too much on them. However, if the toy is too cheap, I am worried that it might break soon.

There are tweets like this, but I personally would be happy with anything under 5000 rupees!

I don’t know what to use for the first time

First of all, there are quite a few types of Sex toy.
There are various types such as those that stimulate pleasure by giving vibration like a massager, and those that insert directly into the vagina to induce pleasure.

Meanwhile, “Egg Vibrator” is recommended for those who use Sex toy for the first time.

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The Egg Vibrator is applied to the clitoris, etc. and gives a pleasant feeling by giving vibration. This is a recommended toy that is popular with people who have never had sex, so if you get lost, we recommend trying it out here.

With Sex toy, you’ll be able to enjoy your lover’s sex and masturbating yourself. The Egg Vibrator looks like an egg and is cheap and matches the first clitoris masturbation sex toy.

Bullet Vibrators, not Egg Vibrator, are also popular because they are equally easy to use.

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I want to feel orgasm

I’m sure some of the women who are interested in Sex toy may say, “I’ve never felt orgasm yet.”
Orgasm is the culmination of pleasure, the so-called “orgasm”. When you feel a strong pleasure, the increased sexual tension is released at once, and your muscles relax. It’s easy to understand when you feel that you are losing your power.

If you use Sex toy, you can feel more orgasm.

For masturbation? For sex?

Sex toy has different choices for masturbation and sex.
For example, for masturbation, we recommend using an Egg Vibrator or dildo that is applied to the erogenous zone.
For sex, there is a penis band, but this is a Sex toy for advanced users.

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Don’t you know how to choose?

Even if you want Sex toy, you probably don’t know where to buy it or what to buy.
From here, I will explain in detail how to choose Sex toy.

Also, when you actually buy Sex toy, we recommend online shopping rather than buying at stores.
There are not so many physical stores that sell sex toys, and there is resistance in buying them in the first place.
You can easily purchase online mail order and choose from various types.

Which group are you? Where do you feel

Different people have different erogenous zones. Different people have different feelings about where and how they feel, so the Sex toy they choose will also change.

Outside orgasm (clitoris)

Outside orgasm is generally said to be “orgasming with a clitoris.” It stimulates the clitoris, etc. instead of in the vagina and promotes a pleasant sensation.
Those who have never had sex will be able to gradually enjoy the sensation of climax if they start by getting used to the feeling of outside orgasm.

Sex toys recommended for stimulating the clitoris are Egg Vibrator and Bullet Vibrators that stimulate pleasure by giving vibration.

To use it, apply power to the clitoris and apply vibration. At this time, if the vibration is too strong, you may feel pain, so it is recommended that you do not suddenly increase the maximum power, but gradually increase from weak vibration.
The Egg Vibrator is an adult toy that is relatively easy to get started, so if you are a beginner, try it from here.

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Inside orgasm (G spot and portio)

Inside orgasm is the so-called orgasm in the vagina. It is a more advanced technique than the outside orgasm, and many people feel that “the middle orgasm feels better!”.
It stimulates a pleasant sensation by stimulating the so-called “G spot” or “portio”. If you want to have inside orgasm, Dildo is recommended as Sex toy.

The dildo feels more difficult than the Egg Vibrator, but it’s not scary if you use it properly. It is inserted into the vagina.

Basically, many dildos do not have a vibration function. Some of them have a function like a vibrator, but basically dildos have no vibration.

However, since there is no sound, its realistic hardness and shape match the stimulation of G spots and portio very well. Dildo is one of the most popular toys in India.

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How good is the size?

There are various types of sex toys. Vibes, in particular, come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and designs.
At this time, it is important to choose the Sex toy that suits you. For example, if a virgin chooses a vibe of a large size just because she wants to feel a strong sense of pleasure, there is a risk that it will be too stimulating and will not enter the vagina.

Size of inexperienced and experienced female genitals

The size of the vagina is completely different between those who have never had sex and those who have had sex. For example, in the case of a virgin, the size of the vagina that opens comfortably is 2.0 cm, and in the case of a non-virgin, it is 4.5 cm.

You can see the difference at this point. By the way, at birth, it opens up to 9.0 cm, which means that a female vagina can open up to that point. Therefore, women who have had a baby will have a larger genital size.

You can see that the size of a woman’s vagina is this different. Therefore, it is important for beginners to slowly get used to it, rather than trying to force large ones.

A toy for beginners to try

From here, I will explain concretely about the types of Sex toy that beginners should try. We will explain each merit, detailed usage, and notes, so please refer to it.

Egg Vibrator

This Egg Vibrator is recommended so that “beginners can start here!”
As a merit, “It is relatively cheap and can be purchased easily.” “It is hard to tell that it is a sex toy because it looks like a miscellaneous item and it is not raw.” “Outside orgasm that stimulates the clitoris” It is suitable for users, so it is easy to use even if you are not familiar with pleasure.”

As a detailed usage, first turn on the power and stimulate the clitoris. You can adjust the intensity of the vibration, but be careful as it may feel painful if the stimulation is too strong. It’s a good idea to start with a weak stimulus and gradually increase it.

If you are new to Sex toy, I recommend stimulating from the top of your shorts and applying it directly to your clitoris when you get used to it. If you think “I want a little more stimulation,” but if you dare to shift the position to the nipple or the base of your foot, you will feel more irritated and you will get more excited.

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A dildo is a sex toy shaped like a male genitalia and is often called a “vibe”. This is a little more advanced than Egg Vibrator, so I recommend using it if you are comfortable with the feeling to some extent.

For usage, prepare lotion, condom, towel, etc. A person who has previously wet the vagina with lotion will be able to insert it easily and will feel more comfortable. Especially when using the vibes for masturbation, lotion is almost always necessary. Also, for hygiene, be sure to cover the dildo with a condom.
While slowly moving around the clitoris, it gradually induces a pleasant sensation. When you feel better, let’s insert it little by little into the vagina. At this time, do not suddenly put it all the way in, but rather slowly turn it around to find your feelings.

The advantages are that the electronic sound is less noisy than Egg Vibrator, and that it has a good cost performance because it is hard to break.

Egg Vibrator can stimulate deep inside that you can’t reach, so you can have more satisfying sex and masturbation.

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Lotion & condom

Lotions and condoms will be needed as consumables when using Sex toy.
As mentioned earlier, from a hygienic point of view, you should cover the dildo with a condom before using it. Whether you have sex or masturbation, you can enjoy sex toy more safely and comfortably by using lotion.

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How to buy toys

Many people are wondering where to buy even if they think “Let’s buy Sex toy!” The two main choices are “Buy at a store or at an online shop,” so I will explain below.


This is a difficult hurdle, but you can buy it at a store specializing in adult goods.
For example, some students may say, “I can’t use the online shop!” In such a case, it can be said that an in-store purchase that does not leave a purchase history on the net and can be purchased without anyone’s hands is an effective means. However, even if I decide to go there, such stores prohibit access to minors, and it is quite risky if I accidentally meet an acquaintance.

This is the Sex toy selection guide for women and the most recommended Sex toy!

And the number one problem is that I can’t find a sex toy store in India. In some cities, street vendors sell it, but basically it’s a taboo. The sex toys are still gray. I feel that this area is also a problem that I want you to solve quickly.

When you travel to other countries, you may see sex toy shops. But when you buy something there, you need a lot of courage. I definitely recommend internet shopping. I’ve skipped the link from this site as well, but I bought it at SEX Toys India. I’ve purchased it on other sites, but for quality reasons I personally recommend SexToys India.

Internet shop

The easiest and easiest way to buy is to purchase online. There are a wide variety, and you can avoid the embarrassment of buying at a store.
There are various ways to purchase even if you call it an online shop, and you can also purchase it at familiar Amazon etc. The merit of buying on Amazon is that many people are familiar with it, and there is little risk that personal information will be leaked even from the trust of a famous company (about this, most sites Is okay though).

Disadvantages are that it can be erased but the order history is likely to remain, and the price is higher than purchasing at an adult goods online shop. Furthermore, if an Amazon box arrives at your home, you may inadvertently open it to your family.

The online shop that specializes in adult merchandise will give you the strong feeling that “I don’t want to get caught up!”
Depending on the store, you can pick it up at a convenience store or change the item name on the slip. In addition, there is no order history left, so it is full of happy services for users who want to shop secretly.

Types of toys

From here, we will introduce specific types of Sex toys. Depending on the type, some are unfamiliar to you, and some are for advanced users, so please use it as a reference.


As mentioned above, the vibrator is a sex toy that encourages pleasure through vibration.
There are various types of vibes, basically swing type that sways while oscillating left and right, but there are also types that can perform piston movement and types that can suck.
In particular, the suction type has a good reputation for feeling good, and it is said that it is excellent enough for even women who have never felt orgasm before.
By all means, please choose a vibe that suits you.

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Egg Vibrator

As mentioned above, Egg Vibrator is also recommended for beginners.
There are various types of Egg Vibrator, for example, a general “egg type Egg Vibrator”, a remote-controlled Egg Vibrator (sometimes called “tobiko”) that allows remote control from a distance, and more advanced users.

For the purpose, there is also an Egg Vibrator that is integrated with the vibe that can also be used as a vibe, unlike the usual Egg Vibrator.

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Electric machine

The electric massager is an abbreviation for “electric massager”, and it was originally used as a massage device by putting it on the shoulder. However, it is now popular as an adult goods all over the world.
It can give small vibrations at a constant speed, and there are battery type and cord type.


A dildo is a sex toy that is sometimes called a “bulb” or “kokeshi”. It is used by inserting it into the vagina, but it does not vibrate or swing like a vibe.
There are various types here, too, such as those that imitate realistic male genitals and those that are cute colors that you can not see as a dildo at first glance.

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Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Here is the electric version of the above dildo. Like the vibe, it can be vibrated, so you can feel more pleasure.
The difference from the vibe is that it can reach deeper and pursuing a more genuine male genitality due to its size, thickness and shape.

DESI dildo w vibe
Realistic Dildo Vibrators

Penis band

This is for advanced users, but the “penis band” is an item that allows females to attach male genitalia.
It is supposed to be used mainly for sex rather than for masturbation. By inserting it into a man’s anal by a woman, it is possible to taste the feeling that even a man with resistance to homosexuality will be inserted, or the woman can feel the attack, so it can be used for SM play There is.
It is also effective in sex between women.

DESI dildo w vibe
Strap on(Harness) Dildos

For anal

This is also a technique for advanced users, but there is also a sex toy for anal.
Anal vibes and anal dildos give you new pleasure, so if you are interested, why not give it a try!
But it’s dangerous to try something big all of a sudden. Before using Anal Vibe, wait until one or two fingers are inserted. We recommend that you gradually get used to your pleasure.


Lotion is an indispensable item for safe and pleasant Sex toy enjoyment.
Especially when using the above anal vibes etc., be sure to use them. Anal does not have the ability to wet yourself like the vagina.


For hygiene reasons, always wear a condom when inserting a vibe or dildo. Miscellaneous bacteria may enter during insertion. In addition, it is possible that the condom may come off during the process, so it’s best to wipe the vibe with a sanitizing sheet or wet tissue before using it.
If you want to use a vibe for sex, you can put on a condom first and it will proceed smoothly.

Sex doll

A sex doll is what is called a “love doll”. It is a doll made mainly for men to enjoy pseudo-sex with women, and has a skin shape and feel similar to a real woman. It has a very realistic appearance and is indistinguishable from a real person when viewed from a distance. It has a built-in skeleton, so you can take a pose you like.

A female love doll made for men has the function of attaching and detaching the onahole. There is a small number of male love dolls made for women, so you can enjoy pseudo sex at the woman on top posture. However, it will be a very expensive item, so it can be said that it is for super advanced users. It seems that some women not only enjoy sex, but also enjoy taking photos and wearing knee pillows.


This is an item that will make your sex with him even more exciting. Wearing sexy underwear will definitely make him feel better.
Depending on the type, there are various types such as those with holes and bras in the shape of ribbons, so it may be good to choose according to his taste.

Toy maintenance method

Maintenance is also an important point to enjoy using Sex toy.
The method of cleaning the vibrator is basically washing with water. However, be careful not to let water get into the remote control part or the connection part.

The Egg Vibrator cannot be washed with water, so wipe it with a towel that has been slightly dampened and squeezed.

Keep in mind that you should wipe off the water thoroughly. Leaving it with a little water left may cause mold.

How do you keep your toys out of your family?

Many people who live with their families do not want to know that they have Sex toy.
The most effective hideaway is “in the undergarment.” Underwear is basically not seen by anyone other than yourself, and if you put it in the pouch and hide it in the back, you will rarely find it.
In addition, it will be hard to find out if you hide the inside of the car, under the bed, in the tissue case, accessory case, case with key etc.

Sometimes people say they don’t want to find it, so they always carry it in their bags. In that case, remove the battery to prevent malfunction.

I want to use toys with my partner, but how…

I think many people want to use toys for sex with their partners. However, there are many women who feel embarrassed or do not know how to cut out.
However, I would like you to incorporate Sex toy in order to eliminate rut and enjoy sex more.

For example, why not try asking, “I got it from a friend as a story, but don’t you want to try it if you like it?”
As a man, there are very few negative thoughts about women who are interested in Sex toy.


The above is the introduction about Sex toy. There were various types, but was it helpful?
By using Sex toy, you will be able to enjoy masturbation and sex more comfortably.
Whether you want to enjoy a more pleasant feeling, or want to feel more comfortable with each other by having sex with him, or if you want to prevent rut, I highly recommend that you take it in.

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