About This Site

Site name Girl ♡ Life
Operation manager Lili
Contact information a7m7contact@gmail.com
Home page address https://www.soundtrackgeek.com/

The reason for starting this site

I am Lili. The first thing that inspired me to start this site was that I wanted someone else to use my experience and started this site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

As for the category, it is about sex, but I believe that having the right knowledge can protect oneself and at the same time enhance sensitivity and become feminine.

I am hoping to make various people know through my blog how to masturbate based on my experience, how to properly handle genitals, and techniques for men.

There are links to recommend products, but basically I introduce toys that I really want to recommend. I hope my experience will help you solve future problems in the future.