Anal masturbation? Why Women Like Anal Too

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Anal masturbation is a form of masturbation that stimulates the anus to make it feel good. Putting something in your anus may seem very scary and dangerous at first. It is true that there is some resistance to anal masturbation, but in fact, if you do it well, it can make you feel very good. You can get more pleasure from it, so you can have more variety in sex. With sex toys (adult toys), even if you’re not used to anal, it’s safe to do so.

However, anal doesn’t always feel good the first time. You need to develop it step by step, and if you don’t do it the right way, it can be difficult to get pleasure and you may even get injured. On the other hand, anyone can develop it as long as you take precautions, and I recommend it as a technique to accentuate normal masturbation. In this article, I will explain in detail the benefits of anal masturbation, the correct way to do it, and the precautions to take.

Didn’t you have anal development?

Anal masturbation is masturbation done in the anus. Anal is just butthole. It’s not usually a very flattering place, so people ask, “Do you masturbate in that place? I think that’s not a good idea. Unlike the vagina, you don’t usually put anything in there, so is it safe?” You may have a scary image that anal penetration is painful… It’s true that using anal for sexual pleasure is not something that is so easy to accept.

But as long as it is done correctly, anal masturbation doesn’t have to be scary. Anal masturbation is done with a finger or an sex toy (adult product) in your ass. Of course, if you don’t do anything, it will hurt, but if you prepare to do anal masturbation properly beforehand and clean your anus, there is no problem with hygiene. If you do experience pain, you can stop it immediately.

With Love Goods, even beginners can stimulate the anus with relative ease, and you don’t need any special techniques to do so. At the beginning, it is hard to get a good feeling at all, but if you continue to develop steadily, you will get a good feeling little by little. When you masturbate, you can enjoy a special kind of pleasure that is completely different from ordinary masturbation. Are you interested in learning more about anal masturbation? I will now introduce a number of things in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Anal masturbation

Anal masturbation has many benefits

What are the benefits of anal masturbation in the first place? If there wasn’t something good about it, I wouldn’t bother putting something in the anal. However, many girls actually get addicted to the pleasure of anal and continue to anally masturbate. That’s because anal masturbation has the following pleasant advantages.

  • You can increase the number of sexual zones.
  • More variety in sex.
  • It can stimulate the “back G-spot”.

When you masturbate, your anus is more easily felt. In other words, it increases your sexual organs. An increase in your sexual organs will also help with sex. If you can get your partner to blame your anus for foreplay, it will greatly increase the excitement of sex. You can also stimulate the underside of the G-spot through the anal area, which will make it easier for you to reach orgasm.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Masturbation

Increasing sexual sensitivity

The most important factor in making sex and masturbation feel good is the sexual zones. The more sexual zones you have, the easier it is to get a good feeling, and the more sensitive they are, the easier it is to reach orgasm. Anal masturbation makes it easier to feel the anus, so if you blame this area, you’ll get a lot more pleasure. I recommend anal masturbation to people who have recently become bored with masturbation …… and want to feel more comfortable.

If you continue to masturbate with your clitoris all the time, you may feel like you’re missing out on something. The biggest reason why masturbation can be hard to satisfy is the lack of variation. If the stimulation is in a pattern, you won’t be able to enjoy your orgasms to the fullest. If you try anal masturbation, you will experience a completely different kind of excitement and pleasure.

The more variation you have in your masturbation, the more you can use different masturbation methods depending on your mood. For example, you can use the clitoris if you want to feel refreshed with a sharp orgasm, the G-spot if you want to relax with a deep and long orgasm, or the anal …… if you want to change the atmosphere a little bit. If you’ve only done clitoral masturbation before, learning to masturbate will double your enjoyment of masturbation.

More Variations at Night

The more you are able to masturbate, the more variety in sex you will have. If you enjoy sex, it’s preferable to have as many options as possible. This is because it is easier to introduce new stimuli in moderation, which will also make sex more exciting. No matter how much a couple loves each other, if they are always having the same pattern of sex, they may inevitably get stuck in a rut. The most effective way to break out of a rut is with new excitement and pleasure.

Anal has its own appeal. The more developed your anal area is, the more sexually active it will be, which means it should be easier to feel with foreplay. For example, if you have the anal area stimulated in conjunction with the usual cunnilingus and handjobs, you’ll get more out of your foreplay. This will have a synergistic effect on the vagina because the tension around the vagina will be relieved when the anal area is relaxed, which will make it easier to feel the vagina. In other words, his techniques will make you feel better than ever before. Seeing a woman feel good makes a man very happy.

There is also a new excitement in the sex itself. Maybe he wants to do anal sex. But most women don’t want to do anal, so maybe he’s not comfortable with it either. If a girl asks him out in such a situation, he’ll be happy to see her. Of course, sometimes men don’t like anal very much on their side, so it’s just a matter of …… if there is mutual interest. If it goes well, you’ll have a lot more variety in your sex life.

The back G-spot can be developed

Anal masturbation allows you to develop the “back G-spot”. The term “back G-spot” may sound special, but it simply refers to the area behind the G-spot. It is not medically referenced, but it can be pleasurable for some people. The location of the back G-spot is on the back side of the vagina, about 4 to 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina. This means that it is located opposite the normal G-spot.

Normally this back G-spot cannot be stimulated with your own hands. This is because in order to stimulate this area, you need to turn your palm to the back of your hand. However, if you insert your fingers through the anus, you can stimulate it by bending your fingers normally, so you can stimulate this back G-spot by massaging your rectum as you would a normal G-spot. Unlike the G-spot, which has a rough and pliable sensation, the back G-spot cannot be identified by the feel of your finger.

Also, the back G-spot is felt differently by everyone, but many people can’t feel anything about it. Even if you do feel it, it is basically not as shocking or pleasurable as the normal G-spot. If you still want to develop the back G-spot, try using an anal vibe instead of your fingers. We’ll explain how to use anal vibes in more detail later, but you’ll be able to stimulate the back G-spot relatively easily.

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The procedure for anal masturbation

It turns out that anal masturbation has many exciting benefits. Some of you may be interested in trying it. However, the way you do anal masturbation is very important. If you do it the wrong way, you may end up hurting your anus or rectum. Therefore, be sure to follow the following procedure for anal masturbation.

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How to Explore Anal Masturbation

  • Keep your nails trimmed.
  • If possible, do an intestinal cleansing.
  • Wear a condom or finger sack on your finger
  • Always use lotion to make it slippery.
  • Massage the anus area
  • Insert your fingers in little by little.

If you don’t keep your nails cut properly, they can damage the intestinal wall. You can get bacteria and viruses from it. It’s also important to keep your intestines cleaned for hygiene purposes. Wear a condom or finger sack for the same hygiene reasons. Afterwards, you can anoint your fingers with lotion and insert them slowly.

Keep your nails trimmed

The most important thing to do when performing anal masturbation is to avoid damaging the anus and the intestinal wall (the wall of the bowel). The inside of the intestine is very delicate and vulnerable, so be careful. If the inside of the anus is damaged, you can get bacteria or viruses from there. In severe cases, pus can build up around the anus and fever, so you want to keep the risk as low as possible. The main cause of anal injury is the nails. Therefore, try to cut your fingernails as short as possible when you are doing anal sex.

You may not want to cut your nails for the sake of fashion. However, it is impossible to do ananything safely if your nails are stretched out. Even if you put a condom on your finger, there is no point in putting a condom on your finger because it will tear with your nail. Cut your fingernails until they are deep enough. As a rule of thumb, cut your finger until the nail doesn’t protrude from the finger line when you press on it. This way, when your finger presses against the intestinal wall and the nail protrudes, the nail will not come into contact with the wall.

Depending on the shape of your fingers and nails, there is no need to cut them too short, especially the little finger, which may be difficult to do. If you reach beyond the white line, i.e., to the pink part, you’re overdoing it, so try to aim for the white line to be just barely visible. Furthermore, the shape of your nails is also important. Even if your nails are cut short, if they are rickety or sharp in places, you will still damage your anus. After cutting the nails, file the edges and make the shape smooth.

Better to do an intestinal cleansing

When performing anal masturbation, it is recommended that you clean out as much of your intestines (rectum) as possible. This may sound a bit disgusting, but it’s an important part of the process, so make sure you’re doing it right. Originally, the anus is where you produce excrement, and there is a lot of excrement in the rectum. If you leave it in place and anally, you may get your fingers, clothes and bed dirty. This is a major hygiene problem, so it’s best to wash your bowel. There are three methods of cleaning: – An enema

  • Enemas.
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Shower and Washlet

A common method of masturbation is an enema. You can easily do this by simply purchasing an over-the-counter enema. Just inject the medicine through the anus, hold it in for 10 minutes, and defecate at once in the toilet. You may feel a little uncomfortable, but an enema is recommended because it clears up your rectum. However, frequent enemas can reduce the function of the rectum and cause constipation. If you are going to anally more than twice a week, it is likely to be better to use a different method of cleaning.

You can also use an anal cleansing syringe or pump to clean it. Fill the syringe or pump with warm water and inject it into your rectum and then drain it all at once in the toilet. Repeat this four to five times and your rectum should be cleaned. If you don’t feel comfortable preparing special equipment, you can clean it in the shower or in a washlet. The procedure is the same here, just repeat the process of filling the anus with warm water and expelling it four or five times.

Wear a condom on your finger

In anal masturbation, you should not insert your finger as it is. As mentioned above, the anus and rectum are not clean, so if you put your finger in there raw, it will get dirty. Even if you give a clean enema, it will not sanitize the bacteria and viruses in the intestines or completely expel anything left in the intestines. Therefore, if you put your finger in raw, it will become dirty. If you touch the vagina directly with a dirty finger, you may get a bacterial infection.

So, when you do anogeny, be sure to put a condom or finger sack on your finger before inserting it into the anus. Condoms are essentially male contraceptives, but they are also suitable for anal applications because they provide a good barrier to the outside world and are excellent for lubrication. When you wear a condom, your fingers won’t get dirty, so you don’t have to worry about teasing your vagina or nipples after anal stimulation. A quick removal of the condom will allow you to touch other parts of your body as well.

However, condoms are originally attached to the penis, so if you put it on a thin finger, it will not be stable and it will slip off quickly. If you move your finger too much, it will come off, and the condom may be left inside your anus. …… It’s important to be careful. Also, if your fingernail is long or sharp, the condom may break. If this is a concern, you can wear a finger sack if you are concerned about these things. However, an ordinary finger sack for office use is bumpy and painful, so we recommend you to use a finger sack specially designed for anal use.

Use Lotion

Lotion is absolutely essential for anal masturbation. It’s impossible to do ananything without it, so prepare it in advance. Anal and rectum are very delicate areas and can get damaged easily. If this happens, you won’t be able to masturbate due to bleeding or pain, and if it’s bad, it can lead to an infection. Using lotion will make the area slippery and slippery, which can prevent injury.

However, not just any lotion will do, and you need to be careful about how you choose it. Try to choose as much anal lotion as possible. It’s basically the same as regular lotions, but anal lotions tend to have a longer viscosity and duration. This is because in anal play, a lotion that is sticky and can be used for a long time without drying up quickly is better for protecting the anal mucous membrane. Additionally, there are differences in the “ingredients”.

Anal lotions often contain ingredients that protect and moisturize the anal and bowel walls. If you’re concerned about anal pain and scarring, you may want to pay attention to the ingredients. By the way, those containing alcohol, which has disinfectant properties, can cause an upset stomach. Since you’ll be wearing a condom, you won’t have to worry so much about sterilization. However, be sure to choose a “water-based” condom, not an oil-based lotion, as condoms are sensitive to oil.

Anal area massage

When you are doing anal masturbation, don’t suddenly stick your finger in. If you don’t do anything, the anus will be tense and you won’t be able to insert your finger into it. Even if you force it in, you may experience extreme pain and injury. It’s important to carefully loosen the anal area and open the hole little by little so that you can insert your finger carefully. First of all, follow these steps to massage the anal area thoroughly to relax.

1. Put a condom on your finger
2. Apply lotion to the anus and fingers.
3. Lie down on your side and lightly hold both feet.
4. Massage the anal area with your fingers

Be sure to wear a condom or finger sack on your finger when massaging your anal. For now, it’s a good idea to put it on the middle finger you use most often. However, everyone’s fingers are different for massage, so if you use several fingers, the anal finger sack is recommended for ease of use and cost effectiveness. Once you’ve applied the lotion to your anus and fingers, remember to lie down on your side and hold both feet lightly. This is recommended as this is the easiest position to relax your anus.

You don’t need any special techniques to massage the anus. All you need to do is to relax the muscles around the anus, so it’s like massaging your shoulders and neck. Stroking and pressing around the anus, gradually relaxing it. If you do it hard enough, it will hurt, so it’s important to imagine that you’re gently relaxing. You may be nervous and anxious about your first anal play, but if you have any problems, you can stop it immediately. So don’t overdo it and try to calm your mind and feel comfortable with the challenge.

Insert your fingers

Once the anal area has relaxed to some extent, it’s time to put your finger in. But don’t put your index or middle finger in suddenly. Anal is not a place to put anything in, so there will be a lot of resistance. If you put in something too thick from the start, you might get hurt or feel uncomfortable and not be able to continue. Start with the thinnest little finger and get used to inserting it into the anus. To insert your finger, follow these steps

1. Put a condom on your little finger
2. Apply lotion to your finger with a condom on
3. Lie down on your side and lightly hold both feet.
4. Carefully inserting your little finger in little by little.
5. Move it back and forth when it’s about 5.2-3 cm in.
6. When you get used to it, insert your middle finger next.
7. Bend your fingers to stimulate the G-spot in the back

Apply condoms and lotion to your fingers in the same way as you did in the previous massage. Get into a position that makes it easy to relax your anal and carefully insert your little finger into it. If you’ve done the previous steps well, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you can’t get your finger in because your anus is too hard, give up this time and try again next time. Warming up your body in the bath beforehand will loosen up the anus and make it easier to insert.

When your little finger starts to enter safely, advance about 2 to 3 cm until the second joint enters. Move it back and forth a little. Move it slowly and carefully to get your anus used to the stimulation. The feeling of discomfort should fade away gradually and you should be able to move your fingers naturally. Once you’ve gotten this far, it’s time to use your middle finger for the real thing. Put a condom and lotion on your middle finger as you did before and insert it in the same way. If you are able to get used to it with your little finger, your middle finger should be able to enter without much difficulty.

Slowly insert your middle finger as far in as possible, and when it’s fully in, move it back and forth again to get it used to it sufficiently. After that, you just need to stimulate the inside of the anus by moving and bending your finger. The place that feels good varies from person to person, but the back G-spot I mentioned earlier is very effective. You can stimulate the back G-spot by inserting your middle finger about 5 cm and then bending and pushing or stroking your finger. Indirectly, the stimulation will be transmitted to the vaginal G-spot and will feel good.

Adult products when you get used to it

Basic anal masturbation can be done with just your fingers, but that will inevitably limit the variation in stimulation. It can be said that it is difficult to reach orgasm with this alone. When you become accustomed to masturbation, you will surely want to feel more comfortable and want strong stimulation. So, try using the following four products.

  • Anal beads
  • Anal dildos
  • Anal vibrator
  • Butt Plug

Anal beads are made up of multiple shapes connected together, like a cat’s tail. Insert them through the anus for easy caressing and expansion. An anal dildo is the shape of a male organ, and an anal vibrator is the same as a male genitalia, but with a vibrating anal vibrator! It gives you the pleasure of being inserted into your partner’s body. Butt plugs (anal plugs) are used exclusively for anal dilation.

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Anal Beads

Anal beads are made up of many balls all connected together. You can easily caress the anus by inserting them through the anus and advancing them to the back and then moving them back and forth. When a dildo or a vibrator doesn’t fit in, it’s often used to dilate the anal area. It’s not just for dilatation, but also for pleasure. You’ll also enjoy the unique stimulation of multiple beads hitting each other.

Most anal beads are made of silicone or plastic, but there are also softer ones like latex. Anal beads come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll need to be careful when choosing the right one. Anal beads come in a really wide range of ball sizes, from 2 to 5 cm. If you’re a beginner, start with smaller anal beads made of relatively soft silicone. Gradually move on to larger beads like 3cm and you’ll be able to develop your anus thoroughly.

You may be surprised at first because the anal beads are long, but as long as you’re developing your anus, they’ll go deep and easily. There’s a hook at the base, so you don’t have to worry about it going in too deep and getting stuck. If you put a small anal rotor on it, the vibrations are transmitted to the tip of the anal beads and it feels great! Just be sure not to overdo it and make sure to relax your anus before inserting it.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are specially designed for anal play. Originally, a dildo is a penis shaped like the male genitalia. It’s mainly used for masturbation and sex foreplay to increase sexual arousal, but anal dildos are used for anal acclimation and expansion. It is quite different from the anal beads mentioned earlier in that they are thicker and bigger goods like a real penis. Therefore, you will experience the sensation of having anal sex as if you were having anal sex.

Of course, inserting an anal dildo is more difficult than using fingers or anal beads, and it’s for advanced users. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers in it. You’ll have to get used to it before you can try an anal dildo. When you use a dildo, you need to apply plenty of lotion, so make sure you have a set of dildos with you. First, get your fingers used to the anus and then insert it slowly.

It will give you the excitement and pleasure of having anal sex with him. But be careful not to use the dildo too much, because the anal muscle called the anal sphincter may become loose. Also, we recommend that you put a condom on the dildo before inserting it, if possible, for safety reasons. It is also important to clean it before and after use. Please note that anal dildos should never be used in the vagina.

Anal vibrator

An anal vibe is the aforementioned dildo with a vibrating function. However, in terms of shape, they are relatively simple in shape, like a rod, unlike a penis-shaped dildo. Therefore, there may be less resistance compared to a dildo. It’s also easier to introduce than a dildo because it automatically stimulates you with vibrations. In addition to anal vibrators, we’ll discuss anal rotors here.

In addition to the regular anal vibrators, there are also anal rotors with motorized anal beads. Those are thinner, so beginners might want to try the bead type first. It’s basically the same as a dildo. Loosen up your anal and apply a lot of lotion, and then insert the vibrator. It’s best to start with weak vibrations because it will hurt if you vibrate too hard. If you press it against the back G-spot or make a slow piston movement, the pleasant sensation will gradually increase.

If the vibrator is too thick to go in, try using an anal rotor. Usually, the word “rotor” refers to a small egg-shaped object, but the anal rotor is smaller so that it is easier to insert into the anus. In addition, the anal vibrator and beads mentioned above are also called “anal rotor”. Use these motorized goods to stimulate the anus effectively.

Butt Plug

A butt plug (anal plug) is a plug that is inserted into the anus. Its main purpose is not so much to get a pleasant sensation, but rather to keep inserting it for a while to expand the anus. Butt plugs come in a variety of types and sizes. The shapes range from pretty ones for women to hard metal ones. Furthermore, the sizes range from 1cm in diameter to over 4-5cm in diameter, so you can choose the one that best suits your anal development. Of course, beginners should start with a small one.

Anal plugs are inserted into the anus. They are designed to stay in place while they are in, so you can go about your daily life as it is. The thicker the plug, the more you keep it in, the more your anus will gradually expand. As a result, you can insert thicker anal beads, dildos and vibrators to enjoy anal sex more. However, I can’t recommend this product unless you are very enthusiastic about it, so beginners and intermediate users don’t need to worry about it at first.

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Things to keep in mind!

Anal masturbation can be a completely different kind of pleasure. However, it can be dangerous if not done correctly, as it can cause hygiene problems and injuries. When you masturbate, please pay attention to the following three points.

  • Do not neglect preparation
  • Carefully inserting and extracting into the anus.
  • Thoroughlly clean up after yourself.

Anal is usually a very hard area, and forcing it without prior preparation can result in injury. Likewise, be as careful as possible when inserting and removing fingers and other goodies from and into the anus. Cleaning up after masturbation is very important in terms of hygiene, so be careful.

Don’t neglect preparation in advance

There is a muscle called the anal sphincter that extends around the anal area, and it is quite hard because it is the organ that opens and closes the anus during defecation. When doing anal masturbation, it’s important to relax this hard muscle. If you neglect it, you’ll injure your anus. Therefore, when you are masturbating anal, don’t force yourself to insert it, and be sure to prepare it well in advance. The most important thing is to clean and massage your anus.

If you do anaanny without cleaning your anus, you will get dirty and will not be able to concentrate. If you masturbate while distracted, your movements may inevitably become messy. Therefore, you should clean it with an enema, a special cleaning device, a shower or a washlet. Then, the most important thing is to massage your anus and make sure it is well-relaxed. Apply lotion to your fingers and gently press and stroke them to get them used to it.

Once your anal is soft, put your fingers in and get your anus used to it. If your anus doesn’t relax at all, try taking a warm bath first to help your body relax. The muscles will become softer when they are warmed up, so the anal area will also become softer. This kind of anal preparation should be done every time, even if you are an intermediate or advanced student who is used to anal sex. If you do this kind of preparation, you will be able to insert it smoothly afterwards.

Do not insert or remove too quickly

When masturbating, don’t insert or remove fingers or other goods too hard. Even if your anal is properly loosened and lotion is applied, rough handling can cause injury. If your fingernails hit your finger when you insert and remove your finger, you may cut yourself, and you may get scratches when you insert and remove goods. This is especially important when using goods made of hard materials such as plastic or metal.

Pay attention to how you move the goods in and out, as well as how you move them around after insertion. Anal masturbation does not have to be quick. Rather than pistoning your fingers and goods at high speed, just move them slowly. Fingers and goods should be inserted and removed carefully to avoid damaging your anus. It’s important to go slowly with the insertion and removal and piston movements, and to enjoy the fullness of your anus.

Carefully clean up afterwards

Cleaning up after anal masturbation should be done carefully for the sake of hygiene. It may sound very unpleasant, but even if you have done anal cleaning beforehand, depending on the cleaning method, your fingers and bed may get dirty with feces and other materials after masturbation. Please prepare tissues and towels beforehand, and try to clean up after masturbation. Don’t take a lot of time and effort. You may want to put down a bath towel or other towel in advance.

In addition, the goods inserted into the anus should be thoroughly cleaned with hand soap. If you leave it as it is, a lot of germs will grow on your anus and you will end up with a lot of them the next time you use it. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning after use, we recommend putting a condom over the goods. Please do not use the goods you used for anal masturbation for the vagina. Please pay close attention to hygiene when performing anal masturbation.


In this article, we’ve discussed the benefits of anal masturbation, the right way to do it, and what to look out for. Masturbation can increase your sexual sensations and make your sex life more varied. In addition, it can also stimulate the G-spot in the back, which can increase the pleasure of masturbation. However, it is recommended that you cut your fingernails well before performing anal masturbation and do as much intestinal cleansing as possible. Prepare a condom or a finger sack as well, and prepare well for anal masturbation.

Apply lotion to your fingers and anus to make them slippery and massage them to loosen up your anus. If you lie down on your side and hold your legs, it’s easier to relax your anus. Put a condom on your little finger and insert it slowly to get the inside of your anus lubed up. When you’re ready, insert your middle finger and stimulate it slowly. The G-spot is relatively easy to feel inside the anus, so be sure to go for it!

You can enjoy anal masturbation more by using anal beads, anal dildo, anal vibrator, or butt plug. However, it’s important to prepare for anal masturbation well in advance. It is also important to carefully insert and remove your fingers and other anal objects to avoid hurting the anal area, and to clean up afterwards carefully for the sake of hygiene. Do anal masturbation the right way and enjoy the new pleasures of anal masturbation.