Want to do anal masturbation? The right procedure and how to develop it

How to

More and more women are becoming obsessed with anal masturbation, a masturbation technique that stimulates the buttocks instead of the vagina.

Anal masturbation is a masturbation technique that involves stimulating the buttocks instead of the vagina.

However, anal masturbation is different from the usual VaginaMasturbation, and has its own unique pleasures.

To feel good in anal masturbation, you need to develop it, but the attraction is that if you succeed in developing it, your Erogenous zones will increase.

The more you can feel with anal, the more you can play with anal during sex, which will increase the variety of sex you can have with him.

Moreover, there are many sex toys that support anal masturbation, so you may find it easier to enjoy than you think.

However, since anal masturbation is completely different from Vagina, you cannot perform anal masturbation in the same way you normally do masturbation.

You need to make some preparations beforehand and take care of your safety.

On the other hand, if you pay attention to those points, anal masturbation is not dangerous and you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

So, in this article, I will explain in detail about the appeal and benefits of anal masturbation, the specific methods and sex toys.

For those who are interested in anal

If you are reading this page, then you might be interested in anal masturbation. anal masturbation, or anal sex, is a play that uses the anus, or anus, to achieve sexual pleasure.

Anal masturbation, or anal sex, is the practice of using the anus to obtain sexual pleasure.

However, if you are still interested in anal masturbation, you will be very happy.

Also, if you are not interested in anal masturbation but happened to open this page ……, this is a great opportunity for you to try it.

Anal masturbation is a technique that dares you to stimulate your anus instead of your clitoris or Vagina to feel better.

But why anal masturbation? Because anal masturbation offers a different kind of pleasure and excitement than clitoral or vaginal masturbation.

You may have the impression that our Erogenous zones are mainly the genital area and breasts, and that anal has nothing to do with them.

In fact, anal is one of the Erogenous zones. However, although anus is an erogenous zone, most people still can’t get pleasure from it. This is because they do not usually stimulate their anus.

In order to feel good in the Erogenous zones, you need to do something called “development”.

For example, if you want to have a clitoral masturbation orgasm, you will need to carefully caress your clitoris every time you do a masturbation to gradually increase its sensitivity.

the same is true if you want to feel in other Erogenous zones such as the G-spot or nipples. The same goes for anal. The same is true for anal sex.

To feel the sensation of masturbation and sex in the anus, you need to develop it steadily. The same goes for anal sex.

If you are successful in developing anal sex, you will feel more and more pleasure, and your orgasm will be strongly supported.

Anal masturbation is self-pleasuring that specifically incorporates your butt in some way, shape, or form. “External stimulation, stimulation of the rim, internal stimulation, and self-penetration all qualify,” says Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex toy mecca Babeland.

How to Explore Anal Masturbation

Benefits of developing anal

The main goal of developing anal sex is to be able to feel better during masturbation and sex.

In order to do this, you need to develop anal yourself. Anal development does not mean doing anything special.

It is a process of acclimating your anus to sexual stimulation in the same way that you acclimatize your clitoris or Vagina.

In addition to these pleasurable sensations, developing your anus can also provide you with the following three benefits

  • You can increase the number of erogenous zones
  • You may also be able to develop Portio
  • You can increase the variety of your sex life

One of the main purposes of developing anal sex is to increase the number of erogenous zones, and the more erogenous zones you have, the easier it will be to increase your pleasure.

In addition, if you stimulate the inner part of the anus, you may also be able to stimulate the Portio, the Erogenous Zone in the vagina.

If you are able to use your anus as an erogenous zone, you will be able to have more variations of sex with him. If he is interested in anal play, he will be very pleased.

More Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are very important when it comes to masturbation and sex.

Of course, the more sensitive a single Erogenous zone is, the better, but the number of Erogenous zones is also important.

For example, if one person can only feel the clitoris and another can feel the clitoris and nipples, the person who is sensitive to both will have a better chance of getting pleasure.

When you develop anal sex, you can add anal sex to the list of such pleasurable points.

It may seem strange to say that anal is an erogenous zone.

However, due to the large number of blood vessels and nerves that run through the anal area, it is actually very sensitive to stimulation.

However, as you get used to the stimulation through development, you will start to feel more pleasure.

In other words, as you develop and refine your anus, it will start to feel like any other Erogenous zone.

Unlike the clitoris and the G-spot, the anus itself rarely produces orgasms.

On the other hand, it can support orgasm. For example, you can stimulate your anus along with your genitals when you want to come in masturbation or sex.

This will increase your pleasure and make it easier to reach orgasm.

Being able to feel good not only in the front (Vagina) but also in the back (Anal) is like doubling your chances of orgasm. It’s a very big advantage.

You might even be able to develop Portio!

In the process of developing anal sex, you may also be able to develop PortioErogenous zones are the deepest Erogenous zones in the vagina, located on the cervix.

The Portio is a spot that has many unknowns, but when stimulated, it can lead to a deep orgasm like the G-spot.

However, like the anus, the Portio is usually not a functioning Erogenous zone and needs to be developed in order to be pleasurable here.

However, since the Portio is located at the deepest part of the vagina, it can be quite difficult to develop it through masturbation or sex.

However, in some cases, it is possible to develop the Portio from the anal side.

The Portio is attached to the lower part of the uterus, so it is located on the back side of the vagina.

There are rare episodes where people have had orgasms during anal sex, but as I mentioned above, the anus itself does not have any orgasmic function.

The reason why people sometimes orgasm during anal sex is because the Portio is stimulated through the intestinal wall.

In other words, when you have sex with your penis in the anus, the stimulation is indirectly transmitted to the Portio, which may lead to orgasm.

In other words, if you can move your sex toy so that it hits your cervix when you develop your anus with masturbation, you can develop your Portio from the anal side.

If you can develop anal and Portio at the same time, you will have two more Erogenous zones at once, and you can kill two birds with one stone.

More variety in sex

The more you can develop anal as Erogenous zones, the more variations of sex you can have.

This is because you can caress the anus along with the genitals during foreplay, or even insert your penis into the anus to have anal sex.

A good foreplay is essential for a woman to get pleasure from sex.

Foreplay is done by caressing the Erogenous zones, and again, the more Erogenous zones, the more effective it is, and the more fully the clitoris and Vagina can be wetted.

If the sensitivity of the genitals is increased, the pleasure of subsequent penetration will be exceptional.

It also helps to get out of a sex rut as your anus is developed and your sex life becomes more varied. When any couple has been together for a long time, sex can become a bit of a rut.

To get out of a rut, you need new stimulation, and anal sex is a great way to do that.

Anal sex is a great way to get out of a rut, because the tightness of anal sex is much tighter than Vagina, and men can get a strong sense of pleasure from it.

The anal area is surrounded by a very strong muscle called the anal sphincter, which allows men to enjoy the pleasure of having their penis tightened.

Moreover, when anal sex is inserted deep inside, the Portio is also stimulated in no small way, as mentioned earlier, so women may enjoy a new kind of pleasure.

However, when having anal sex, you need to be careful about hygiene, such as not inserting your penis directly into the Vagina.

As you can see, the great appeal of anal development is that it can greatly enhance the pleasure for both men and women as long as you take care of the safety aspects.

Anal Development Procedure

Anal development can greatly enhance the pleasure of masturbation and sex. However, when you decide to perform anal development, it is difficult to know how to go about it.

Anal sex is very delicate and vulnerable, so if you do it the wrong way, you risk injury and it can be dangerous.

Therefore, be sure to follow the following five steps when performing anal development, and pay attention to safety and hygiene.

  • Always give an enema to the anus and rectum
  • First, insert a finger and get used to it
  • Use a sex toy to dilate the anus
  • Try using a sex toy
  • Challenge yourself to anal sex

One of the most important aspects of anal masturbation is hygiene. Anal is an organ for excretion in the first place, so you cannot say that it is a clean place.

If you play with your anus as it is, you may not be able to concentrate because of the dirt.

…… Therefore, an enema is a must when performing anal development. Once the anus and rectum are clean, you can use your fingers or sex toys to get used to it.

Once the development is well underway, you can challenge yourself to anal sex.

Of course, you can always use your fingers to stimulate your butt if that feels good to you. In fact, this is probably the best option to try first, before you start shelling out for sex toys.

Anal Masturbation: How To Make It Intensely Pleasurable

Give yourself an enema

Do not develop anal masturbation as it is, because the anus and rectum must be cleaned before performing anal masturbation.

The anal masturbation should always be done with the anus and rectum cleaned, because if the anal masturbation is done in its original state, you will not be able to concentrate because of the dirt.

Since the anus and rectum are organs of excretion, they will inevitably become dirty.

This is a big problem in terms of hygiene, and in order to feel good, you need to be able to concentrate on the pleasure.

For this reason, when developing anal, be sure to give yourself an enema beforehand.

An enema is a rectal cleansing solution. A special agent is injected into the anus, waited for a while, and then discharged, allowing it to be cleaned at once.

The enema will clean the inside of your anus, so you can basically enjoy anal masturbation without worrying about contamination. I’ll go into more detail about enemas later.

However, if you use enemas too often, the self-cleaning action of the rectum may decrease and cause constipation.

Once a week or so should not be a problem, but if the frequency of anal masturbation is somewhat high, such as once every two to three days, it may be better to clean the anus in a different way.

In addition to enemas, there are other ways to cleanse the anus with a stream of water.

Try loosening the anus and letting the water in while applying a shower of lukewarm water to the anus, wait a bit, and then expel the water all at once.

Repeat this about five times, and the liquid that is expelled should be close to clear.

This method will clean the inside of your anus to some extent. If you have a bidet at home, you can use it instead of a shower, which is convenient.

However, these methods are not as effective in cleaning as enemas, so it is better to do enemas with less frequent anal masturbation.

Insert your finger first

Once the anal area has been cleaned by enema or cleaning, it is time to insert the finger. However, you can’t just insert your finger right away.

The anal area is surrounded by strong muscles, and the anus is tightly closed.

In addition, the anus is very sensitive, and forcing a finger into it can be dangerous because of the risk of injury.

Therefore, when inserting a finger, first loosen the area around the anus and get used to it before proceeding. Massage the anal area by pressing it with your fingers.

Once you’ve massaged and loosened up your anus, it’s time to insert your finger. It is recommended to use anal sex lubricant for this.

For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to use a condom or finger sack on your finger when inserting it.

You should try inserting your fingers first, starting with your little finger. It is the thinnest finger, so as long as it is well loosened, it should go in without any problems.

However, don’t just plunge your finger in, but slowly and carefully insert it halfway. Then move your finger back and forth a little to get used to it.

Once you have completed caressing with your little finger, try your index or middle finger. You can insert and move your fingers in the same way as before.

After inserting your fingers in the same way as before, try to get used to the slow pistoning motion.

When you are able to get it all the way in, try inserting your index and middle fingers at the same time.

Sex toys and penises are thicker than two fingers, so you will need to get over this barrier to anal development.

It is important to proceed slowly and carefully with anal development anyway, so keep it steady.

Extend with a sex toy

The key to anal development is how you “dilate” your anus.

In order to actually be able to get pleasure from your anus, you need to insert something that is similar in thickness to your penis, such as a dildo or vibrator, which we will discuss later.

The problem there is that the anus is too tight and the sex toy will not fit at all.

If you try to force it in, you may injure your anus, so it is quite difficult. This is where the “Butt plug” comes in with great power.

The butt plug, also known as an anal plug, is a sex toy that can be inserted into the anus to dilate the anus. What’s more, the Butt plug is unique in that you can leave it inserted and go about your daily life.

Normally, anal dilatation can only be done for a few minutes to a few dozen minutes of anal masturbation.

This makes it difficult to perform efficient anal masturbation, and you may not be able to insert the sex toy as you wish.

With the Anal plug, you can leave it inserted and go about your daily life, and it will automatically dilate your anus.

However, when using an anal plug, you need to pay attention to the insertion time, hygiene, size, etc.

An anal plug is basically used while it is inserted, but it should be removed at least during bedtime. It is also important to clean the plug thoroughly when you remove it.

It is also important to clean the plug thoroughly when you remove it. Forcing a plug that is too thick will hurt, so start with a thin one.

Using a sex toy

Once you have progressed to the point of anal dilatation with a bad plug, you can finally start to use sex toys for full-fledged anal development.

The sex toys that are important here are Anal Pearls, Anal Dildo, and Anal Vibrator.

The Anal Pearls are used for anal dilation and development, while the Anal Dildo and Anal Vibrator are sex toys for sexual stimulation and pleasure in the anus, and the Anal Vibrator has a motorized function.

The Anal Dildo and Anal vibrator are sex toys that are designed to provide sexual stimulation and pleasure to the anus. This means that you can stimulate your anus just by inserting the vibrator.

When developing anal sex, it is important to concentrate on the area around the anus.

This is because it is impossible to get pleasure inside the rectum, and the only place you can feel good in the anus is around the anus.

There are countless blood vessels and nerves around the anus, so if you develop it well and give it sexual stimulation, you can get pleasure from it.

Even in the rectum, only the “anal Portio” near the cervix, which I mentioned earlier, may give you pleasure if you stimulate it with a vibrator or dildo.

You can use a vibrator or dildo to stimulate the anal Portio by inserting it about 10 cm from the anus and moving the dildo so that it is pushed into the belly side.

The most important thing to remember about anal masturbation is to understand that it takes a lot of time to develop your anus, and to develop it carefully and in a calm and relaxed mood.

If you are in a hurry, the pleasure will be even more distant and the risk of injury will be higher.

If you can get enough pleasure from these sex toys and can play with them, your anal development is a great success.

At first, the pain may have been too much for you to feel pleasure, but from now on, you will be able to feel good enough to do anal sex.

Once you have reached this level, you will finally be able to have anal sex with him.

Anal Sex

If you can develop your anus by utilizing sex toys, you will be able to have anal sex with him. If he is interested in anal play, then you should definitely give it a try.

However, do not have anal sex with him if you are in a stage where your anus is not fully developed.

Anal sex is very vulnerable, and if you force it, you can cause serious damage to the anus and may have to wear a colostomy or diaper.

It is also difficult to develop anal sex while having anal sex, so it should only be done at the end of your anal development.

The procedure for anal masturbation is almost the same as the procedure for anal masturbation that I mentioned earlier.

First, give him an enema or wash of the anus and rectum, then have him use his fingers to loosen up the anus.

You need to insert one finger to get used to it, and then carefully caress it until two fingers are inserted. You can also make use of a sex toy to get used to the anal area.

After the foreplay is over, it is time to insert his penis, but make sure to wear a condom.

It is extremely dangerous for both of you to have anal sex with a live penetrator. Put a condom on your penis, and then apply a generous amount of anal sex lubricant to it before inserting it.

All that’s left is for him to move and proceed with the anal sex, but be careful how you move.

If you move in the same way as Vagina usually does, you will definitely damage your anus. In some cases, his penis may be thicker than a dildo or vibrator, so there is even more danger.

First, insert it slowly and shallowly, and don’t move for a while to let your anus get used to it. Then gradually start the pistoning motion and have her insert it deeper.

This may seem like a hassle, but taking the time to get used to it is a much safer and more pleasurable way to enjoy anal sex.

What you need to know if he asks you for anal sex
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Sex toys for anal development

You can develop your anus by following the steps I mentioned earlier, but it is still extremely difficult to get used to your anus with just your fingers.

For this reason, it is recommended that you also utilize a sex toy when developing your anus.

We have already briefly touched on some of the anal sex toys, but let’s take it a step further and examine sex toys.

The following seven sex toys are particularly well known for their effectiveness in anal development.

  • Enema
  • Butt plug
  • Anal Dildo
  • Anal Pearls
  • Anal vibrator
  • Sex lubricant
  • Condoms

An enema is an essential part of anal development and play, as it cleanses the anus and rectum. The anal cavity is closed tightly by the muscles, so it is very difficult to loosen and expand it.

Anal dildo and anal vibrator are very effective for anal development, but be sure to use a condom and sex lubricant for safety and hygiene.


Enemas are an essential part of clean anal development. An enema is a drug that is injected through the anus to stimulate defecation and regulate the bowels of a person suffering from constipation.

The enema mainly contains glycerin solution or sodium citrate, etc.

When injected into the anus, the osmotic pressure (the action of attracting substances) stimulates the large intestine and activates peristalsis (the action of pushing out excrement) for expulsion.

In other words, by performing an enema, the inside of the anus can be cleaned.

An enema may sound like a hassle, but the usage itself is very simple.

First of all, take off the cap of the container that contains the enema drug, and press it lightly to let out a little of the drug.

This will make the injection part slippery, which should reduce the pain when injecting it into the anus.

Then gently insert the tip of the enema into the back of the anus. Once you have pushed the container to inject all the medicine, wait for about five minutes.

If you wait five minutes and then release the enema all at once, the rectum will be cleaned.

However, each enema has a different method, so be sure to follow the instructions in the manual.

Also, due to storage conditions or outside temperatures, the enema’s medication may be cold.

Injecting cold medication may cause stomach pain, so warm the container of medication to about human skin temperature by soaking it in hot water.

Enemas promote elimination by activating bowel movement, but as mentioned earlier, using them too frequently can reduce the bowel’s self-cleaning effect.

For this reason, it is better to use enemas no more than once a week.

Butt plug

Butt plug (Anal plug) is a plug-shaped sex toy that is inserted into the anus. Its main effect is to dilate the anus, and it is a powerful support for anal development.

The hardest part about anal development is that the anus is so hard that it is difficult to get the sex toy in.

The anus is closed tightly by the anal sphincter and other tissues to prevent unintended timing of defecation.

Forcing a sex toy into the anus can be dangerous because of the risk of damaging the anus.

Unlike regular anal sex toys, the Butt plug is designed to be worn in daily life. the anal plug is uniquely shaped with a cone-shaped cone on top of the base.

The anal plug is uniquely shaped with a cone on top of the base, and the bulge of the cone hits the anus and pushes the anus open.

However, you can’t just insert it right away either, so you have to do the usual anal relaxation procedure first, then apply anal sex lubricant to the Butt plug and insert it.

Once the anal plug is inserted to the middle, leave it there without moving it. The anal plug is thick, so it may take some getting used to at first.

The anal plug is thick, so it may take some getting used to, and it may also cause some pain as it vibrates when you move.

So don’t overdo it, and if you feel pain or discomfort, take it out once.

Even if you don’t feel any pain, try to take it out every 7 to 8 hours at the most. This is because the rectum absorbs water and other fluids, and the sex lubricant applied to the Butt plug will dry out.

After removing the plug, clean the rectum and have a bowel movement if necessary before inserting the plug again. Please leave the anal plug off during sleep.

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Anal Dildo

Anal Dildo is a dildo designed for anal play. Anal Dildo is a dildo designed for anal play, not a regular dildo. Anal is tighter than Vagina, so it is important to have less strain during insertion.

For this reason, the Anal Dildo has a narrower tip and softer material that is less likely to damage the intestinal wall.

When using the Anal Dildo, it is important to familiarize the anus with careful caressing; apply a generous amount of Sex Lubricant, insert it carefully, and move it slowly back and forth.

The dildo does not have a vibration function, so basically the main stimulation is through pressure and friction by pushing.

The trick to using the Anal Dildo is to stimulate the Anal Portio. As mentioned earlier, the Portio, the deepest erogenous zone of a woman, can be developed from the anal side.

Since the Portio is at the top (towards the vagina) when viewed from the anal side, you can effectively stimulate the Portio by moving the dildo in a way that pushes it up towards your stomach.

If you are successful, you may be able to develop your anus and Portio at the same time and dramatically increase the pleasure of sex.

If you are concerned about the coldness of the dildo, it is recommended to warm it up to human skin temperature with hot water, etc.

Since the insertion feeling of the Anal Dildo is similar to that of a real penis, it is ideal for developing and practicing for sex.

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Anal Pearls

Anal Pearls are a very unusual sex toy, an accessory sex toy made of many interconnected bead-like balls.

Anal Pearls are used to expand and develop the anus, especially when dildos and vibrators are too thick to fit in the anus, Anal Pearls can be inserted deep and moved back and forth to caress the anus easily, and the unique rolling sensation can be pleasurable.

Anal Pearls come in a variety of materials, including hard ones like metal and plastic, and soft ones like silicone and latex.

If you are a beginner, it is best to choose the softest material possible to reduce pain and development.

Once you are able to insert the Anal Pearls smoothly, you can proceed with the development of dildos and vibrators.

Anal vibrator

The Anal vibrator is a vibrating dildo that you can use to stimulate yourself without having to move your hands.

Anal vibrators are basically thinner than regular vibrators, with some stick-shaped vibrators measuring only about 2cm in diameter.

Anal vibrators are basically thinner than regular vibrators, and some are sticks with a diameter of only about 2 cm.

The aforementioned anal plugs and anal pearls are also available with a vibration function.

As with the sex toys that have appeared so far, the first step is to get used to it by caressing the anus carefully.

Then put a condom on the vibrator, apply anal sex lubricant, insert it slowly, and turn on the vibration function.

In addition to the anal stimulation technique for PortioErogenous zones, you may also be able to stimulate the G-spot from the anal side.

The G-spot can also be stimulated from the anal side. If you vibrate the vibrator against your belly, the stimulation will be transmitted to the G-spot and will give you pleasure.

It is important to know how to move the vibrator. It is important to know how to move the vibrator. Moving or poking it hard may seem effective, but it is not.

Vibrators have a vibration function, so you don’t need to move them much to get the stimulation. It is better to push it in a little bit or change the angle to stimulate the Erogenous zones in the anus and vagina more effectively.

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Sex lubricant

Sex lubricant is absolutely necessary when performing anal development or anal masturbation.

This is because inserting a finger or a sex toy into the anus without sex lubricant will definitely damage the anus and rectum.

If the anus is damaged, it will not only be very painful, but it can also cause infections as well as hemorrhoids and piles.

You want to avoid such a situation. In the first place, the anus and rectum are not reproductive organs, so they are not resistant to having something inserted into them.

Furthermore, the anus does not get as wet as the Vagina when sexually stimulated.

An essential part of safe anal play is sex lubricant, which can be applied to the anus or sex toy to make it slippery and reduce friction that could damage the anus.

In other words, sex lubricant works to wet your anus just like you wet your Vagina by caressing it well.

However, there are various types of sex lubricants, and some of them are not appropriate for anal play.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right sex lubricant.

There are three types of sex lubricants depending on their ingredients: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based, but water-based is basically recommended.

The water base is more viscous and has a thicker film, making it suitable for reducing the pain of anal play.

It is also inexpensive, making it easy to use a lot. Oil-based condoms can damage latex condoms, and silicone-based condoms are not recommended because they are too expensive.

In addition, it is safer to choose anal sex lubricant for anal play, as it contains ingredients that protect the anal and intestinal walls.


When performing anal masturbation or development, it is recommended that you prepare a condom if possible.

This is because condoms are very protective against dirt and other contaminants.

Again, the anus is not a hygienic place because it is an organ for elimination. Whenever you insert a finger or sex toy into the anus, dirt and viruses are bound to stick to it.

This is where condoms come in handy.

This is where a condom comes in handy. Condoms are well known as a contraceptive, but they are also used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

This is because it guards against contact between the penis and Vagina and prevents the transmission of viruses and other infections.

In other words, if you wear a condom when inserting a finger or sex toy into your anus, it will also prevent your fingers and other parts of your body from getting dirty.

You can use an anal finger sack to put it on your finger, but from the standpoint of versatility, a condom is more convenient. With a condom, you can attach it to a dildo or vibrator and use sex toys in a hygienic way.

If you wear a condom before you use it, you can save a lot of cleanup time since you can simply remove the condom and throw it away after use.

However, this does not mean that you do not need to clean your sex toy if you put a condom on it; even if you put a condom on your sex toy, there is still a possibility that some dirt will be on it at some point.

Therefore, be sure to clean your sex toy before and after each use. There are many types of condoms available, but it is not necessary to use a particularly thin type, so it is best to prioritize cost.


In this article, I have explained in detail the appeal and benefits of anal masturbation, as well as specific methods and sex toys.

Anal masturbation can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but if you follow the correct procedures, you can develop your anus safely.

Moreover, successful anal development can help you increase your Erogenous zones and increase the variety of your sex life.

To do this, it is important to clean and caress the anus thoroughly, then accustom the anus with fingers or sex toys.

First, the anus and rectum should be cleaned with an enema or a stream of water from a shower.

Then insert one finger and move it around, getting used to it so that you can get up to two fingers in.

Anal dilation is quite difficult, so I recommend using a Butt plug.

In addition, apply a generous amount of anal sex lubricant to a sex toy such as Anal Dildo, Anal Vibrator, or Anal Pearls, and insert it.

If necessary, you can also wear a condom to enjoy safe anal masturbation.

Anal development takes a lot of time, but don’t be in a hurry. If you take on the challenge of developing it little by little, even just once a week, you will steadily start to get pleasure from it.

Once you have successfully developed it, you will be able to enjoy anal sex with him.

It is important that you ask him to pay attention to your movements and to move slowly while you get used to it.

Now that you are interested in anal sex, try to develop it and enjoy a different kind of pleasure.