What you need to know if he asks you for anal sex

How to

You’d be surprised if your boyfriend asked you if you wanted to have anal sex, wouldn’t you? When you think of anal sex, you probably get the impression that it’s painful, scary, and dirty. Even if he loved you very much, you’d probably think to yourself, “I’m going to have to ….to have anal sex with him??”

But there’s no need to worry about it. As long as you’re prepared for it, you can safely have anal sex, and that’s what anal sex is all about. Anal sex is not scary, and if done correctly, it can be a chance to break out of the sex rut and get to know a new sexual zone.

However, there are a number of things that couples should be aware of, such as the fact that prior development is absolutely essential and that the man needs to pay close attention to the movements. If any of these things are missing, safe anal sex is not possible, so this is a play that requires a lot of cooperation and bonding between the couple.

It is recommended that you develop a sex toy for anal sex, as it will help you to develop anal sex more effectively. In this article, I will explain the features of anal sex, how to do it, the precautions you must follow, how to use sex toys, and more, one by one.

Many men are interested in the play

If your partner asks you to have anal sex, you may be somewhat surprised. You might be a little taken aback by the fact that he might have some unusual sexual proclivities ……. However, there are more men interested in anal play than you might think. According to one survey, about 42% of men have had anal sex, and about 35% of men have regular anal sex.

Therefore, it’s not that unusual for your boyfriend to ask you to have anal sex with him. However, anal sex can be dangerous if it’s not done right. If you are considering anal sex with your boyfriend, be sure to keep the following three points in mind

  • Don’t start having anal sex with him immediately.
  • Develop it yourself beforehand.
  • Anal sex is not something to be afraid of.

Anal sex should never be performed without prior preparation. In particular, trying to insert your penis into it suddenly is extremely dangerous, and should be done with caution. Unlike the vagina, anal is an organ for excretion.

It is very unnatural and uncomfortable to insert something as thick as a penis into it. Therefore, in most cases, being inserted into the anus is only painful and not pleasant at all. If you are going to have anal sex with him, you need to “develop” it yourself well in advance. Once you’ve developed it and gotten used to it, anal sex is not a scary experience.

Anal sex iwithout preparation must be avoided!

Anal means “anus” and anal sex means “anal sex act”. Why do we do this? But as I mentioned earlier, many men like anal sex, so if your partner asks you to have anal sex, you may be inclined to accept it. So, if your partner asks you to have anal sex, you may be tempted to accept it.

However, you should never have anal sex with your partner. However, you should never have anal sex with your partner immediately because the anus and rectum (the end of the large intestine) are very fragile and can easily cause injuries or illnesses, such as

  • Lacerations (tears) and abrasions (scrapes)
  • Anal fissures (bleeding hemorrhoids)
  • Prolapse and rectal prolapse
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Anal or rectal sex is essentially an excretory organ, so it’s not designed to be inserted with a thick penis like a vagina. Therefore, if you suddenly have anal sex, the anus can tear or chafe, causing hemorrhoids. A cut hemorrhoid can be quite painful, so you won’t be able to have anal sex for a while.

If these injuries become more serious, the worst case scenario is that you may need a colostomy (stoma). …… You may not be able to live without a diaper.

Develop on your own before you try

It turns out that anal sex without prior preparation can lead to horrible injuries. After saying this, you probably felt that anal sex was something very scary and dangerous. But if you do your own development before you start anal sex, such a situation is unlikely to happen.

Of course, it is difficult to use the anus as a vagina, because it is not a genitalia like a vagina. However, penetration and piston movements can be performed without difficulty.

Anal itself is one of the sexual organs, so sexual stimulation can give you pleasure. However, for most people, the “anus” is not a sexual zone where they can receive sexual stimulation. What does this mean? To put it simply, most people have never had sexual stimulation in the anus, so it’s not very sensitive.

In other words, the more opportunities we have to stimulate the anus, the more sensitive it becomes. In other words, the more opportunities we have for anal stimulation, the more sensitive the anal area becomes.

I’ll explain the specific procedure of anal development in more detail later, but I think the more you develop it, the easier it becomes to feel the anus. In addition, the more you use the anus, the more the muscles around the anus relax and the more flexible it becomes.

As mentioned above, the anus is usually very hard, so it’s very difficult to insert a penis into it. However, if you use anal masturbation to get used to the anus, it will be softer and easier to loosen up during the actual sex, so you can have safe sex. In this way, as long as you prepare for it beforehand, you can have anal sex without any worries.

Anal sex is not something to be afraid of

As mentioned earlier, anal sex is not a scary thing. Of course, it’s extremely dangerous to have sex in the ass without preparation, as it can lead to serious injury or illness. However, if you have a good knowledge of anal sex and develop your anal skills beforehand, you can enjoy anal sex safely.

In fact, anal sex is so popular all over the world that many women are more addicted to it than to vanilla sex (normal sex).

The reason why people get hooked on anal sex is that it is often more exciting. A kind of “abnormal” or “immoral” feeling of having sex in a place that was not originally intended for sex is probably what makes it more exciting. Moreover, because the anus is tightened powerfully by the muscles, both men and women can feel a stronger sense of pressure and closeness than in vaginal sex.

According to the results of the survey I just mentioned, the percentage of women who have had anal sex is also high, but it seems that 30-40% of women also have had or regularly have anal sex. It’s clear that a lot of people have been having anal sex for a long time.

The pleasure that comes from anal sex and the feeling of violating a kind of taboo probably enhances the excitement of the couple. There are various precautions to be taken, but you might understand that feeling once you have tried anal sex.

The Benefits of Having Anal Sex

Anal sex is not scary at all if you do it right beforehand, and many women become addicted to it, as I mentioned earlier. But why are so many women hooked on anal sex? If it weren’t for the fact that it has so many benefits, they wouldn’t even bother to try anal sex. In fact, it’s because of the following three major benefits of anal sex that many couples are hooked on it.

  • It helps prevent or break the rut.
  • Getting to know new sexual zones.
  • Portio development may also be possible.

As mentioned earlier, anal sex is a type of so-called abnormal sex, so doing this can be quite stimulating mentally. If you don’t have enough stimulation, you will get stuck in a rut, but if the stimulation is strong enough, you will enjoy hot lovemaking.

It also increases the variety of sex because you get to know a new sexual area called the anal area. Depending on the way you do it, you can stimulate the portio sexual area as well, so anyway, anal sex is very stimulating.

It prevents and breaks the rut

No matter how much a couple is deeply in love with each other mentally, the longer they are in a relationship, the more they get into a rut of sex. This is because the same situations and patterns are repeated more and more often, and the stimulation becomes less and less.

In other words, if you can introduce new stimuli into sex, you can get rid of the rut. Couples who feel that sex is not fun anymore …… or that sex feels like work …… should try anal sex.

If a couple has only experienced vanilla sex before, anal sex can certainly be a powerful stimulus. That’s because anal sex is completely different from vanilla sex. First of all, the place where you insert your penis is different. There will be a completely different sensation for the person inserting it and for the person being inserted.

These various differences will bring about a new kind of excitement. It’s as if they add a new spice to the food we’ve always been accustomed to eating, giving sex a tangy, exciting spice.

When couples introduce anal sex to a new level of stimulation in sex, they naturally become more aroused. The more aroused you are, the easier it is to feel good, so you won’t feel sexually fatigued anymore. For this reason, anal sex is a very useful play for couples to get out of a rut.

Anal sex works not only for couples who are already in a rut, but also for couples who want to prevent themselves from getting in a rut.

Get to know a new sexual zone

In order to have anal sex, you need to develop, which means one new sexual zone. In other words, the sexual zones are the points that feel good. In order for sex to feel good, it is essential that the sexual zones are highly sensitive.

For example, if you want to feel good with your breasts, the nipples are the place to go, if you want to come outside, the clitoris is the place to go, if you want to come inside, the G-spot is the place to go, and so on. By developing the anal area, you can add the anal to it as well.

Basically, the anal sex zone is similar to the tits, and it supports the clitoral and G-spot orgasms. It’s not just about cumming in the anal area alone, but stimulating the anus makes it easier for a girl to reach orgasm with her genitals.

The more sexual zones a girl has, the easier it is for her to get her to feel good, and that makes her partner happy. Not only does this make sex a real thing, but it also expands the range of foreplay that you can enjoy as a couple.

Of course, masturbation as well as sex can stimulate the anus as well. More sexual zones are better than less, because more sexual zones are better than less. This is because the more sex zones you have, the more chances you have to feel good, and the easier it is to reach orgasm.

The more sexual zones, called anal, the more enjoyable masturbation becomes. For example, you can stimulate the anus together with the clitoris when caressing it, and the synergistic effect will increase the pleasure.

Maybe you can develop portio too!?

Anal sex is also used to develop the portio sexual zone, also called the C-spot, which is located at the cervix, the protrusion at the very back of the vagina.

By stimulating the portio, it is possible to reach a very deep and long-lasting orgasm, which is different from the clitoris or the G-spot, in some cases. Anal sex may also stimulate the portio, making it easier for you to reach orgasm.

This is because the portio is located in the lower part of the uterus, i.e., on the back side of the uterus, and the portio is close to the anal cavity. However, the portio stimulation from the anus side requires a high-caliber penis (penis with a protruding glans penis) and compatibility with each other due to the structure of the body.

Also, anal portio is much more difficult than vaginal portio, and requires considerable technique on the part of the man. So, basically, you should not expect much anal portio development.

The Steps to Anal Sex

I have found that there are many positive benefits to having anal sex as a couple. After all, it’s a great way to add one more sexual zone to your sex life, so you can enjoy sex with him more. However, it is important to note that anal sex can cause serious injuries if it is not performed in the right way. Therefore, follow the following four steps to carefully perform anal sex.

  • Try inserting your fingers first.
  • Expand with anal products.
  • Try using a sex toy.
  • Now it’s time for anal sex.

When performing anal sex, you should never insert your penis into the anus suddenly. First of all, you should use your fingers to relax the anus and get used to it. Then, you should use a butt plug to expand the anus so that it is easier to insert the penis.

In addition, you should use a sex toy such as an anal dildo or a vibrator to get the anus used to it, and then you will be ready to insert your penis. Let’s take a look at these steps.

Insert your finger

Whenever you are doing anal play, you need to acclimate the anus with foreplay. Even when you have normal sex, or vaginal sex, you don’t suddenly insert your penis into the vagina. This is because if you put it in suddenly, the vagina will hurt and you won’t be able to have sex.

This is no different with anal sex. Before anal play, you have to caress the anus to get it ready to accept the penis.

Incidentally, it is recommended that you always give an enema to clean out your anus and rectum before you start anal play. If for some reason an enema is not possible or you do not want to do it, you may use a shower or a washlet to clean the anus several times.

The reason you should do this kind of anal cleaning is so that you can focus on each other and surrender to the pleasure. It’s hard to concentrate on playing if you’re worried about dirt in the anus.

Use your fingers to caress the anal area. Use your fingers to lightly press on the anus and gradually loosen it up. It is important for the woman to be relaxed and not tense, and to not put too much pressure on the anus.

Being teased in the anus is not a very pleasant experience until you get used to it. The discomfort may cause you to mentally relax and tense up, but try to relax as much as possible.

Once the anal relaxes, insert your fingers, but be sure to use only one finger and start with the smallest one. The little finger is short, so it won’t go too deep, and its diameter is about 1 cm, so it’s relatively easy to insert it into the anal area, even if you’re not used to it.

Then make slow pistoning motions with your fingers, and when you get used to that too, insert your middle or little finger. When you finally get two fingers in at the same time, this step is complete.

Extension with Goods

Once you can get your fingers satisfactorily into the anal area, it’s time to make use of anal products to dilate your anus. Actually, the anus is wrapped by powerful muscles. This is to prevent the unintentional leakage of excrement and other substances from the rectum, which is why the anus is so tightly closed.

In the previous step, you can now insert two fingers, but you still can’t accept the penis. In order to have sex, the anus needs to be further expanded.

The thickness of the penis is more than 3 cm, and if he has a big dick, it can be much larger than 4 cm. It’s impossible to take in something that thick in the anus in normal circumstances. So, let’s try using a sex toy called an anal plug (or “bad plug”) to expand the anus in an effective way.

Basically, it is only used to extend the anus. It is usually used in daily life with the anal plug inserted, but it can also be used for short periods of time during sexual foreplay.

There are different sizes of anal plugs, but try starting with a small one that is easy to fit. If you use a thick one, it won’t go in, and you might hurt yourself trying to insert it. The butt plug is effective in reliably dilating the anus, so don’t be in a hurry to expand it gradually.

Start with a loose plug and gradually change to a thicker one, so you can caress and acclimate your anus without difficulty. Get ready for penis acceptance with an anal plug.

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Using a sex toy

Once you’ve sufficiently dilated your anus with an anal plug, it’s time to prepare it further with a sex toy, such as an anal dildo or vibrator.

Because dildos and vibrators are made to mimic a penis, they are very similar in shape and size to the real thing. This means that once you can insert a sex toy into the anus without any problems, his penis will be accepted in the same way. When using a sex toy for anal sex, be sure to insert it slowly.

Even though you have been accustomed to using a finger or butt plug for anal, it doesn’t mean you can insert a dildo or vibrator instantly. It is important to be careful not to push them in too hard or to make them piston hard, as this can cause injury.

Tell your partner to take it slow when inserting the sex lubricant into the anal cavity. The use of a sex lubricant is also absolutely essential. Unlike the vagina, the anal area does not get wet with sexual stimulation, and inserting a sex toy into the anal area can cause extreme pain and injury.

When inserting a sex toy into the anus, be sure to use a sex lubricant, not a regular love sex lubricant, but an anal sex lubricant for the anus. Anal Sex lubricant has ingredients that are designed to prevent bowel conditions from being disrupted when used in the anal area. Try inserting a sex toy with Sex lubricant in a shallow position first.

Move the sex toy back and forth slowly to acclimate the first half of the anal area. If that doesn’t seem to cause any particular pain, go further in and make a careful piston movement. As you stimulate the rectum, part of it will be transferred to the vaginal side, so if you continue for a bit, you’ll get something like a pleasant sensation.

Once you’re able to insert an anal dildo or vibrator and still get some pleasure from it, you’re completely ready for anal sex. Now it’s time to accept his penis and start having real anal sex.

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Anal sex

Once you have sufficiently caressed the anus in the previous steps to get it used to, you are ready for anal sex. After the man puts a condom on his penis, have him insert it slowly and carefully into the “Doggy Style” (back). I will explain again later, but condoms must be worn during anal sex as well.

The most important thing for a man to be careful about when inserting his penis is to not do it in the same way as the vagina. Again, the anus is not a reproductive organ, and it was not originally intended to be used for inserting anything.

In order to safely and successfully perform anal sex, the man has to be aware that the anal sex is designed to be completely different from the vagina. Suddenly inserting anal sex with a loud thrust or pounding piston movement can cause damage to the anus and the intestinal wall, even if you’ve done a lot of anal development and caressing beforehand.

When performing anal sex, try to do it slowly and carefully. However, as long as you pay attention to that point, the basic movements themselves are not much different from those of vanilla sex.

In anal sex, have your partner insert himself in the Doggy Style. This is because when you are in the back position, your rectum stretches out straight and it’s relatively easy to insert. Of course, once you get used to anal sex, other positions are fine, but for beginners, I recommend the back position as much as possible.

It is important to insert at a pace that is “too slow” and “shallow” instead of deep at the beginning, and be sure to have the Sex Lubricant added at the right time, as it can quickly become painful as the Sex Lubricant dries up.

It is a good rule to move slowly after insertion, but it is better to have the clitoris and nipples stimulated at the same time. In this way, the stimulation of the anus is combined with the pleasant sensations of other sexual zones, and the brain will start to feel that “the anus feels good”.

As a result, anal sex can help men get a little more pleasure from it. When a man reaches orgasm and finishes having sex and pulls out his penis, have him take it slow so as not to hurt the anus or rectum. There are many things to keep in mind, but basically this procedure is the safest way to have safe anal sex.

What to look out for during anal sex

Anal sex is very different from regular vanilla sex, which is a new kind of stimulation. As long as you prepare and develop it well in advance, you won’t get seriously injured during actual sex.

However, if there is a flaw in the caressing and dilation of the anus, or in the movements and forcefulness of anal penetration, it can cause pain and injury, so it is important to do it correctly. When performing anal sex, both couples should pay attention to the following five points

  • Never do it in an undeveloped state.
  • No sudden deep penetration or violent movements.
  • Make sure the man always wears a condom.
  • Always use sex lubricant during caressing and penetration.
  • Do not move on to normal sex as it is.

Anal sex should not be performed in an undeveloped or unprepared state. Deep penetration and strenuous movements are strictly forbidden until you get used to it. Also, the use of condoms and sex lubricant is essential, so be sure to bring them with you.

What is often overlooked is that once a penis is inserted into the anus, it may be inserted into the vagina as it is. If you do this, bacteria and viruses from the anus will be transferred to the vagina. Let’s find out more about these precautions.

Do not do it in an undeveloped state

Anal sex should never be performed in an undeveloped state. This is because the anus, which is not accustomed to sexual stimulation, is very hard and closed, and it causes mental tension. Anxiety and fear cause the muscles to stiffen up, which in turn causes the anus to become even harder.

Inserting a finger or penis in such a state is like forcing open a lock. The anus is damaged in the same way as the door is damaged. As a result, you may end up with a colostomy and have to wear a diaper for the rest of your life.

As I’ve told you several times before, the anus, unlike the vagina, is not a “reproductive organ”. Since the vagina is a reproductive organ, it was originally constructed to insert a penis. However, the anus and rectum are organs for excretion, not for inserting anything.

Therefore, couples need to understand that the anal is not a replacement for the vagina, but is of a completely different nature. For these reasons, it is always necessary to develop the anus beforehand to get it used to the sexual act and stimulation of anal sex.

Even if you have developed your own anus by performing anal masturbation, foreplay before insertion is absolutely necessary. If you miss this procedure, you may end up hurting your anus or rectum during penetration.

Use the procedure I mentioned earlier to properly massage the anus to loosen it up, and then use your fingers, anal plug, or sex toy to get your anus and rectum used to it. Be careful, especially when you get a little used to anal sex, as you may loosen up and neglect the procedure of foreplay.

“The most important thing is feeling comfortable—you can even wash beforehand if that will help,” says Greer. Then, she says, it’s all about starting slowly. “You can begin with inserting a finger first and using lube to get comfortable with the pressure in your rectum,” she says. “Pay attention to other erotic zones—breasts, neck, etc.—to get excited at the same time as you’re being stimulated anally.”

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No sudden and violent movements

This is especially important for the man to be aware of, but he should never insert himself into the anus and then suddenly move too deeply or too violently. You need to make sure that he understands that anal is very different from vagina.

The vagina is a reproductive organ, so with a little caressing, it will become wet and ready for insertion. It’s an organ that was originally designed to be inserted with a penis, so it’s rare for the vagina to be injured within the bounds of normal sex.

However, since the anus is a place to “get something out”, insertions that go against it can be very taxing. This is no different when inserting a thick sex toy or penis, or even when inserting a thin little finger.

As I mentioned earlier, the anus is very sensitive and vulnerable, so it is important to pay special attention to the way it is moved and the amount of force that is applied to it when inserting a penis. Especially if a man’s penis is “thick”, it can be painful even if you are doing foreplay well.

Incidentally, you might say “Ah ……” when it is inserted into the anus. However, this is a voice that comes out unintentionally when the anus or rectum is compressed, and it is not something you make because it feels good. It’s not because it feels good, but because it might be misunderstood by men and they might move it in a gun manner.

Also, anal is very tight, so the man who is inserting it can get considerable pleasure from it. When it feels good, the man’s arousal increases, and he may be tempted to move it vigorously. However, this can damage the anus, so be sure to warn your partner.

Always wear a condom

We often hear people say that the main advantage of anal sex is that it’s possible to come in and out of sex, but I think that’s a big mistake. In anal sex, as in vanilla sex, the wearing of condoms is a must, just as in vanilla sex. (Actually, from the point of view of hygiene, wearing a condom is even more important for anal sex.

Anal is an organ for excretion, so it is not a clean part of the body. Even if an enema is given beforehand, the bowels are never sterilized, so it is very dangerous from a hygienic point of view.

Therefore, for the sake of mutual safety, please make sure that the man wears a condom. Of course, a man cannot penetrate the anus either. If your partner asks for live penetration, never ask him to do so.

Let your man know that live anal penetration is especially dangerous. Bacteria (especially intestinal bacteria) and viruses can live in the anal area in myriad ways.

If the penis is inserted raw into it, many of these dangerous things can end up on the penis. As a result, the penis may contract horrible infections.

Of course, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) can be caused by anal sex, but there are also other diseases caused by indigenous bacteria in the intestines. For example, “urethritis” and “cystitis”. In both cases, bacteria that enter through the urethral opening of the penis cause excessive inflammation of the urethra and bladder, which can cause severe pain and high fever in severe cases.

Moreover, if the bacteria move from the bladder to the kidneys, there is a risk of bacterial nephritis, which can lead to kidney failure. Because of these dangers, always have your man wear a condom when having anal sex.

Sex lubricant is a must-have

Unlike the vagina, anal sex does not get wet naturally, even if you give it sexual stimulation. You should always use a sex lubricant when having anal sex, because inserting a finger or penis into it can cause injury. This is an intestinal fluid that is secreted as a defensive reaction to a foreign object invading the intestines.

It is very different from the Cowper’s glandular fluid of the male genitals or the vaginal fluid of the female genitals. It is very different from the Cowper’s gland fluid of the male genitals or the vaginal secretions of the female genitals, as it dries quickly and does not act as a lubricant at all.

There are three main types of sex lubricants: water-based, oil-based and silicone-based. However, if you are having anal sex, you should use an anal sex lubricant. If you put a regular sex lubricant in your intestines, it can disrupt the intestinal environment. This type was developed for anal sex, so it is optimized for the anus and rectum in many ways.

For example, it is designed so that it will not upset your stomach when placed in the intestines, and it contains ingredients that protect the intestinal wall, etc. By the way, even if you can’t get anal sex lubricant, just avoid oil-based sex lubricant. This is because oil-based sex lubricants can damage the latex material. Since most condoms are made of latex, the condom could tear during insertion.

Incidentally, studies have shown that water-based sex lubricants can damage the intestinal wall and increase the risk of infection. However, it is undetermined whether or not intestinal wall damage is actually a problem. On the other hand, there is also data that water-based sex lubricant increases the strength of condoms.

From these perspectives, it can be argued that you should use anal sex lubricant as much as possible during anal sex, and if you can’t get it, you should only avoid oil-based condoms.

The vagina is a bit of a natural wonder. When a woman is aroused, the vagina provides its own lubricant for sex. The anus, however, does not. That means you have to provide it. Penetration without lubrication can tear the delicate tissue inside the anus, which can lead to pain and bleeding.

Anal Sex Safety: Everything You Need to Knowル

Do not have normal sex as it is

Surprisingly, it is often overlooked that once you insert your penis into the anus, you should never put it into the vagina afterwards. Of course, the same applies if you are wearing a condom. Putting it in the vagina after anal penetration may be a common sight in pornography.

Therefore, some men may want to do this. However, this is extremely dangerous, so don’t do it or allow him to do it.

This is because all the germs and other things that get on the condoms can go straight into the vagina. Moreover, this one has a huge negative effect on the female side. Intestinal bacteria, especially E. coli, play an important role in the intestines, but they are dangerous because they can become pathogens when they get outside.

Bacterial vaginosis, in particular, can cause infertility if it becomes a serious injury. Please do not allow men to insert it into the vagina, as it can be a serious situation, not to mention sex.

By the way, if you remove the condom and put a new one on, it is recommended to wash your hands before putting a new condom on. Because your hands are also dirty from touching the anus. Men often want to finish with the vagina, but in that case, you should ask them to pay attention to hygiene. When having anal sex, it’s best to be careful about safety.

Anal masturbation while you’re at it

If you use anal sex to develop your anus, you can use anal masturbation when you’re having sex alone. In fact, it’s even better to use anal masturbation to develop the anus for a while before having sex with him, so if you’re thinking about playing with him, you should definitely try anal masturbation.

The two major advantages of anal masturbation are that it increases the variety of masturbation and that it allows you to develop your anus.

Masturbation is very enjoyable and pleasant, but if you always masturbate only by stimulating the clitoris, you may get tired of it. There are three main types of masturbation: clitoral masturbation, vaginal masturbation, and anal masturbation.

Clitoral masturbation stimulates the clitoris and vagina masturbation stimulates the vagina. Anal masturbation is a masturbation technique that stimulates the anus. When you masturbate, you can develop the anus as well, so you can make him happy. If you want to increase the variation of masturbation, be sure to use anal masturbation as well.

Basically, all you have to do to masturbate is to follow the anal sex techniques described in this article on your own. In other words, you do the steps of anal caressing, massaging, fingering, and other tools as you would normally do with masturbation. However, it’s not always easy to stimulate the anus by yourself. That’s why using anal sex toys is the most effective way to do it.

Major anal sex toys include “anal dildos,” “anal vibrators,” “anal plugs,” and “anal beads.

Dildos, vibrators, and plugs are described above. Anal beads are made up of many balls connected together and are mainly used for anal dilation.

The main thing to remember about anal masturbation is not to use the goods you used for the anus in the vagina. As we’ve repeatedly told you, once it’s inserted into the vagina, it can cause a serious infection. So, basically, you should make a clear distinction between vaginal and anal goods.

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Anal masturbation is a form of masturbation that stimulates the anus to make it feel good. Putting something in your anu...


We explained the characteristics and methods of anal sex, the precautions you must follow, and how to use a sex toy. When he asks you to have anal sex, you should never try it out of the blue, because it’s an essential part of anal sex preparation and development.

This is because preparation and development are essential for anal sex. As long as you follow the procedures and precautions outlined in this article, there is nothing to fear from anal sex, as it can be done safely. Finally, let’s review some important points about anal sex.

Couples should have anal sex because it is a great way to prevent a rut and discover new sexual areas. New stimulation is essential to enhance the pleasure of sex. Because anal sex has an abnormal excitement, it is the perfect way for couples to get out of a rut.

Before having anal sex, we recommend giving an enema and cleaning the anus and rectum to ensure safety, and making sure that the anus and rectum are clean.

First, gently loosen the anus and insert one little finger. Once you get used to it, insert one middle finger, and when you can finally insert two, then expand it with an anal product. Then, after you have completely accustomed the anus with a sex toy, it’s time to insert the penis.

You should tell him to move slowly and carefully, not to move too fast or you might damage the anus. Try to do anal sex safely and introduce new stimuli into your sex life.