How to choose a condom for pleasant masturbation


Masturbation feels so good, doesn’t it? Not only does it allow you to enjoy the pleasure, but it also helps you to get a good night’s sleep and relax. The stronger the pleasure of the orgasm, the more effective the masturbation becomes, so if you are going to masturbate, you want to feel as good as possible.

Sex toys are useful for this purpose. Sex toys can make masturbation feel even better. In fact, it’s better to use a condom when you masturbate with a sex toy.

It may seem somewhat surprising, but condoms make sex toys easier to maintain. Not only that, but condoms, if chosen well, have a variety of functions and can serve as a sex toy in their own right. It’s a true two birds with one stone, making it easier to care for the goods and increasing the pleasure.

However, there are various types of condoms that fit, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your purpose and preferences. In this article, I will explain the recommended condoms for sex toys in an easy to understand manner.

What do you do when you masturbate?

What kind of masturbation do you usually do? Do you use your hands to stimulate your vagina normally, or do you use a sex toy of some sort? If you don’t use a sex toy, you should try to incorporate it into your daily masturbation routine. Even if you have heard about adult toys, you may feel embarrassed or afraid, and it may be difficult to get your hands on them.

But you don’t have to worry about that with sex toys. It is very easy to use, and it is much more comfortable than hand masturbation. This is because many sex toys have a vibrating function that strongly supports the stimulation of the sexual organs. It’s also easier to reach orgasm and discover new sexual zones. On the other hand, the tricky thing about sex toys is keeping them clean.

As we’ll discuss in more detail later, sex toys should always be cleaned after use. If they are unsanitary, there is a risk of infection, which can be very scary.

This is where condoms are recommended. Normally, condoms are items that are worn on the male genitals during sex to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, they can also be worn on a sex toy due to the fact that they prevent direct contact with the vagina.

What’s more, condoms are a great match for many sex toys. You can basically wear a condom with any type of vagina inserting product, which makes it easier to use any product safely. When you’re done having sex with one person, you can simply quickly remove the rubber and discard it, so there’s no need to worry about the consequences.

You don’t have to rush to wash your toys after an orgasm and you can just bask in the afterglow of pleasure. If you’re going to use a sex toy, make sure you wear a condom.

Why condoms are essential for sex toys

Sex toys can overwhelmingly enhance the pleasure of sex alone, but the downside is that they can be a pain to clean. Even if you get a good feeling from masturbation, the excitement will be dampened if you have to clean it afterwards, won’t it? That’s why we recommend condoms. For the following three reasons, you should definitely wear a condom before using a sex toy.

  • It makes cleanup easier.
  • Prevents bacteria from entering the vagina
  • The special function of condoms increases the pleasure

If you put a condom on your sex toy, you can simply remove the condom after masturbation and it will be better. You won’t have to go to the trouble of washing it carefully, which is convenient. Guarding the sex toy with a condom will prevent bacteria from getting on the toy from entering the vagina.

Furthermore, if you get a condom with a special construction, it can become a sex toy in its own right and increase your pleasure.

Easy to clean

After a sex toy is trained, it needs to be cleaned and cared for. The toy is to be placed on various parts of your body, especially your genitals. In some cases, they might even be used for the anus. This is why the goods you use for masturbation are dirty. If left in place, sex toys can become very filthy and cause an infection. We’ll discuss the risk of infection later, so let’s look at normal care first.

You don’t want to use a dirty toy as it is. Therefore, it’s important to clean the entire sex toy you’ve used with warm water and soap or hand soap all over it. However, if you are a beginner who is not accustomed to handling the goods, there will inevitably be parts that are left unwashed.

If there are parts that are not washed, you can’t say that they are still clean. It is very troublesome to care for goods with such care every time.

In addition, goods are often made of silicone and rubber, etc., but frequent cleaning is repeated, and degradation may be a concern. For example, the surface becomes cracked and sticky. So, you can cover the goods with a condom.

This way, after using it, you can simply remove the condom and throw it away. Because the goods themselves do not come into direct contact with the genitals, you can keep them clean.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wash the goods at all. The parts that come in contact with the genitals are guarded by the condoms, so it’s hard to get dirty, but other parts, such as the handles, can get dirty. Also, even if you wear a condom, it doesn’t mean that it is completely protected. Therefore, it might be better to rinse it lightly with warm water after removing the condom.

It’s bad enough when germs get in!

As mentioned above, careful cleaning is necessary after using a sex toy. This is because the sex toy used for masturbation has various germs and viruses on it. If you leave the toy as it is after use, bacteria and other germs will continue to grow on it.

If such goods are used again, a large amount of germs will enter the vagina . As a result, you can get an infection, mainly called “bacterial vaginosis”. In fact, some public agencies have issued warnings about sex toy infections.

Bacterial vaginosis is not technically a sexually transmitted disease (STD). This is because it is not a disease that can be transferred from someone else, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, candida or HIV. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an abnormal growth of bacteria that are originally present in your body.

Symptoms include an increase in the amount of descent, a harsher smell, and pain and itching in the vulva. The risk of infection increases exponentially, especially if you use sex toys used for anal masturbation for vaginal purposes.

It is absolutely disgusting to suffer from masturbation that you do to feel good. For this reason, try to wear a condom on your sex toy as much as possible. If the goods have an electric function, it may be difficult to get the whole thing clean in the first place.

If you put a condom on the goods from the start, you’ll have minimal hassle in cleaning it after use. Use condoms to make it easier for you to enjoy deep pleasure.

Even a condom is a sex toy!

If you choose the right condom to attach to your sex toy, you can even turn the condom itself into a sex toy. Simply put, the condoms can increase the pleasure of masturbation. In fact, even if it is called a condom, there are various types of condoms. I will explain in detail later, but there is a difference in the feeling of penetration between the “warm type” and the “warts-on” type.

One of the things that may bother you when using a sex toy is the cold feeling that is characteristic of the goods. If you use these cool sex toys on your genitals, you may feel as if you are masturbating with an artificial object, and you may not like it.

That’s when the warm condoms come into play. If you use a warm condom, you can feel the warmth of the condom, so you can have sex by yourself and it makes it feel real.

Ordinary condoms have a flat and smooth surface, so you may feel that you are wearing a condom when you insert it. A condom with warts will have warts on the surface, so it’s more like using a new sex toy than a condom. In this way, if you choose a condom well, you can power up your masturbation as if you were using another sex toy.

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Recommended Features of Condoms

Wearing a condom on a sex toy has a number of pleasing effects, including easier maintenance and prevention of nasty infections. What’s more, condoms have special features on some products that can help to further enhance the pleasure of masturbation. The following five functions are recommended for condoms.

  • Warming function
  • With warts
  • with gel
  • Extremely thick
  • Flavored

As mentioned above, condoms have a wide variety of functions. The type of condoms that provide warmth and new stimulation, as I mentioned earlier lightly about condoms with warmth and warts, are the ones that provide warmth and new stimulation.

The gel condoms are highly lubricated and smooth to insert, and the extra-thick ones can add thickness to the sex toy. Flavored condoms are ideal for blowjob practice.

With warming function

Warming Condoms are a type of condom that gives you a sense of warmth. They are not made of condoms, but rather they have a Warming Lubricant attached to them. I’ll explain more about the Warming Lubricant later, but basically it is designed to react with the water in the body to emit a certain kind of heat. Warming condoms are usually quite thin so that the male side can also feel the temperature of the lotion.

There are two important things about these warm condoms: one is that they make it feel real, like real sex, and the other is that they increase the sensitivity of the sexual area. As I mentioned earlier, when you insert a sex toy, it feels cold and inevitably feels lonely, like it’s made up, right? Of course, that doesn’t change when you put a condom on. However, if you put a warming condom on your goods, you can improve the coolness and give it warmth.

More importantly, warm condoms can improve sensitivity. The reason why it feels good to do sexually explicit things is because of the response of the sexually active zones, which have countless nerves.

Those nerves are activated by the flow of blood, so when blood flow is improved, the sexual zones become more active. In other words, if you use a warm condom, the blood flow will be promoted and you’ll feel better. Even if you don’t normally find it difficult to orgasm, you may find it easier to orgasm if you wear a warm condom on your goods.

Warming condoms tend to be made of thinner latex to help heighten sensation. They usually contain a warming lubricant that is activated by natural body moisture, heating up during sexual intercourse. The gentle, warm sensations aim to enhance pleasure for both partners.

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With warts

Studded Condom is a type of condom with warts and bumps on it. Of course, it was developed to enhance the pleasure of the woman. The condom has countless projections scattered on its surface, and when inserted, the warts hit the vaginal wall and stimulate the vagina.

It’s hard to get sharp stimulation from a regular sex toy or condom, as the surface is usually smooth. However, condoms with warts can add a new level of stimulation to a sex toy.

There are several types of condoms with warts, and the choice can make the pleasure of masturbation even more varied. For example, the number and size of warts and boils can greatly affect the stimulation you get.

The greater the number of warts, the more pleasant they are in various parts of the vagina, and the larger the wart, the more you will feel a pushing sensation. The sharper the tip of the wart, the sharper the pleasure you’ll get. Enjoy a condom with a wart for a sensation you can’t get from a regular condom.

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with gel

A lubricated condom is a condom with gel on its surface. Regular condoms are often coated with lotion to help them slip, but this type of condom has a much thicker gel on it. This allows for more lubrication and smoother insertion into the vagina. If you’re not used to a sex toy, you may inevitably feel pain when inserting it. A condom with a gel may be more comfortable to insert.

The gel type has a slippery sex feeling at the time of insertion, so you can feel a different pleasure from the normal type. However, even if you use a condom with gel, it comes off during use, so you don’t need to use lotion. Even if you use a condom with gel, you need to add lotion as needed.

What’s more, condoms with gel have a thicker surface layer than usual, which allows you to bottom out the size of the goods, albeit slightly. The thicker the goods are, the greater the feeling of being pressed against them from the inside, so you’ll get a deeper, more pleasurable experience.

Extremely thick specification

Extra Thick Condoms (Extra Thick Condoms) are another surprisingly effective type of condom. Normally, we tend to think that the thinner the condom, the better, but thicker condoms actually have some advantages. They are especially good for women who like thicker ones.

You may be able to make your sex toy even thicker by utilizing a condom, even if it’s only slightly, but you may be able to make your sex toy even thicker. You can get deeper pleasure from it.

Some ultra-thick condoms are over 0.1 mm thick. It is ten times as thick as the ultra-thin type (0.01 mm) and three times as thick as the normal type (0.03 to 0.04 mm). In addition to the thickness of the condom itself, some condoms are coated with a large amount of lubricating jelly, making them even thicker.

Let’s try to put a condom on a sex toy that is exactly what you would call an extremely thick condom.

In the sex toy itself, there are extra-thick vibrators and dildos. When you want to make those extra-thick goods even thicker, a condom will be a great help. This technique is for very advanced users who are used to sex toys. When you are no longer satisfied with normal masturbation methods or sex toys, try using a very thick condom. You will experience an overwhelming sensation of penetration.


Flavoured condoms (Flavoured Condoms) are condoms that have a delicious taste or smell to them. There are two main types of flavored condoms. The flavor is coded into the condom itself, and the flavor is added to the lubricant. In either case, they are still flavored condoms. There is a huge variety of flavors that can be added to condoms.

Chocolate, vanilla, mint, grape, orange, orange, banana, strawberry, etc., just hearing about them is enough to whet your appetite. Generally speaking, chocolate is brown, bananas are yellow, strawberries are red, and so on, and most of the time they are also colored.

They look really tasty in terms of appearance, don’t they? These condoms are usually designed to make oral sex more fun and harder.

Even if you don’t like blowjobs very much, you can still enjoy them as if you were licking gourmet candy. How these flavored condoms can help you masturbate is to practice blowjobs; blowjobs are surprisingly difficult to do well and many people find it hard to satisfy him.

If you use a vibrator or dildo with a flavored condom, you can practice blowjobs easily. By the way, the flavored type has been proven to be safe, so there are no health hazards to worry about.

How to choose a condom

Condoms can make sex toys even more convenient to use. Once you know about the types of condoms that are perfect for enhancing the pleasure of the goods, you’ll want to use them. But how do you choose a condom? If you’re going to spend a lot of money, you’ll want to buy the one that suits you at the lowest possible price. So, let’s choose a condom with the following three points in mind.

  • Type of material
  • Price suitable for the purpose
  • Ease of purchase

The first thing to consider when choosing a condom is the material. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the material of a condom can change the feeling of pleasure. It is useful to know how to choose a condom made of a material that matches your favorite stimulation.

If you masturbate frequently, you’ll need a large quantity of condoms, so it’s important to choose one that is cost effective. Also, no matter how good the condoms are, if they are difficult to obtain, you won’t be able to continue using them, so the ease of purchase is also important.

Choosing by material

The most important factor in choosing a condom is the material. It’s no exaggeration to say that the performance and feel of a condom varies greatly depending on the material used. Latex, polyurethane, and isoprene rubber are the three materials used for condoms.

Ordinary condoms are mainly made of latex. However, latex is natural rubber, so it inevitably has a rubbery feel and a smell peculiar to rubber products, which is a drawback. Therefore, if you want to practice blowjobs with goods, you may want to choose a flavored type or one made of two other materials.

You should also be aware of “latex allergy” and “oil lotion” condoms made of latex. If a person with a latex allergy (rubber allergy) uses a latex condom, the worst case scenario is anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening.

Also, do not use oil-based lotions when using latex condoms. This is because latex is very sensitive to oil and can be easily damaged when oil gets on it. Be careful with condoms and lotions, as there is no point in putting a condom on your goods.

Avoid using oil-based lubricants with latex condoms as they can degrade the structure of latex and increase the risk of tears and rupture. Mineral oil is especially destructive.

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The other two condoms, made of polyurethane and isoprene rubber, are free of allergies and lotion type concerns. Polyurethane is a so-called urethane resin and isoprene rubber is a natural rubber material. Both are man-made materials, but they have been shown to be safe. Polyurethane is much easier to make thin than other materials and is famous for its ultra-thin condoms, such as 0.01mm.

Isoprene rubber is sometimes used in the medical field and is characterized by its smooth texture. When you wear a condom made of Isoprene rubber, you will enjoy a smooth insertion experience.

Choose by price

Depending on how often you masturbate, the range of costs you need to be aware of will vary. If you masturbate a lot on a regular basis, you can’t choose condoms that are too expensive. This is because you will always need at least one condom for each masturbation session.

When I say this, you might ask, “Can’t I just wash them and use them? You may think that this is a good idea, but don’t do it. Condoms deteriorate after one use and cannot be reused.

If you force yourself to reuse a degraded condom, it may tear during insertion, and you may not be able to clean the condom in the first place. Then you won’t know what you’re putting condoms on for. That’s why you need to use a new condom every time you use one. When you think about it, the more often you masturbate, the greater the cost, so you need to be careful about the price.

Therefore, if the frequency of masturbation is high, such as three or four times a week, it is better to choose a cheaper condom. However, since highly functional condoms as mentioned above tend to be comparatively expensive, it is necessary to choose a condom with a good balance in that area.

If you masturbate as infrequently as once or twice, you may want to choose a condom that is more functional than the price. Either way, it’s important to consider the balance between price and functionality so that you can use it for a long time.

Choosing by ease of purchase

To begin with, where can I buy condoms? Actually, you can buy condoms easily at a suitable drug store or convenience store. However, if a girl buys a condom, she may feel somewhat embarrassed. Moreover, regular shops often sell only standard ones, so you may not be able to get a highly functional one.

Therefore, I recommend that you buy condoms from online stores (mail order) as much as possible. I think there are many people who buy everything on the internet these days. If you’re going to buy anything related to sex, you can also buy it online.

Online, you can choose from a myriad of shops and the selection is far greater than in a physical store. Also, the prices will often be cheaper than the basic ones.

However, there is also a point of anxiety in online shopping. Some retailers are sloppy with their inventory management, and some sell deteriorated condoms with impunity. Deteriorated condoms are prone to breakage and can tear when you insert them into the goods and insert them.

When this happens, it’s no different than not having a condom on. If possible, it’s better to buy them from a proper shop with a good track record.

Compatible sex toys

We’ve looked at the types of condoms that enhance the pleasure of sex alone and how to choose a condom. But what exactly are the sex toys and what condoms can you wear? If you can, you want to be safe with a lot of goodies, right? The following four sex toys are noteworthy because they are compatible with condoms.

  • Vibrator
  • Magic Wand Vibrators
  • Dildos
  • lotion

Vibrators and dildos are inserted into the vagina, so it’s easy to imagine that you can use a condom. The Magic Wand Vibrators can also be attached to the Magic Wand Vibrators so you can enjoy a variety of stimulation. Of course, you can also put lotion on the condom.


If there’s one thing that goes well with condoms, it’s a vibrator. A vibrator is a prime example of a sex toy and a must-have for inside orgasm. inside orgasm is a special kind of orgasm that can be reached by stimulating the G-spot, a sexual zone in the vagina. It is a very deep and long-lasting pleasure that is very appealing. It’s a great way to boost your masturbation and is relatively easy to use.

The vibrators are basically long sticks that resemble a penis, but there is also a special type called a G-spot vibrator that has a smooth curve to it. The simple function and shape are recommended for beginners, but if you want to challenge yourself with additional pleasure, choose a G-spot vibe.

Of course, you can basically wear a condom with any type of vibrator. However, it’s also important to apply lotion once the condom is on.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators is a handheld electric massage. It is originally a medical device used to relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders, but due to its unique shape and the strength of its vibrations, it is now also used as a sex toy. How to use it is simply to stimulate the clitoris.

However, Magic Wand Vibrators is a massager, so the vibrations are very strong, and if you are a beginner, the vibrations are too strong if you hit the clitoris directly. So, you need to place it away from the clitoris so that the vibrations can be transmitted to the entire vagina. However, the Magic Wand Vibrators are not a sex toy to begin with, so most of them are not equipped to be waterproof.

When you masturbate, your love juice (vaginal secretion) comes out in rapid succession and Magic Wand Vibrators get soaked when you use it. It is difficult to keep them clean and maintain them because they can break down if they get wet, and they tend to be unsanitary.

In fact, you can attach a sex toy to your Magic Wand Vibrators as well, and if you attach a condom to your Magic Wand Vibrators before using them, you can prevent your Magic Wand Vibrators from getting wet and breaking. After use, you can simply remove the condom and throw it away.


The dildo is the vibrating feature missing from the vibrator I mentioned earlier. The shape is even more realistic than a dildo and can be made to look exactly like a real penis. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose from average to big dick.

They are inserted into the vagina in the same way as a dildo and aim to achieve orgasm at the G-spot, A-spot and other sexual areas. The lack of a vibration function means that you have to move it all by yourself, so this is a product for slightly more advanced users.

The dildos do not have a vibrating feature and can be easily washed whole, but it can still be a hassle to wash them clean every time. For this reason, you’ll definitely want to attach a condom to the dildo as well. Dildos are one of the least stimulating sex toys, but you can enhance your dildo depending on the condom you use.

The warty type will give you a sharper, more pleasurable experience, while the extra-thick type will make the dildo even thicker and larger. Dildos are simple goods, but they are also very deep.


If you are going to masturbate with a sex toy, lotion is an absolute must. Lotion is an item that increases lubrication and reduces friction and pain during masturbation. Condoms are often lubricated on the surface of the condom, but in most cases it’s not enough and is only comforting.

Therefore, if you continue to insert the condom-wearing goodies for a while, the lubrication will be reduced and you will experience crumbling and friction. So, when you attach a condom to a vibrator, dildo or Magic Wand Vibrators, don’t forget to apply lotion over it as well.

There are three main types of lotions. There are three main types of lotions: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-paced. However, try to avoid the oil base as much as possible because, as mentioned above, it can damage condoms. So, for sex toy masturbation where you wear a condom, you have two choices: water-based or silicon-based. Let’s take a brief look at the characteristics of each.

Water-based condoms are the most common and cheapest type available, but they are mainly composed of water, so they dry out easily and need to be reapplied frequently. A silicone base does not contain water, which makes it feel smooth and easy to stretch, and it lasts a long time with long-lasting lubrication. However, the downside of the silicone base is that it is more expensive.

If you masturbate frequently, water-based is more cost effective, but if you want to enjoy a more comfortable masturbation experience, silicone base is recommended.

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In this article, we’ve discussed the best condoms for sex toys from a variety of perspectives. Attaching a condom to an adult toy can make cleaning up after masturbation much easier. You can also avoid the risk of nasty infections because you can guard against vaginal contact with the toy.

In addition, if you choose well from the various types of condoms, you can power up your sex toy and enhance your pleasure.

There are five special types of condoms: warm, warts, gel, extra thick, and flavored. The warm type eliminates the coldness inherent in the goods and allows you to enjoy the real feeling of real sex. The warts type has countless protrusions and the gel type provides a smooth penetrative feeling. ]

Also, the extra-thick type raises the size of the goodies to the bottom, and the flavored type allows you to practice blowjobs like licking candy.

When choosing a condom, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of material you’re using. Usually, the latex type is the most common, but be aware that this one is not compatible with oil-based lotions and may not be compatible with oil-based lotions and may be an allergy risk.

Therefore, if you have concerns, you can choose polyurethane or isoprene rubber. It’s also important to consider the cost of condoms, such as choosing a relatively cheap condom if you masturbate frequently. If you buy condoms online, you don’t have to worry about the public eye or the selection of condoms.

There are three sex toys that work well with condoms: vibrators, Magic Wand Vibrators, and dildos. Vibrators and dildos can be inserted into the vagina to point out your sexual orgasm, while Magic Wand Vibrators can make you feel good not only on your clitoris but throughout your vagina.

Also, be sure to use lotion when using the goods. Put a condom on your sex toy and enjoy a nice and safe masturbation experience.