How to masturbate the right way for woman, how to comfortably get orgasm and the type of masturbation

How to

What is the correct masturbation method? Is there a right way?
Is the masturbation method you are doing wrong?
Should I do it with my fingers? Is it bad for you to use sex toys?

I think there are various questions. This article answers that question.

As with me, I didn’t ask anyone to teach me how to masturbate, but I thought I would make myself feel good.Is it good for the body in the first place? Do you have any thoughts or side effects? I was also wondering.

Honestly, knowledge of these sexuality is essential to protect oneself. An environment where sexuality is taboo is also a problem, but the important thing is to separate the information you need and the information you do not need.

I have decided that this item of masturbation is very important for my life, so I write the correct sexuality information from the rules of thumb that I think of as sexual knowledge for women with the same problem.

What is a woman doing masturbation?

Masturbation is the act of stimulating yourself, such as the chest or genitals, where you feel comfortable and getting a pleasant sensation. Masturbation recently called self-pleasure.

Masturbation may be embarrassing for men and women for women, and it may seem embarrassing to be like a person with a strong sexual desire, but it is not embarrassing for women to masturbate.

Rather, for the female body, there are many benefits that can be obtained by masturbating. There is also an example of a woman who, through masturbation, has reached an orgasm through sex with her partner.

However, some women say that they have never masturbated and don’t know how to do it, but they have done so, but they don’t feel comfortable because they don’t know how to orgasm.

The body of a woman is very delicate, so depending on how you masturbate, you may end up hurt yourself or become less likely to orgasm.

This time, I will explain the correct way of masturbation that women do and the method of masturbation that allows you to orgasm comfortably.

80% of women masturbate more than once a week!

According to the questionnaire about masturbation targeted at women, about 80% of women answered that they masturbate at least once a week.

I investigated what kind of time a woman, like a man, who would not collect semen unless he masturbates regularly, wants to masturbate.

  1.  When you see a naughty scene in a movie, drama, manga, etc.
  2.  When you want to relax a little before going to bed
  3.  When you miss your skin and become lonely
  4.  When you have spare time
  5.  When stress is accumulated
  6.  When you feel horny due to hormone balance, such as before menstruation

In this way, it can be seen that women not only want to eliminate libido but also want to masturbate depending on the mental and hormonal balance at that time.

It can be said that masturbation is not only for females but also for beauty, relaxation and stress relief.

By masturbating, a woman stimulates the secretion of the female hormone estrogen. This hormone called estrogen has the effect of producing collagen, which is very effective for women’s beauty such as elasticity and firmness on the skin and bust enhancement.

Modest masturbation of women is full of benefits for both body and spirit!

In addition, masturbation also promotes the secretion of a substance in the brain called “love hormone” called oxytocin, which can be expected to have the effect of relieving stress and relaxing and allowing a good night’s sleep.

In other words, masturbation is not only pleasant but also has many pleasant effects on the female body.

There are two types of female masturbation!

I have found that masturbation is necessary for women, but I can’t just say it in a word. There are actually two types of female masturbation.

Active masturbation

Active masturbation, which is one type of female masturbation, is very similar to masturbation performed by men. With the positive feeling of wanting to feel good, you can masturbate using your fingers or adult guts (sex toys) to get a pleasant feeling and feel refreshed.

Meet your sexual desires that have sprung up after having not had sex with your partner for a while or watching a movie with a naughty scene and sexual desires that are sexual desires that occur before menstruation, before ovulation, etc. It can be said that it is masturbation to fulfil a clear purpose.

If you are interested in other sex toys, you can find a sex toy that suits you here.

Emotional masturbation

Emotional masturbation, on the other hand, is the masturbation that you perform to maintain your body and satisfy your feelings, just as if you were going to massage your body or go out to eat your favourite sweets.

It is intended to relieve your tension by masturbation and to have a relaxing effect, so it does not have a clear purpose or desire to eliminate it, but it can be said to be done to relax naturally and to please yourself. ..

Why masturbation makes you feel orgasm

In a survey on women’s masturbation, we asked for the first time whether orgasm, that is, whether it was sex with a partner or masturbation that reached sexual cum, 76% of women said, “The first orgasm is masturbation I have experienced it.”

In addition to the first orgasm, there are many women who find that masturbation tends to reach orgasm rather than sex after that. What is the reason for this?

The reason is that in masturbation, you can stimulate your own feeling, that is, the erogenous zone, as you like. Since sex is a partner, it may be matched with the other party’s way and pace. I wonder if there are many women who can’t say, “Because it feels good here, do it more.”

In addition, when I have sex, I also want to make my partner feel good, and I can not be absorbed in pursuing sexual cum, and eventually, I can not reach orgasm. Some women are embarrassed to see their disorder in their partner.

In that respect, if you are masturbating, you can relax without worrying about the reaction of the other party, you can feel the strength you feel most at your own pace, you can pursue the pleasure of your own by adding the rhythm stimulation, so it is better than sex It’s easy to reach orgasm.

How to improve your sensitivity with correct masturbation

Even women who have never reached orgasm or have ever experienced orgasm may be able to have sex with their partner if they increase their sensitivity with masturbation.
From here, I will explain the correct masturbation method to increase sensitivity.

Clit masturbation

Clit masturbation is the easiest masturbation for a woman to try and reach orgasm.

Do you know what the clitoris part is? The clitoris, also called the clitoris, is a small protrusion on the upper part of the female genital area, where the labia minora meet, which is equivalent to a penis in men.

The clitoris may be covered with skin like a male penis, so if it is difficult to find it, open your legs and gently pull up the skin at the top of the crack of the female genital area at the lower part of the pubic mound, and the tip will be slightly broken. Make a face.

The size is about 5 to 7 mm for an adult woman, and the nerves that get sexual pleasure are densely packed in the small part, so when you are stimulated you feel sexually excited, like a male penis. A so-called erection occurs, which is hyperemia and swelling.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas of the female erogenous zone and is also a place where you can easily remember strong pleasure. However, if you suddenly apply strong stimulation, you may feel pain.

If you know the location of the clitoris, first try to stimulate it gently. Stimulate little by stroking from the bottom to the top with your fingertips, and when you start to feel comfortable, try scratching lightly or pinching with your Japanese finger to gradually increase the stimulation.

The clitoris expands when stimulated and becomes hard, making it easier to pinch it with your fingertips. When that happens, next try to pinch your fingers and knead them to apply stimulation.

You may experience a sensation of tingling pleasure into a sensation of numbness, and a sensation of cramping when the clitoris squeezes, or a sensation of numbness throughout the body. That is a clitoris orgasm. Also called outside orgasm, it is an orgasm greeted by clitoris masturbation.

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This article is helpful if u want to know more clit orgasm!

G spot masturbation

G-spot masturbation is the masturbation that reaches the orgasm called middle orgasm while the orgasm in clitoris masturbation is called the outer orgasm.

Let’s start with the location of G Spot. The G-spot is a small area just below the pubis and above the anterior upper part of the vaginal wall, named after the initials of the German obstetrician and gynaecologist Ernst Greenberg. The G-spot is a part of the cavernosa of the urethra, which in males corresponds to the prostate.

The G-spot is the female’s erogenous zone, which is the second most famous female body after the clitoris, but many people may not know where it is. Unlike the clitoris, the G spot is hard to find because it is inside the body, and it is not a pinpoint but a coin-like area in terms of size, and the detailed location differs depending on the person.

To find the G spot, first, lie on your back, raise your knees, open your legs, and bend your middle finger gently to the navel side to insert it into the vaginal opening. There is a rough part where the belly of the finger hits, about 3 to 5 cm from the vaginal opening where the second joint of the middle finger enters or does not enter. This is said to be the G spot.

The way to do G-spot masturbation is to insert your finger and find the G-spot first. When you find a rough part with your fingertips and apply stimulation by pushing it up with your finger, first you get a sensation that resembles an urge to urinate, and at the same time the amount of secretory fluid, also called love juice, increases.

If you continue to stimulate from this feeling of urination, it will become a big wave while a small wave of pleasure is repeated, and you will feel a feeling that your body is softly floating or your head is pure white. This is what is called orgasm in G-spot or middle orgasm.

It is said that the G-spot orgasm is not a sharp sensation like a clitoris orgasm, but rather a strong sensation that slowly rises from deep inside the body and continues for a long time. Also, in the G-spot orgasm, vaginal discharge, which is called squirting, may occur.

Since it is necessary to develop from the tips and experience in order to go to the G spot, I recommend that you continue to challenge G spot masturbation with the feeling that you develop your own erogenous zone.

Sex toys are indispensable for stimulating G spots, please check here

Chestnut and G spot masturbation

There is also a masturbation method called both orgasms that stimulates the clitoris and G-spot at the same time and tastes the outer orgasm and the middle orgasm at the same time.

You can use one hand to stimulate the clitoris while the other hand stimulates the G-spot, or if it is difficult, you can use the adult guts that we will introduce later.

Secretion increases by first reaching the orgasm with the clitoris, and if both fingers are easily stimulated and then both are stimulated at the same time, a deeper and stronger orgasm that can enjoy both pleasures can be reached.

Portio Masturbation

Middle orgasm in women can be enjoyed not only in the G spot but also in the erotic zone called portio. Orgasm in portio is also called Oku orgasm.
Portio is the erogenous zone near the uterine ostium in the back of a woman’s vagina and is the part of the cervix that pops out toward the vagina. The length of the ostium of the vagina and uterine ostium varies from person to person, so the position of the portio also varies slightly depending on the person.

To find the portio, insert the middle finger into the vaginal opening in the same way as the G spot. The G-spot was the second joint as a guide, but Porcio is a slightly crunchy protrusion that hits the tip of the finger by inserting the finger further into the vagina. The G spot was on the navel side, but Porcio is an image on the hip side.

When you touch it for the first time, you often feel discomfort such as dull pain, so instead of stimulating violently from the beginning, apply it slowly and slowly. As I push the portio while swaying it with my fingertips and tapping it, I get a pleasant sensation.

Pleasure in portio is not something that rubs and stimulates like a clitoris or G-spot to create a pleasant sensation but is obtained by being pressed or poked.

It is said that the orgasm in the portio masturbation is the ultimate orgasm that even a woman who faints with fainting pleasure runs around the body repeatedly enough to spread from the top of the head to the toes of the foot.

Since it is deep inside the vagina, it is difficult to find with female fingers, but since the female body has a structure in which the uterine ostium naturally lowers when sexual excitement is felt, clitoris and It may be easier to find G by stimulating the G-spot and getting excited enough to explore Portico.

Portio, like G Spot, will rarely reach orgasm from the beginning. You don’t have to be intensely stimulated from the beginning, so if you develop yourself little by little while searching for the part you feel comfortable with, you will eventually experience intense orgasm.

Recommended Goods for Masturbation

Even if you are masturbating with your own fingers, if you can’t reach the comfortable part or if you want more stimulation, I recommend using Adult Goods.

Recently, many guts for female masturbation are sold, but people who have never used adult guts may not know which to choose. For the masturbation you feel comfortable with, you need to choose the guts that suit your pleasure, whether you want to have a clitoris orgasm, a medium orgasm, or stimulation at the same time.

From here, we will explain the details of Adult Goods in three major categories, and also introduce the items to use sex toys more safely.

Egg Vibrator – Rotor

The rotor is generally called a pink rotor, and it is a gut that stimulates the erogenous zone with the vibration function and leads to external orgasm.

It can be used by stimulating the nipple or inserting it in the vagina, but it is often used mainly to stimulate the clitoris.

They can be purchased at low prices at love hotel vending machines, etc., and since many are compact and compact, they can be easily carried and used.

These days, rotors are well-designed, and some are shaped like lipsticks and some are pretty like mascots.

Even people who have high hurdles to purchasing adult guts too seriously can probably buy it without any resistance as long as it is a rotor.

It is battery-powered and simple in construction, so vibration is not too violent, so it is recommended for adult guts beginners, but it may be unsatisfactory for those who seek hard stimulation.

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A dildo is a very old type of guts that looks like a male genital and is also called a dildo.

Mainly made for the purpose of middle orgasm, it is placed on the floor or held in the hand and inserted to stimulate the vagina. If you have a suction cup, you can attach it to the wall, fix it, and insert it from the back. As a result, some women use it to get used to body positions such as back and cowgirl.

Recently, there are things that swell and vibrate electrically, but most of them are used by moving them by themselves after inserting them, or by putting them in and out by hand.

It has the appearance and shape of male genitalia, and it feels like a real insertion when you’re having sex. In addition, there are various sizes, shapes, and hardness, so you can choose the dildo that suits you.

If you don’t want your family members to listen to it, it’s recommended because it doesn’t make any noise when you use it. However, since it looks like male genitalia, there is a feeling that it looks like Adult Goods.

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The vibe is a dildo with an electric function. The handle is attached so that you can hold it in your hand and insert it easily, and you can switch the strength and type of vibration with the button on the handle.

There is a vibration function as well as a vibration function, and there are also those with a piston and a swing function, which can be inserted into the vagina to stimulate the erogenous zone.

The vibe is a gut made mainly for orgasming inside, some of which are made to bend slightly to stimulate the G spot, and something like a tulip that sticks to Portio, There are various types, such as those with a length that can be stimulated to the back. You can choose from soft materials to slightly hard materials.

For beginners, we recommend thin and simple ones made of soft material, and for those who want more stimulation, those with unevenness, large head, and strong vibration are recommended.

Many vibes have a small protrusion called a credible at the base, and it is a convenient gut that you can stimulate the clitoris while inserting and enjoy both orgasms.

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Lotion & condom

Most guts are made of soft materials such as silicone so as not to hurt a woman’s body, but when masturbating with guts, if you are not ready for your body, you will feel the pain due to friction. You may remember.

At that time, if you apply lotion to Guts, you can reduce friction and insert it smoothly, and you may feel more comfortable with a slimy feel.

Since it is used in delicate places, it is safer to use a commercially available lotion instead of using baby oil or the like. For those who care about the ingredients and those with sensitive skin, additive-free and safe products are also sold.

Furthermore, let’s prepare a condom as a consumable item like lotion. When using dildos or vibes it is hygienic to cover with a condom and it is easy to clean after using lotion. Recently, condoms are also on sale to cover Adult Goods.

We recommend that you also purchase lotions and condoms when purchasing goodies. Nowadays you can easily buy it on the Internet mail order site, and if it is a site dedicated to Adult Goods, it will be sent with the product name clearly stated as cosmetics and health equipment, so it is safe even if your family receives it.

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Precautions when masturbating

Masturbation is the act of touching your most delicate place. When masturbating, cut your nails short so that you do not scratch or damage your clitoris, and wash your hands to keep them clean before starting. If your fingers are unsanitary and touch the genitals, bacteria may enter the vagina and cause vaginitis.

During your period, your sexual desire may increase due to hormone balance, and you may want to masturbate. However, the vagina is extremely delicate during menstruation. In particular, clean your hands and guts and take a shower before and after masturbation to prevent germs from entering.

Also, masturbation performed only with a specific posture, such as masturbation that gives too much stimulation or legs stretched out, may not be good unless it is masturbation, and it may not be good for sex with a partner. Let’s watch out.


In the past, masturbation was done by men, and adult guts were only for men, and only a little grotesque thing that I had only seen on porn video was sold.

Recently, however, there are many adult goods that sell stylish and pop designs for women, and you can enjoy shopping just like choosing cosmetics, and you can easily purchase them on the Internet without going to the adult shop.

AV has been created with a focus on romance elements and storylines so that women can enjoy and enjoy it, and it can be said that now is the time when women can fully enjoy their sex without being embarrassed.

Just as men and women make different bodies, masturbation for men is different from masturbation for women. For women, masturbation is not just about satisfying sexual desire, it is an effective action that heals your mind and body and leads you to a better condition.

Masturbation is by no means shame or embarrassment. Just like going on a trip or eating something delicious, masturbation may be a way to please your body and soul.