Sex toy summary to help you get out of a rut


It’s actually not uncommon for people to suffer from this kind of problem: “Sex has gotten into a rut ……. No matter how much a couple loves each other, the longer they have been together, the more likely they are to feel a kind of fatigue during sex, for some reason. This is what sex “rut” (Sex Rut) is all about. We get bored when we keep doing the same things over and over again.

When we play the same pattern of sex for a long time, there is no new stimulation or freshness, and we start to feel more malaise than pleasure.

Getting out of the rut is not difficult. Since the rut is caused by a pattern of sex in the first place, it’s a good idea to introduce new stimuli to sex. Sex toys are a great way to do this. If you’ve been having sex with your boyfriend lately and you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut ……, try a sex toy.

If you make good use of them, you can make sex with your boyfriend even more exciting than before, even more so than before. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail the causes of sex rutting, how to prevent it, and how to introduce sex toys.

Are we perhaps a rutting couple?

If you’ve been having sex with him lately, the pattern of sex is always the same, or you don’t feel good during sex. …… If any of these things ring true for you, unfortunately, you may be in a rut with your couple’s sex Not. If you dig into the specifics, you’ll find out what causes the rut and how to counteract it. So, let’s start by looking at the following three aspects of the sex rut.

  • Why do we get stuck in a rut?
  • What are the criteria for rutting in your sex life?
  • What can help you get out of a rut?

What causes a sex rut and where does it start? A major cause is that the pounding is gone. Everyone gets a thrill out of the first time they experience it. But even if you love someone with all your heart, you will get bored if the same thing keeps happening.

If sex becomes a “flowing experience,” it’s a sure sign that you’re stuck in a rut. In order to get out of the rut, you need to introduce new stimuli, and the best way to do that is with a sex toy.

Why do you get in a rut?

Experiencing something for the first time is very exciting, isn’t it? When you encounter something you’ve never heard of before, your brain is activated and goes into a so-called excited state. This is why the first time feels so exciting and fun.

However, after repeating the experience over and over again, the initial excitement fades away and we start to get bored. …… This is what we call “getting into a rut”.

Our brains have a modification to develop a tolerance to stimuli, so if the same thing continues, the transmission of neurotransmitters and other substances slows down and we don’t perceive it as a stimulus. These tendencies are no different with sex. The first time you had sex for the first time with someone you love, you probably felt like you were going crazy because of the thrill of it.

However, after six months, a year, and three years …… of being in a serious relationship, sex becomes somewhat less fun.

Basically, once a couple has been together for a year, the sex often gets into a rut. As a result, what used to be sex to confirm their love and connect more deeply, before long, becomes just a task. It’s as if sex is a “flowing process” because one of the couple’s sexual desires have built up and they want to vent, just because.

It’s as if couples are having a meal together. The main reason we eat something is probably “to satisfy our hunger”. Of course, it could be because we want to eat good food, but we don’t always get to eat what we really want. Sex will also be an act of simply “satisfying the sexual desire”. This is not a funny thing, but it still makes you feel a kind of loneliness/shabbyness, doesn’t it?

What are the criteria for a rut in your sexual life?

Sex Rut is a serious problem for couples. Even though they love each other very much mentally, the pain is made worse by the fact that they can’t love each other as deeply as they did before sexually. If you are in a sex rut, you need to take some steps to prevent it from being left alone.

The first step is to understand the situation. Specifically, the following five are typical symptoms of a rut, so check for any that come to mind.

  • You always have sex in the same flow or position
  • I’m not as excited about sex with him as I was before.
  • It’s like sex is “going through the motions.
  • Sex just feels good.
  • We don’t have sex as often as we used to.

Basically, the lower you go, the more serious it becomes. The rut begins with “routinization,” or repetition of the same thing. As mentioned earlier, rutting is caused by a decrease in stimulation. The stimulation in this case is not a physical one, like sexual stimulation, but a mental arousal.

How the mind can be excited is also a major factor in the satisfaction of sex. If you become routine, your heart won’t be pounding in your chest when you have sex with him, and you won’t enjoy bed time anymore.

As a result, sex becomes like a “streamlined” process that proceeds in a casual manner. Moreover, as the rut worsens, the sexual pleasure decreases gradually, so be careful. When this happens, sex itself becomes less meaningful and women in particular start to distance themselves from sex with him.

If it gets to this point, the possibility of “sexlessness” is quite serious. You can see how serious the sex rut is, since sexlessness is a major factor in the breakdown of couples, so you can see how serious the sex rut is.

What can help you get out of the rut?

When the body is away from you, the mind is naturally farther away from you. As we get in a sex rut and get bored with sex less and less often, our minds become a little more distant. …… Scientifically speaking, sex is for reproduction and sex drive relief, but it’s still an act of “emotional connection” and bonding.

If sex gets into a rut, you won’t be able to do that, so you want to get rid of the rut at all costs. Don’t worry, you may be able to get out of a sex rut with the following tips.

  • Change your position.
  • Change the situation.
  • Trying to introduce new plays.

You will get bored if you always have sex in the same position. You can try to incorporate not only the basic positions such as normal, cowgirl, and Doggy Style, but also sitting, lateral, and other acrobatic positions that are more effective.

Of course, the physical stimulation of the genitals will change, but the physical sensations and visual changes in the body will be more significant. Men in particular are easily aroused visually, so it’s very gratifying when a woman poses differently from the usual. Likewise, it’s important to change up the sex situations and the way you play.

Mechanical sex, as if you were having a standard breakfast every day, is not going to excite you. So, you may want to try some new situations to improve the situation.

For example, you might try changing the location or lighting in the room to something different, or having sex in front of a mirror or having car sex. If you’re going to change the situation, you could try a major change in the sex play itself, such as outdoor play or cosplay play. You’ll enjoy a completely different kind of stimulation.

However, these methods don’t always work. For example, positions have different affinities, likes and dislikes, and changing the situation or the nature of the play may not always provide effective stimulation. Perhaps a more radical change is needed to get rid of the sex rut at the root of the rut.

So, there is one thing that can have an obvious effect. It’s the “sex toy”. If you incorporate sex toys into your sex life, you’ll be able to get out of a rut and enjoy exciting sex.

It’s a sex toy to get rid of the rut!

The most effective way to get out of a sex rut is with a “sex toy”. A sex toy is an item that is used to increase sexual arousal and pleasure in sexual activities such as sex and anal masturbation. When you think of a sex toy, you might think it sounds somewhat geeky and embarrassing to use.

However, sex toys are not crazy and are used by many couples all over the world. Sex toys are a great way to fundamentally change our sex lives.

There are many different types of sex toys. However, they are all basically used against the sexually active zones to achieve sexual stimulation. The great thing about sex toys is that you can enjoy a different kind of stimulation.

For example, foreplay is basically using your fingers and tongue, but sometimes it doesn’t feel as good as you want it to. Women, in particular, may find foreplay frustrating, depending on the technique on the man’s part. This is another reason for the rut.

A sex toy makes foreplay much easier and more effective. Moreover, with an electric sex toy, you can use your own hands for caressing other parts of the body, as they can stimulate a variety of things just by turning it on.

Some sex toys are designed for men and some are designed for women. This means that men and women can also use sex toys for each other. Sex toys make it easier to stimulate your sexual organs, and you may find new points of comfort in your partner that you didn’t know about before.

Why you should use sex toys as a couple

Using sex toys as a couple can help couples get out of their nighttime rut in one fell swoop. But why is that? Simply put, it’s because it can color sex with new stimulation. A rut is caused by less stimulation in the first place, so the best solution is to increase the stimulation. Sex toys make it easy to do that. There are three main reasons why couples should use sex toys

  • You can see a different face to each other than usual.
  • Stimulation is the new spice.
  • You can learn about new sexual habits.

When sex is in a rut, we tend to have sex in a rut, we tend to have the same look all the time and have sex in a casual manner. That kind of atmosphere can make you feel like you’re in a rut even more. If you use a sex toy, you can get new pleasure from it, and you may see your partner’s new expression that you never saw before.

Such stimulation can spice up your sex life and you may discover new sexual habits (fetishes) and sexual zones. Let’s take a look at the benefits of sex toys.

We can see each other’s face in a different way

If you have the same kind of sex in general, the excitement and pleasure will be the same. Therefore, if you are used to playing all the time, you may get bored with each other because the expressions on your face are always the same, and there is nothing fresh about it.

That doesn’t get you excited, and you’d like to see him feel more comfortable. This is where a sex toy can help, as it can make a big difference in stimulation.

There are a variety of sex toys available, but no matter which one you choose, you can generally feel better than you do now. Especially if the sex toy has a vibration function, it will make a big difference. This is because electric sex toys have a unique stimulation that cannot be created by human power, such as fingers and tongue.

In other words, it’s very different from conventional sex in many ways. It’s a pleasure you’ve never felt before, and you’ll be ecstatic.

The way we look at each other during sex is very important. It makes you happy to see his face when he is feeling good, doesn’t it? Of course, he will also be happy to see the girl feeling it and it will make him more and more excited.

When couples incorporate sex toys into their sex life, it’s not just a good physical stimulation, it’s also a good mental stimulation. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy very pleasant sex with each other.

Stimulation is the spice of the day

As mentioned above, utilizing a sex toy will give you a stimulation that you’ve never experienced before. Moreover, that stimulation has a spice-like effect. It’s a great way to bring a whole new level of enjoyment to a dish that you’re used to eating, when you add a new spice to it.

Not only does it change the taste of the food, but it also changes the atmosphere of the dish. The same thing happens with sex.

A lot of people feel that their normal sex is lacking. It’s hard to get them to cut it out if they want to “do something like that” or “feel better. However, if you get a sex toy, you can make most things happen.

The new stimulation provided by sex toys can spice things up for couples. The presence of the toy itself will spice things up and motivate you to have sex.

The most common cause of a sex rut is a lack of stimulation. No matter how much a couple loves each other, it is difficult to enjoy sex without stimulation.

By adding the spice of sex toys to the mix, the atmosphere of sex can change dramatically. You don’t have to set up a different situation or change the nature of your play. Simply adding a sex toy to your normal sex life will make a big difference.

Get to know your new sexual habits

Many people don’t know much about their sexuality and sexual preferences, or what kind of fetishes (fetishism) they have. Most people believe that they have no unusual sexual habits and that they are “normal”. But that may not be true. Everyone has sexual desires.

They range from relatively simple things like “I want to play like this” or “I want to be stimulated here,” to slightly more maniacal things like S&M.

With a sex toy, it’s easy to blame your partner or yourself, so you can stand in different positions and try out different positions. You can enjoy sex on your own. The easiest way to understand this would be to say “offensive (S)” or “receiving (M)”.

When you use sex toys, you will find out many things. You may think you are the type to be blamed more and more by your partner, but you may be better suited to be on the “S” side to blame him/her.

Of course, it’s also an opportunity to learn about your partner’s sexual proclivities as well as your own. Especially on the male side, there are often hidden and concealed sexual habits.

More and more men are turning to anal anal masturbation and nipple anal masturbation in an attempt to explore new orgasms. It’s hard to tell a girl this because of embarrassment, but he may actually want you to blame your nipples and anal for sex. Sex toys are a great opportunity to expose each other’s sexual preferences in that way.

Sex toys for couples

We’ve found that there are many great benefits to using sex toys as a couple. But what exactly should you use a sex toy for? The truth is that the appropriate sex toy is a completely different good, depending on the place and purpose of its use. So, let’s take a closer look at five sex toys that are particularly famous and have many places of use.

  • Rotors
  • Magic wand
  • Vibrators
  • Sex Lubricants
  • condoms

The Rotor, Magic wand and Vibrators are all electric goods for women. When used on the female genitalia, the buzzing vibrations provide strong pleasure. Especially, the Rotor and Magic wand are for clitoral use and the Vibrators are for vaginal use. Otherwise, Sex Lubricants are essential for a wide variety of play. Condoms are also surprisingly useful for getting rid of a rut.


The rotor is one of the most famous sex toys and is especially recommended for beginners. It looks like a small egg and comes in many colors, such as pink, so even if you are new to sex toys, you can try them relatively easily. So even if you’re a bit embarrassed about sex toys …… or don’t want to be grotesque ……, you can still be comfortable with them.

The rotor has a body part that vibrates and a remote control part to control the action. Most rotors have a cable connecting the two, but more and more of them are not connected by a cable and can be controlled remotely.

The rotor is basically used to stimulate the external sexual areas of the body, like the clitoris, with pinpoint accuracy. Caressing the clitoris is often done with the hand or tongue, but that may inevitably lead to a lack of stimulation or an itchy feeling of being out of reach. If you use a rotor, fine vibrations will be transmitted to the clitoris and the pleasure will be increased at once.

You may reach orgasm as it is. In addition, the rotor can be used for the nipple, so it is also recommended for those who want …… to blame the nipple intensively. Be sure to get your boyfriend to actively use them.

The stimulation you get will vary greatly depending on whether you apply it to the clitoris with the skin on or with the skin off. Try out different ways as a couple to find the method of application and movement you like. However, the rotor cannot be inserted into the vagina and used. The rotors are not waterproof like Vibrators, so if you put them in the vagina, they will get wet and break.

In severe cases, it can be dangerous as it can cause an electric shock. If you want to use a good in the vagina, use the Vibrators described below.

By the way, rotors are not only for men to use on women, they are also very effective for women to use on men. For example, you can use it against his nipple and do nipple blaming, or you can use it against his head and do head blaming, and so on. More and more men are using nipple anal masturbation these days, so give it a try. The head is the most sensitive sexual area for men.

If you put a rotor to this area, the stimulation is transmitted more and more, and you can make him experience a pleasant sensation that he has never experienced before. However, if the vibration of the rotor is too strong, you will feel pain, so be careful with the intensity.

Magic wand

Magic wand is an electric massager. It is not a sex toy, but a health device to relieve stiff shoulders and neck pain. The Magic wand is also used as a sex toy because of its powerful vibrations and handy shape. However, the intensity of vibration is much stronger than the rotor, so you have to be careful when he uses it.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the timing of Magic wand and how to apply it, because it can cause pain when it is applied directly to the sexual area. It is safer and more effective to start from a little bit away from the main area.

The clitoris is a very sensitive sexual area, so be sure to ask him to slow down the vibrations when you apply the Magic wand directly to it. As long as you make sure that he follows these instructions, you will enjoy a very pleasurable experience with the Magic wand.

If you make good use of the Magic wand, you will get a very strong sensation that you can’t get from other products. This is because the Magic wand can stimulate the entire clitoris.

The clitoris that we imagine is only a small part of the real organ called clitoris. In fact, the clitoris is a very large organ, most of which is hidden inside the body. That means that the rotor can stimulate only the tip of the clitoris, and Magic wand can stimulate the whole clitoris with its powerful vibrations.

Here’s the thing about the clitoris though, beneath the surface of the skin, it’s HUGE! Seriously, The clitoris is actually kind of like an iceberg- what you see on the outside is just the tip and the bulk of it is down below! There are “legs” of the clitoris that run down the vulva on both sides and this is why, when it comes to the clitoris, we would do well to consider broad stimulation, like the kind that comes from the Magic Wand!.

The Clitoris, Broad Stimulation, and Why Wands Rock

By the way, Magic wand can be appropriated for general massage, but there are also some developed specifically for sex toys. There is no need to hide the Magic wand when storing it, because it is an obvious massage device, but it is too stimulating for sex toys.

On the other hand, the Magic wand for sex is easy to use because the vibrations and functions are adjusted for sex, but it looks a bit adult, so you may need to be careful where you store it.


If you want to enjoy vaginal stimulation, try vibrators, which are shaped much like male genitalia and vibrate like a rotor. The rotor is also originally a type of vibrator. Functionally, rotors and vibrators are very similar, but vibrators are very different in that they are inserted into the vagina. Vibrators are especially powerful when it comes to stimulating the G-spot and portio sexual areas.

The great thing about Vibrators is that they can stimulate the very sexual zones of the vagina. Normally, the vagina is stimulated with a finger or penis. With Vibrators, however, the situation changes dramatically. This is why Vibrators work great in foreplay, as if they were a substitute for a penis.

Moreover, there are different types of Vibrators. The basic one is a dildo shaped like a penis. On the other hand, some of them have a head that swings and makes piston movements. In addition, some of them have small vibrators (rotors) that stimulate the clitoris near the base of the regular vibrators, so you can stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.

However, vibrators can be a little difficult to use if you want to stimulate the portio-sexual area. If you want to concentrate on the G-spot and the portio sexual area, there are special vibrators that are designed for each spot. By the way, Vibrators can also be used on men, so you can expand your play.

Some men also want anal stimulation. Especially, “Anal masturbation” is becoming more and more popular these days, so more and more men are using anal masturbation to play with their anus. Therefore, you might be happy to tease your anus with Vibrators.

However, unlike the vagina, the anus is not resistant to the insertion of anything, so you need to be careful about the intensity of the vibrations.

Sex Lubricants

If you use a sex toy, you can’t go without Sex Lubricants; Sex Lubricants are goodies that are used to increase lubrication and make it slippery, especially to reduce pain in the vagina. Even if a couple decides to introduce a sex toy, it can still be painful to use, and applying Sex Lubricants can minimize friction and reduce pain and discomfort.

Sex Lubricants are not just for the genitals, but can also be used on other sexual areas such as the nipples or applied to the body for a slippery play experience. Sex Lubricants are a must-have product for couples who want to expand their play and get out of a rut.

Sex Lubricants are divided into three main types depending on the main ingredients: water-based, oil-based and silicone based. The main ingredient of water-based sex lubricants is water, oil-based sex lubricants is oil, and silicone based sex lubricants are made of silicone resin.

Each type has its own major characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Water-based Sex Lubricants are the most common type and are inexpensive, so they are readily available. They are highly viscous and sticky to the touch, and since the main ingredient is water, they can be easily rinsed off after use. However, its drawback is that it is not smooth and dries easily due to its high viscosity.

Oil-based products are oily and smooth to the touch, as the main ingredient is oil. Since it is oil, it is less likely to dry out and has a sustained lubrication level. However, the major disadvantage of oil-based Sex Lubricants is that they have the ability to damage latex condoms.

Therefore, you basically cannot use oil-based Sex Lubricants during sex. The main advantage of silicone bases is that they feel smooth and last for a very long time, but on the other hand, they are expensive and difficult to wash off. Moreover, they can damage silicone sex toys, so it can be difficult to use them with sex toys.

If you’re going to use a sex toy. Stick with a water-based lubricant. If your sex toy is made of silicone, silicone-based lubricants can break down a toy’s rubber over time.

Everything You Need to Know About Vaginal Lubricants

Based on the above, I would basically recommend choosing “water-based” Sex Lubricants for sex. If you really prefer an oil or silicone base, use polyurethane condoms instead of latex condoms, or a sex toy that is not made of silicone. There are also many other types of Sex Lubricants available. For example, unlike the other types, warm Sex Lubricants do not feel cool when applied. This makes it easier to enhance the pleasure.

If you choose anal Sex Lubricants, you can rest assured that you will not damage the intestinal walls when you do anal play.

Buy Sex Lubricants in India


Condoms are essential during sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, condoms may feel like they reduce sexual pleasure and may not be good for you in terms of feeling good alone.

When he wears a thick condom, it can feel like a lump of rubber is being inserted into the ……. However, condoms can be an unexpectedly effective sex toy to enhance a couple’s lovemaking time.

Three types of condoms in particular – the warm type, the warty type, and the color, scent, and flavored type – are famous for being revolutionary products that can enhance the pleasure of sex. Let’s take a brief look at them one by one.

The warm type is a condom that gives you a feeling of warmth. Its surface is coated with a special gel, which reacts with the water in the body to emit moderate heat. The advantage of warm condoms is that they increase sensitivity.

Countless nerves pass through the sexually active zones, and the heat emitted by a warm condom promotes blood flow, which increases the sensitivity of the sexually active zones.

Even if you normally have difficulty indide orgasm, you may be able to orgasm more easily if you ask him to put a warm condom on you. It is the goods to break the rut of sex. By the way, you don’t have to worry about the negative effects of the gel on the surface of the warm condoms because they are mostly just warm Sex Lubricants.

The “warted” type has warts on the surface of the condom. Of course, the effect of condoms with warts is to enhance a woman’s pleasure. Depending on the number and size of warts, the sensation of penetration will change, and the condom will feel as good as a sex toy.

It helps to break out of the sex rut because the stimulation is very different from usual. The “color, scent, and flavored types” all have the added attraction of regular condoms.

Many women are actually not good at blow jobs ……. Most men love to give blowjobs, but if you’re in a sex rut, blowjobs can become a chore. If the condom has a taste or scent on it, you can enjoy the blowjob like licking candy.

Also, if you use an all-black condom, your penis will be dyed jet black. Couples who love the heavy atmosphere will love it. Wearing a condom of the right color and scent for the couple is a great way to break the rut.

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How to choose a sex toy

In order to break the rut of couples, you definitely need to make use of sex toys. However, if you don’t choose a sex toy well, the toys you’ve acquired may not be of much use to you. …… You want to choose the best one possible and enjoy the benefits of the goodies as much as possible anyway. So, you can choose a better sex toy by using the following four methods to choose your goodies.

  • Choose by the play you want to try.
  • We choose each other’s sexual preference.
  • Choose the cheapest one for now.
  • Choose what is reputable and popular.

There is no point in buying a sex toy if it doesn’t suit the couple’s taste and purpose. First of all, think about what kind of play you want to do, and then choose the right goods to fit that. For this reason, it’s also important to consider each other’s sexual preferences.

It’s also a good idea to choose something cheap for now to get a feel for the atmosphere. Choosing based on word of mouth is basically more effective because you’ll be less likely to make mistakes.

Choose by the play you want to try

Each of the sex toys I’ve introduced here has a very different area and sexual area to use. Therefore, the goods to choose are very different depending on the sex play and the area to be stimulated. Even if you get a sex toy, it won’t do you much good if it doesn’t suit the play you want to do.

For example, if you want him to blame your clitoris and you buy Vibrators, effective clitoral torture will be difficult. Choose a sex toy based on the spot you want to be intensively stimulated or stimulated.

As mentioned earlier, everyone has a hidden sexuality, sexual preference and fetishism. Moreover, most of us keep them to ourselves, or we are not even aware of them yet. This is a great time to confront your own sexual preferences and discuss the play you want to do as a couple.

Choosing a sex toy based on the type of play you both want will help you enjoy the goods more effectively. It will be easier to figure out what position you want to start with, what position you want to do it in, and where you want the sex toys to focus on.

If you want him to get plenty of clitoral torture, have him use a rotor or Magic wand; if you want him to feel the orgasm in the G-spot or portio, I recommend Vibrators, especially the type of Vibrators that specialize in the G-spot and portio.

If you want your man to get his ass kicked, try putting Vibrators in his anus. But if you want to enjoy anal play to the fullest, a non-electric dildo is a great option. But if you want to enjoy anal play to the fullest, a non-electric dildo is also very effective.

Choose based on your mutual sexual preference

As mentioned above, choosing sex toys based on each other’s sexual preferences is crucial to breaking the rut. In play that requires the use of some kind of goods, the choice of goods will be especially important. For example, in “SM” play, the choice of goods will vary greatly depending on the positions of both players and their ideal play style.

If you are new to SM and don’t want to play too hard, you may have to play blindfolded or restrained. Therefore, the goods you should choose should be soft. Eye masks and handcuffs with cute designs should be relatively easy for a beginner couple to get into.

On the other hand, if you want to play harder, you’ll probably want to use more realistic handcuffs, shackles and ball gags. Consistency between the play and the goods is very important.

Also, a surprising number of men want women to cosplay. The costumes they want to wear are different from each other, but school uniforms seem to be the most popular. It’s probably good that they can remember their youth. Other costumes can be anything from anime or manga characters, to a specific situation or profession.

Cosplay sex can be even more exciting if you incorporate “playfulness” into it. For example, if he’s an M, a woman can dress up as a female police officer, handcuff her and play a soft S&M type of spanking, etc., which can also be exciting.

However, couples need to discuss any play that is strongly influenced by their sexual preference in advance, such as SM play or cosplay. Even if you are playing to break the rut, the basic aspects of play remain the same in all cases. The most important thing is that both parties agree to play to the fullest.

Women may be pressured to play in different ways by their partners, but there is no need to force them to play something they don’t want to do. The couple should discuss and decide what they want to play and then choose a sex toy accordingly.

Choose one that is less expensive

Sometimes you want to try a few things first, and then consider using the goods in earnest. In that case, choose a less expensive one. This is because if you buy an expensive one and it doesn’t fit, you may not want to use a sex toy anymore.

So, try out something that is less expensive and easier to get, and then see if it works for the couple. Instead of choosing based on your play or sexual preference, you can also try basic goods.

Basically, use rotors, condoms and Sex Lubricants for any kind of play. In particular, it is not an exaggeration to say that a rotor is indispensable for a woman to feel comfortable with foreplay, so it would not hurt to buy one for now.

By getting used to using a rotor first, you’ll be able to apply it when you move on to different plays and goods. If you feel that you can enjoy as a couple after trying out inexpensive goods, you can try higher grade goods or a different type of goods.

However, if you jump on the cheapest goods, you may end up buying goods that are not good for you. Be especially wary of sex toys made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the phthalate esters contained in PVC are known to be carcinogenic and have a risk of infertility.

Another tricky aspect of PVC sex toys is that due to the nature of the material, they are difficult to clean and keep clean and sanitary. No matter how inexpensive they are, try to avoid goods made of PVC.

Choose what’s popular by word of mouth

Online reviews are very helpful when choosing goods. You can get honest opinions about various points, such as good points and bad points, from users who have actually used the goods.

When you do not want to actually buy goods and do not want to lose money, and cannot easily choose goods in a shop because of living in a rural area, the word-of-mouth of the Internet will be a great help. However, it is important to note that just because a product is highly rated by word of mouth does not necessarily mean it is a good fit.

It is important to know how to use word-of-mouth reviews to help you choose the right goods, because word-of-mouth reviews can cause you to fail to choose the right goods. Basically, when looking at reviews, it is preferable to pay more attention to the bad reviews than the good ones.

If what is mentioned in the bad reviews is not a fatal disadvantage to you, then you can consider it positively. But if it’s something you can’t overlook, then move on to other goods. It will also be even more credible if you have information about what kind of user base the word-of-mouth is and what they used it for.

For example, the functions and performance required for single sex and couples are very different. For this reason, word-of-mouth reviews from users who have used it for masturbation may not be useful for couples to use it together.

These word-of-mouth reviews can also give you the opportunity to learn about other products. For example, it’s common to find that you thought such a product was good for you, but as you search for it, you come to think that something else entirely would be better.


In this article, we’ve discussed the causes of sex getting into a rut, how to counteract it, and how to introduce sex toys. The reason why sex with your partner doesn’t excite you as much as it used to, when you get used to the same kind of play over and over again and don’t get any new stimulation.

In particular, if you are always having sex in similar positions and situations, or if you start having sex as if it were a streamlined process, it is likely that you are in a sex rut. As a result, the frequency of sex itself can decrease, which can have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship.

In order to break out of this kind of sex rut, you need to introduce new stimuli into your sex life. Changing positions, situations, and plays is good, but introducing “sex toys” is more effective than that.

When couples incorporate sex toys into their sex life, they get to see each other in a different, erotic way and see each other in a different way, which, combined with improved physical stimulation, gives them a new level of excitement. This spices up your motivation for sex and helps you to learn about each other’s new sexual preferences.

The following products are recommended for couples who are new to sex toys to incorporate: rotors, Magic wand, vibrators, Sex Lubricants, and condoms. The Rotor and Magic wand are used to stimulate the clitoris and the Vibrators are used to stimulate the vagina.

In addition, Sex Lubricants, which are essential for sex toys, and condoms, which are essential for safe sex, can also be useful as sex toys that provide new stimulation, surprisingly. Warming and warty condoms are especially effective.

When using a sex toy for the first time as a couple, it is recommended that you talk to each other about what you want to try out and what your sexual preferences are, and then choose one that works for you. If you just want to get a feel for what it’s like, a rotor that is inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways is a good choice.

When referring to online word-of-mouth reviews, it is important to look not only at the positive and negative aspects of the product, but also at the purposes and situations in which the user used it. We encourage couples to make the most of sex toys and get out of the rut.