Ranking of sex toys for beginners


Sex toys are designed to enjoy the pleasure of being alone. Enjoying pleasant masturbation and having an orgasm can have a pleasurable effect on you, including restful sleep and relaxation. Sex toys can maximize those benefits of masturbation.

However, there are many people who have heard about sex toys, but are too embarrassed to use them for some reason. Even if you want to use them, you may not know which one to choose.

There are many different types of sex toys. The best sex toy for you will depend on what you want to focus on and how you want to feel good, and the best sex toy for you will vary depending on your goals and preferences.

If you can find a sex toy that suits you, you will be able to boost your masturbation routine by leaps and bounds. However, you need to be careful about choosing the right size and maintaining good hygiene. This article provides a thorough explanation of the benefits of sex toys, the different types, and what to look out for.

Have you ever used a sex toy?

Sex toys are used during masturbation and sex to enhance sexual arousal and pleasure. You might be more familiar with them as adult toys or adult products. However, you may feel embarrassed or scared to use them in some way. If you can only take the first step, sex toys are goods that can change your masturbation and make it great.

Usually, masturbation is done with your own hands. It can still feel good enough, but once you get used to it, it may not be enough, or you may want stronger stimulation. That’s when a sex toy comes into play. When you think of sex toys, you might think of them as being for men.

But nowadays, sex toys for women are rapidly developing. Mainly, the goods that stimulate the clitoris, vagina and nipples are famous.

The best thing about sex toys is that you can get pleasure on your own, just like, or even better than, real sex. Since there is a partner in sex, it is sometimes difficult to feel as good as you want or to surrender to the pleasure.

The pleasure you get from sex toys varies, and sex toys can help you do things that are difficult to do with manual masturbation, such as stimulating the G-spot for inside orgasm.

The effect of sex toys

Sex toys are essential for masturbation. But what exactly is the great thing about sex toys? If you’re going to do this, you want to get as many benefits as possible, don’t you? To put it plainly, sex toys make masturbation even more effective.

The following five benefits of masturbation and sex toys are what makes them so attractive to women all over the world.

  • Restful sleep.
  • Relaxation effect
  • Appetite suppression effect
  • It makes your skin beautiful.
  • More sexually active zones.

I think the effects are all quite surprising. Once you understand why masturbation leads to restful sleep and relaxation, you’ll want to be more active in masturbation. It can curb your appetite, cleanse your skin, and all the other things that make a woman happy.

Of course, sex toys also multiply the benefits of knowing your sexual zones and increasing the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

Restful sleep

Because masturbation has a restful sleep effect, actively masturbating to orgasm can help you sleep better, and according to a study conducted by Lastella et al, masturbation-induced orgasms seem to improve the quality of sleep.

When a woman is sexually active, she burns roughly 70 calories, so it’s likely that she feels a little more tired and sleeps better after masturbation. In particular, when she reaches orgasm, her body will be moving more, so she will burn more calories.

Moreover, it also increases the production of “oxytocin,” a hormone that gives you a sense of well-being, as discussed below, which has a synergistic effect on the relaxation effect and makes it easier to sleep. You can further enhance this effect by utilizing sex toys to reach a solid orgasm.

The more stressed and frustrated you are in your daily life, the more your nerves will not be able to get a good night’s sleep due to high nerves. This will also reduce the production of female hormones, which can lead to a hormonal imbalance. Enjoy a deep orgasm with a sex toy and get a deep sleep.


Masturbation has a strong relaxing effect. That’s because the hormones “oxytocin” and “prolactin” are released; Blaicher et al.’s study showed that blood levels of oxytocin are clearly higher in women’s blood after they reach orgasm than they are normally.

Exton et al. also showed that blood levels of prolactin were higher for at least one hour after a woman masturbated.

Sexual arousal and orgasm produce a distinct pattern of neuroendocrine alterations in women, primarily inducing a long-lasting elevation in plasma prolactin concentrations. These results concur with those observed in men, suggesting that prolactin is an endocrine marker of sexual arousal and orgasm.

Cardiovascular and endocrine alterations after masturbation-induced orgasm in women

Oxytocin, also known as the “happy hormone,” is a hormone that has a euphoric effect on the body. It is famous for being secreted when you are in contact with a loved one or a cute animal, but it also increases when sex and masturbation make you feel good.

Prolactin is secreted during male ejaculation and causes men to lose their sex drive rapidly, but it actually works when women reach orgasm as well. Prolactin has a calming effect on the mind.

Thus, reaching orgasm through pleasurable masturbation releases highly relaxing hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin. Therefore, even when you are stressed or frustrated, you can change your mood. These effects of masturbation are further enhanced by sex toys.

Especially if you masturbate before bed, it also enhances the aforementioned restful sleep effect.

You can suppress your appetite

Pleasant masturbation may help to curb your appetite. Appetite and sex drive are our greatest cravings, but they seem to relate to each other. For example, have you ever had the experience of spending so much time engrossed in something that it’s past your mealtime?

When that happens, you should not be very hungry, strangely enough. Thus, when you’re doing something in pursuit of your own desires and goals, you often forget about other things.

In the same way in the relationship between sexual desire and appetite, if you satisfy one of them, you can satisfy the other in its own way. Therefore, after you’ve enjoyed a nice masturbation session with a sex toy, you may be able to curb your appetite.

This can help you lose weight. However, not everyone can get these effects, and dieting through dietary restrictions can be bad for your health. Think of it only as a reference and make sure you are dieting the right way.

Clean skin

The health of your skin is more important than anything else for women. A good masturbation session with a sex toy to make you feel good may increase the production of female hormones.

Female hormones are essential for a woman’s beauty and health, and a lack of these substances can lead to a variety of physical ailments in the body. …… Normally, female hormones are gradually reduced from the late twenties, but it is believed that masturbation can increase their production.

Female hormones are also important for breast enhancement. Estrogen, a type of female hormone, is closely related to the size of the breasts, and an increase in the amount of this hormone can increase the size of the breasts.

The growth of breasts stops in the first half of 20 years of age, but even after that, it is believed that if the production of female hormones is increased, it is possible to increase the size of the breasts. For these reasons, masturbation with sex toys can also enhance a woman’s beauty.

Get to know your sexual zones

If you’re going to have sex or masturbate, it should feel as good as possible, right? But what does it mean to “feel good” in the first place? How can we make it feel good?

The short answer is to stimulate your sexually active zones. The sexual zones are the points that are easily felt. There are several sexually active zones inside the vagina, and there are also many good points all over the body.

Most of these zones are not usually conscious and are not very sensitive. Therefore, it is important to develop your sexual zones in order to be able to feel them in different places.

By using sex toys to masturbate, you can get to know your sexual zones and increase your sensitivity. By doing so, you can increase your pleasure during masturbation as well as the satisfaction you get from sex.

When you increase your sexual zones, you can ask him to stimulate them during sex, which will increase your pleasure. When a woman feels good, it makes the man happy and makes sex more exciting and exciting on his part.

Masturbation, of course, is done to feel good alone, but it also helps to prepare the body for the real thing. By using sex toys, you can develop your sexual organs more effectively.

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Once you learned about the great benefits you can get from sex toys, you may be eager to use them. However, there are many different types of sex toys available.

It’s important to choose the right toy for your purpose, as they are used in completely different places and the pleasure you get from them. The following five sex toys are mainly popular with girls.

  • Vibrators.
  • The egg vibrator
  • magic wand
  • Dildos.
  • lotion

Of the five above, three of the vibrators, egg vibrator and magic wand have an electric vibration function. You don’t have to move your hand in small increments, so you can masturbate very easily.

The dildos are manual and require some technique, but depending on how you use them, they can be very useful. Lotion is also essential for sex toys, so be sure to have it on hand.


A vibrator is a vibrating device that is inserted into the vagina to give you pleasure. It is surprisingly difficult to tease the inside of the vagina with masturbation, isn’t it? The G-spot is located 4 to 6 cm from the entrance of the vagina and feels rough and slightly swollen when touched by a finger, while the A-spot is located at the deepest part of the vagina, around the cervix.

Both are sexual zones that can bring a woman to orgasm. However, it is difficult to reach the A-spot with a finger. In such a case, the vibrator comes into play. The vibrator is a long and slender shape, and it is inserted into the vagina like a penis and used. It is the most effective way to have an inside orgasm easily. It’s also rather easy to use.

There are various types of vibrators. Usually they are in the form of a long and thin stick, but you can choose the one with a head that moves as if it were undulating, or a small vibrator that can blame the clitoris together, depending on the purpose.

The way of using it depends on the type of vibrator, but basically, you insert it into the vagina, move it back and forth, and hit the G spot and the A spot. The vibration function can be changed freely, so you can get closer to orgasm.

egg vibrator

The egg vibrator (Love Egg) is a sex toy for beginners. The egg vibrator has a small egg-like body that trembles and gives you a pleasant sensation. The egg vibrator is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris, because it is easy for girls to introduce it without feeling any resistance and the vibration is moderate. It can feel much better than teasing it with your hands.

The egg vibrator itself doesn’t have much variation, and the cute egg-like shape is pretty much the same for all types. However, the materials and vibration patterns of the egg vibrators vary greatly depending on the product.

egg vibrators are basically made of soft materials such as rubber and silicone, but there are also hard materials such as metal and plastic that provide completely different stimulation when you place them on the clitoris. There are even more types of vibrations available.

In the cheaper egg vibrators, the vibration pattern is single and uniform, so you can simply choose the strength. On the other hand, the relatively higher quality models have complex patterns and random motions due to IC control.

It’s like being blamed by a man for sex, which can be surprising and exciting. For example, the vibration starts at a slow speed and stops abruptly and starts moving again, or a combination of vibration and irregular pulsation. These types of movements can dramatically increase the pleasure of masturbation.

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magic wand

magic wand (Wand Vabrator) is an electric massage machine. Originally, it was a medical device introduced by Hitachi in 1968 for the Japanese who have a tendency to have stiff shoulders and necks. In fact, many people still use it to massage their shoulders and necks, but at the same time it is used to bring many women to clitoral orgasm.

Even the famous drama “Sex and the City” aired an episode where the main character, Samantha, uses the Hitachi magic wand for masturbation. As a result, there is an interesting anecdote about how the stock of Hitachi’s magic wand was sold out in the United States.

The magic wand is used to stimulate the clitoris in the same way as the egg vibrator, but the magic wand differs from other sex toys in its frequency of vibration. magic wand is designed for massage in the first place (at least Hitachi, the magic wand is an obvious It claims to be a medical device), so it vibrates loudly at a low frequency to relieve stiffness.

The result is a thumping, resonant, full-body shivering stimulation. After a while, you may feel numbness or even numbness.

The magic wand is very strong, so it is suitable for people who are used to sex toys to some extent. By the way, nowadays, not only Hitachi, but many other manufacturers in the world sell magic wands. Each one has a different vibration intensity and pattern, so it’s fun to choose the one that suits you best.

As you become more advanced, you will be able to use the vibrator to shake the entire vagina and blame the vagina with the vibrator in combination. It’s probably better to use the vibrator as an adjunct to other goods rather than as a main use.


A dildo is the oldest sex toy in the world. Simply put, it’s a penis-shaped device that resembles a penis, and the vibrating function is gone from the vibrator I mentioned earlier. Like a dildo, it is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot and the P-spot, but it is a little more advanced because you have to move it all by yourself.

Dildos made of stone or wood were used in ancient societies. The first dildos that gave rise to the present day dildos were made of rubber, which appeared in the 1940s.

Nowadays, the mainstream is made of silicone for a softer and more natural feel. Silicone is durable and easy to sterilize, so you can enjoy safe and pleasant masturbation. Chrome-plated dildos seem to be popular with women who prefer to play hard.

There are many other materials available, including glass, iron, and cyberskin (a material close to human skin). PVC (polyvinyl chloride) dildos are also available, but these should be avoided as much as possible due to health concerns. We will discuss this in more detail later.

As far as shape is concerned, it basically resembles a male penis, but novice women may be resistant to it. For this reason, some of them have a simpler shape or are designed to resemble animals or cartoon characters.

Dildos can be used by simply applying a generous amount of lotion first and then inserting it into the vagina; they can stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot, but they do not have a vibration function, which can be a bit tricky for beginners.

However, you can think of it as being able to stimulate yourself freely because it does not have a vibration function. It feels good to move it back and forth like actual sex and enjoy the pleasure slowly. It’s also safe for those who can’t use a vibrating product because it’s too noisy.

In this respect, the dildo may be surprisingly suitable for beginners. Also, if you insert the dildo while applying the egg vibrator or magic wand to the clitoris, the deep vibrations are transmitted to the depths of the clitoris and make it feel good, so the dildo is a good product to buy.

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Lube (Personal Lubricant, Lube) is an essential part of a sex toy. Lube is applied to the penis, vagina, anus and other parts of the body to reduce friction and increase pleasure. There are three main types of lotions:

water-based (water-based), oil-based (oil-based), and silicone-based. Water-based lotions are the most common type, but they last for a shorter period of time because the water evaporates during use. The oil-based type has a longer duration because it does not contain water, but it has the fatal disadvantage of damaging latex condoms.

Steiner et al. investigated how water-based and oil-based lotions affected latex condoms, respectively. The results showed that oil-based lotions clearly increased the breakage of latex condoms. It also revealed that more than three quarters of the couples had a misconception about the relationship between condoms and lotions.

This indicates that water-based lotions should be used when wearing latex condoms, not all-base condoms.

The third type is silicone based. Silicone based lotions do not contain water, which makes them feel silky and smooth, unlike regular water-based lotions. What’s more, silicone based lotions are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membranes, so they have a longer lubrication time.

While we can’t say that silicone base is safe for all latex condoms, at least it won’t damage them as much as oil-based lotions do.

However, be aware that silicone-based lotions are not compatible with silicone-based sex toys and can cause the surface to melt and become sticky. A sex toy damaged in this way can also cause hygiene problems because it can be prone to bacteria growth.

If a sex toy is incompatible with a particular type of lotion, there is almost always a warning on the label of the sex toy, so be sure to check it. As long as you don’t have these problems, silicone-based lotions are very pleasant to the touch and can enhance the pleasure of sex and masturbation.

If you want to know the right way to make sex toys for women, click on the article below.

When you masturbate, do you use a dildo? an egg-vibrator? or Vibrators? Which one would you recommend?
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How do I choose? How to choose goodies

We’ve taken a closer look at the benefits and types of sex toys. More and more, you’re starting to want to use sex toys. But the question you may be wondering when you get your first goodies is how to choose the right one.

If this is your first experience with an adult toy, you want to choose one that you will enjoy as much as possible. So, let’s keep the following three points in mind.

  • Start with an inexpensive one.
  • Choose the right one for the purpose.
  • Be careful with the material.

We recommend that you start by choosing one with a relatively low price. Then, if you consider the one that fits your purpose and preferences, you should be able to find one that you can use safely even if you are a beginner.

However, you need to be careful with the material of the sex toy. No matter how much you like it, you don’t want something made of a material that is bad for you. Let’s take a look at the important points above.

Start with something cheap

Adult toys are not suitable for some people. This is because different people have different places that feel good and different types of stimulation that they like.

If you try your best to buy something expensive from the start, you’ll be shocked if it doesn’t work for you. You might not want to buy toys anymore. That’s why we recommend beginners to start with a cheap sex toy.

However, the cheaper the better, or the cheaper anything is, the better. Anything too cheap can be poor quality and dangerous. For example, if you choose an inferior product with a vibrating feature, such as a vibrator or egg vibrator, you may not be able to control the vibrations properly and damage your precious genitals.

Cheap dildos can also contain harmful substances, as we will discuss later, or they can have sharp edges called burrs that can cause injuries.

It’s better to buy something that’s good enough and relatively inexpensive, rather than suddenly buying a high quality, highly functional, high-priced product. For example, if you’re new to vibrating goods such as vibrators and egg vibrators, they don’t have to come with a variety of vibration patterns.

Choose one that has a solid quality of minimum vibration features and try to get a feel for the sex toy. If you like it, you can try a higher quality one.

Choose the right one for the purpose

There are many different types of sex toys available, but it is important to choose the right goods for the purpose. If you choose a different one, you will not be able to use it at all. For example, if you want to stimulate your clitoris and come as hard as you can, it doesn’t make much sense to choose a vibrator or a dildo.

The four most common sex toys are “egg vibrator”, “vibrator”, “dildo”, and “magic wand”, so it is important to choose the right one for the purpose.

If you want to have an “outside orgasm”, the egg vibrator is recommended, if you want to have an “inside orgasm” with the G-spot in the vagina, the vibrator is recommended, and if you want to have a “portio orgasm” with the portio (A-spot), the dildo is recommended.

If you want to feel the clitoris as the main part of your body, a magic wand will do the trick. Also, in many cases, you need to prepare a lube as well as a sex toy. This is because if you apply the sex toy as it is, the friction will cause pain, so you need to lubricate it with lotion.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose an egg vibrator to basically achieve clitoral orgasm. This is because the clitoris is the base of a woman’s orgasm and the easiest way to get pleasure from it.

Once you can cum freely on the clitoris, you’ll be able to feel it more easily on the G-spot and A-spot as well. Also, of the four above, the dildo is the only toy that doesn’t have an electric function, so it’s recommended for those who are not comfortable with electric goods.

The dildo can also be used in combination with the egg vibrator or magic wand later on when you get the egg vibrator or magic wand.

Be careful with the material

When choosing a sex toy, it is important to pay attention to the materials used. No matter how cheap and functional they are, if they are made of materials that are bad for you, they will not be safe to use. Harmful materials can often lead to health problems.

Be especially careful with dildos, vibrators, and other items that are inserted into the vagina. Since the vagina is a girl’s most important reproductive organ, harmful materials can have a negative effect on her reproductive function as well.

For example, inexpensive dildos may be made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), but avoid PVC toys whenever possible. This is because PVC contains phthalate esters. Phthalates have been linked to negative health effects, including cancer and fetal damage. Sex toy manufacturers recommend that you wear a condom before using PVC goods, so be careful.

In addition to harmful substances, there is another dangerous one that can damage your genitals. It is a sex toy made of a hard material. As we’ve discussed, there are a variety of materials used in sex toys. However, if you are a beginner, try to choose a softer material, such as silicone or rubber, as much as possible.

Try to avoid hard materials such as metal and plastic as much as possible, as they can be dangerous for beginners.

Cautions for sex toys

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many great benefits to sex toys. There is a wide variety of goodies available, and you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your purpose and preferences.

However, since sex toys are inserted into the vagina and vibrate, you need to be careful about safety. When choosing and using a sex toy, be sure to keep the following three points in mind.

  • Check the size!
  • Maintain good hygiene management.
  • Be careful not to overuse it.

Choosing the right size sex toy is important. If you force yourself to use one that doesn’t fit your body, you may end up with more pain and injury instead of pleasure. Hygiene is also extremely important. If this is neglected, bacteria can grow on sex toys and cause infections. Also, be careful not to overuse your toys so that you don’t become unsatisfied with sex.

Check your size

If you’re new to sex toys, don’t go overboard and choose a smaller size. This won’t be much of a problem with egg vibrator or magic wand, but if you use a vibrator or dildo, be careful. These goods are meant to be inserted into the vagina and enjoyed.

Of course, too small to be satisfying is a problem, but too big is a risk of injury. Choose a small to standard size first, and then upgrade as you go along.

Vibrators and dildos have one major thing in common: According to Herbenick et al. vibrators and dildos are commonly used by both men and women in the United States, and yet they are also recommended by clinicians. However, they do recommend choosing the right size goodies.

Typical vibrators and dildos were about 4 to 6 inches (10 cm to 15 cm) in length and 4 to 5 inches (10 cm to 12.5 cm) in circumference. However, some products were considerably larger than those. These factors basically recommend choosing a vibrator or dildo that is within the above size range.

There are also a wide variety of anal sex toys available, although we didn’t go into detail on this one because it’s for beginners. However, since anal is even more sensitive than the vagina and more prone to injury, choosing the right size is especially important. In any case, choose a slightly smaller toy at first and let your body get used to it gradually.

When you want even stronger stimulation, choosing a larger item will be more effective in helping you enjoy masturbation.

Maintain good hygiene

Hygiene is also extremely important with sex toys. A filthy sex toy can harbor a large amount of bacteria that can become infected when it is reinserted into the vagina.Marrazzo et al. found that “bacterial vaginosis” is common among lesbian women who frequently use sex toys.

23 lesbians aged 18 to 29 years old Many of them said that they do not wash their hands or goods when using a sex toy. This indicates that unsanitary sex toys are extremely dangerous.

A publication by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has also shown that if sex toys are not kept properly clean and used, the genitals can become infected.

Mainly, it seems that the vagina can become infected with bacteria (germs), resulting in bacterial vaginosis and dysentery. Of course, sharing sex toys with others can lead to horrible sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis, HIV and hepatitis. Therefore, it is important to make sure that sex toys are cleaned before and after use.

The method of cleaning adult toys depends on the type of goods used. If the toy is motorized and not waterproof, clean it as directed in the product’s manual. Basically, all you need to do is wash the parts of the toy that come in contact with your body with a sanitizing solution.

For waterproof goods, try to wash the goods as carefully as possible with warm water and soap or hand soap. It may be tedious, but if you keep your sex toys clean, there is almost no risk of infection.

Don’t overuse them!

Sex toys are a wonderful thing. If used well, they can increase your sexual sensitivity and pleasure. However, you should be careful not to use too many sex toys, as they can actually decrease sensitivity. Dildos and lotions are not particularly problematic, but electric goods such as egg vibrators, vibrators and magic wand can cause excessive stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

Goods with a vibrating function are appealing because they can give you very strong pleasure. However, as you get used to the stimulation from vibration, the vibrations become even stronger as you want to feel more and more comfortable.

When this happens, your sexual organs get used to the strong stimulation and it becomes difficult to be satisfied with sex with your partner. It is not desirable to get too accustomed to sex toys because by nature, loud vibrations with buzzing are not natural to the vagina.

For these reasons, it is clear that a sex toy with a vibrating function should not be used every day. It is better to limit it to once or twice a week. This will prevent you from getting used to the stimulation, and it will also increase the pleasure you get from each session.

If you want to use some kind of sex toy every day, it’s safer to use a dildo. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using lotions frequently either, so it’s a good idea to combine them with daily masturbation.


In this article, we’ve discussed the benefits of sex toys, the types of sex toys, and what to look out for. The beauty of sex toys is that they enhance sexual pleasure and maximize the benefits of masturbation, including restful sleep and relaxation.

Using an adult toy can effectively train your sexual organs, which makes sex with your partner feel even better. The five main sex toys are the vibrator, egg vibrator, magic wand, dildo, and lotion.

The egg vibrator is the most suitable for beginners, and it can stimulate the clitoris effectively for external come, while the magic wand is characterized by very strong vibrations and can stimulate the whole vagina.

Vibrators and dildos can be inserted into the vagina to blame the G-spot and A-spot for deep orgasms. Lotion is also an essential item for these sex toys, so you should definitely have it on hand.

If you are a sex toy beginner, choose a relatively inexpensive one for your purposes first. Use soft materials as a base, and try to avoid anything that is too hard or contains harmful substances.

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to hygiene, as the goods you use must be cleaned or risk infection. Sex toys are great items, but they should be enjoyed in moderation. Get a sex toy and enjoy the best masturbation you can get.