How to make sure you can inside-orgasm for Indian women

How to

How to make sure you can inside-orgasm for Indian women

I know a lot of women who long for the inside orgasm. I’ve heard it feels really good, but I’ve only ever come outside. My boyfriend wants me to come inside, but I don’t know how! I’m sure there are many people who do. It is true that the pleasure you get from inside orgasm is exceptional, and once you get to know it, you may become addicted to it. In this article, I’d like to talk about how to learn such inside orgasm.

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What is inside orgasm anyway?

Inside orgasm is an orgasm that is obtained by stimulating the vagina. It’s a little more difficult than outside orgasm and its duration is longer than outside orgasm.

There are two types of inside orgasm, the first one is the pleasure that comes from stimulating the G-spot and the second one is the pleasure that comes from stimulating the portia. I will explain the difference between them and how to feel an orgasm.

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Let’s develop the G-spot first

The G-spot is a relatively easier way to experience inside orgasm than the porcio. When you can feel the orgasm at the G-spot first, you can try the porcupine.


The G-spot is located behind the pubic bone, 3-4 cm in front of the vagina, on the side of the abdomen. The location varies somewhat from person to person, but it is often located around the insertion of the middle finger to the base and bending the second joint. It’s rough and coarse, in a range about the size of a coin. Squirting is also caused by stimulating the G-spot. In the beginning, you will often feel urine and discomfort even if you continue to stimulate it, but over time, stimulation will turn into a pleasant sensation. If the amount of wetness increases after heavy stimulation, you can say that you are being sought out.

How to caress with your hands

The first step is to create an environment for masturbation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that making you feel sexually active is the most important part of female masturbation! We need to be relaxed and horny to get wet. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves need to be in balance.

You can watch an adult video, read a sensual novel, or just fantasize about it. If you feel like having sex anyway, start by slowly touching your nipples and breasts over your underwear. I recommend pinching or crushing your nipples with the entire cloth. If your nipples become erect, touch them directly. When your vagina is wet, reach downward. Start by touching the top of your underwear, then gradually start to touch it directly. After caressing the clitoris enough, move to the G-spot.

It is a trick to make it easier for you to come, and you should have an outside orgasm once. Once you have an orgasm, your body becomes sensitive and it is easy to feel again. So try using this method in the beginning until you get used to the sensation of inside orgasm.

Finally, it’s time to find the G-spot. With the belly of your fingers facing upward, insert your fingers all the way to the base. Bend the second joint and try to find the clitoris between 11 and 13 o’clock, with the position of the clitoris as 12 o’clock on the clock. You see the rough area? That’s where the G-spot is. It varies from person to person, but after 10-20 minutes of gentle tapping, you will feel an orgasm.

You can feel an orgasm if you tap gently for 10-20 minutes. It is recommended to use lotion for this. A wet state feels twice as good, and the risk of damaging the inside of the vagina by a nail etc. is reduced. Let’s use it positively.

How to use goods

This one is also a good place to start. After you’ve raised your mood and caressed your breasts, once you’ve done the outside orgasm, you can finally reach for the goods. The useful thing about goodies is that they have materials and shapes that are specific to the area you want to stimulate.

The best way to use the goods is to have an item that is specialized for each location, and if it is of a shape that is easy to stimulate the G-spot, a vibrator is definitely the way to go.

A vibrator is an electric vibrator that is inserted into the vagina in the shape of a male organ. There are various types of vibrating, swinging (rotating motion), and piston (up and down) functions. It is the item that gives stimulation by strong vibration. Let’s insert it into your clitoris after it is wet enough. It is easy to feel an orgasm if you change the angle, the strength of the vibration, and the movement. Try hitting the G-spot for a while.

Once you’ve mastered the G-spot, move on to the portia

Porcupines are harder to reach and more challenging than the G-spot, so it’s best to try to master the G-spot first, then gradually work your way up to it.


Portia is the area at the entrance to the cervix. Insert your finger to the deepest point and see if there are any protrusions of different textures? That’s what the portia is for. The average length of the vagina is 8-10 centimeters, which makes it difficult for a woman’s fingers to reach it. The uterus will drop in position as you feel it, so try inserting your finger again after you become aroused. Porcupines can be painful with intense stimulation, so be aware of small increments of stimulation. Try lightly tapping in a steady rhythm.

How to caress with your hands

Portia is located quite far back, so it can be a little difficult to feel the orgasm with your fingers alone. Even in the unlikely event that it does reach you, it’s difficult to keep it stimulated for a long time, and it can be dangerous if your fingernail gets stuck. Aside from a man’s hands and penis, the only way for us to feel our own orgasms during masturbation is to use the goods now!

How to use the goods

A dildo is a good choice for porcine development. A dildo is an item that imitates a penis and can be inserted into the vagina or anus to give you pleasure. The reproduction rate of the glans and potassium is very high and there are many sizes available. Most of them are equipped with suction cups, and they can be fixed to the floor or wall and used to move as you like. They differ from vibrators in that they do not have a vibration function, so you will be able to poke your porthole exactly where you want it to be.

Create the environment and start by caressing your breasts and do the outside orgasm first. Once you have the goods in your hand, apply plenty of lotion and insert them slowly. Porcupines are where you will feel the pressure rather than strong vibrations. It’s the image of pressing the dildo against it and doing the finger pressure slowly. It is better to warm a dildo in advance. It’s a good idea to warm it up beforehand to make it more sensitive and exciting.

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There are actually more than just two kinds! Sneak preview

The major locations in the inside orgasm are definitely the G-spot and the porthole, but for those of you who have mastered it perfectly and want to take it to the next level, I’m going to sneak in a few other places as well. The difficulty level keeps increasing, so only those who are willing to give it a try will be able to do so.

Secret G-Spot

The posterior wall of the vagina, which is just behind the G-spot, is the back G-spot. If you insert your fingers into the vagina on your back, palm down, and the belly of your fingers touches the hollow of the vagina, that is the back G-spot. Or when you insert your thumb to the base of the vagina, it is often just where the belly of the finger touches the vagina. You should stimulate it with the same image of giving pressure as the G spot.

A Spot

Further back from the G-spot, in front of the cervix, is the A-spot. It got its name after Adam Tokunaga, a sex therapist, discovered it. When you insert your penis, it is the spot where the tip of the glans touches the tip of the glans. When you stimulate it yourself, you should stimulate it in small increments, imagining a vibration rather than a piston motion. You may want to use an item.

AG Spot

The AG spot is located 1.5 cm behind the G spot, and like the A spot, this spot is also found by Adam Tokunaga, a sex therapist, so that the A is added to the head. The point is where the belly of the Your fingers may be in an extended position, so use the base of your fingers as a fulcrum to stimulate the vaginal wall with the sensation of tapping it. It is recommended to use an item here too.

Why can’t I still have inside orgasm?

For those of you who have tried the method so far and still can’t get inside orgasm, you may not be properly prepared for it! It’s not the steps, but the prep might not be right! I’ll tell you why you can’t orgasm by cause and how to improve it.

Not relaxing

Again, we need to be relaxed and horny to get wet. Have you been wondering about your surroundings or thinking? To feel orgasm, you need to get rid of the evil thoughts. If you are in a situation where you don’t have to think about if your voice is heard, etc., let go of your daily worries and fears and focus on the pleasure.

The vagina is not wet

Inserting yourself into the vagina in a hurry, even while it is not wet, will not feel good. The major cause of your lack of wetness is most likely that you are in a state of tension. Do you feel some guilt or fear about masturbating? Relieve the tension by resolving any psychological anxiety you may be experiencing.

Short time to stimulate

In order to feel orgasm, it is important to stimulate slowly and without haste, especially inside orgasm. Do you want to get comfortable, and are you touching it in a haphazard way? And it was no good, and you may be quick to give up. In the beginning, it’s normal to be in it for the long haul. Take your time and don’t worry.

Not yet developed

It’s honestly hard to come from the beginning in an undeveloped situation! Of course, there are some people who can feel it at one time, but in many cases, the sexual zones become more and more sensitive as you go through the process, and eventually reach orgasm. Each person is different, so don’t be in a hurry. If you try a few times, you will surely learn it.

Inside orgasm easy body

Some people are more prone to inside orgasm and some are less prone to it. Although it is a matter of physical constitution, it becomes easier to feel them when the body gets used to them. Therefore, the first step to learning inside orgasm is to make your body easy to do it!

Just relax

I know it sounds persistent, but it’s all about relaxation anyway! You can burn aromatherapy or play your favorite music. Create an environment in which you can maximize yourself and be free from tension and anxiety. I recommend using indirect lighting for brightness. It will help you feel calmer and more horny than brighter.

Try a muscle training session

In fact, the body’s construction is closely related to INSIDE ORGASMS. Orgasm is caused by contraction of the muscles around the internal genitalia. Therefore, if you train these pelvic floor muscles, you can easily have an inside orgasm. Make a conscious effort to tighten the anus, urethra and vulva on a regular basis. This is a partial workout for the pelvic floor muscles.

Stimulate the outside and inside at the same time

If you try to do inside orgasm suddenly, it is difficult and you can’t do it easily, but you can do orgasm by stimulating clitoris at the same time. This is practically an outside orgasm, but it will change even if your body learns to come while stimulating inside. You don’t have to do the outside orgasm gradually, so let’s stimulate at the same time at first.

outside orgasm

In contradiction to what I just said, there are ways to endure the outside orgasm, once you do the outside orgasm or stimulate inside while fiddling with your clitoris, you can reach orgasm, but you just can’t do the inside orgasm! When you can’t stand it anymore, try to tweak the inside of the game. When you can’t stand it anymore, try tweaking the inside only. After repeating this several times, you will be able to orgasm only inside.

Rely on specialized items

Sex toys are a good thing to rely on, anyway; there are specialized items for both the G-spot and the porthole, so you can buy them. The G-spot is a two-legged type that can be stimulated at the same time as the clitoris. If you’re a porcupine, I recommend a long and firm dildo.

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There is no right answer to orgasm!

Each person feels orgasm differently; some have never experienced one, while others can orgasm multiple times in a single masturbation session. Also, not all of them feel the aforementioned easy-to-understand pleasure, and some of them realize afterwards that it was so. On the other hand, there are people who feel like their whole body is floating around.

Many people think that they can’t do inside orgasm because of the pressure from him, but many people can easily do it after they can think that it doesn’t matter either way. The deeper pleasure is said to be inside orgasm, but outside orgasm has its goodness in outside orgasm. There are some people who prefer outside orgasm after experiencing both, so let’s not get caught up in the stereotype and develop at our own pace.


There is no right answer to masturbation or sex. However, it’s fun to get more pleasure out of it. Sexual desire is one of the three main desires. Just like you want good food and quality sleep, women can be sexually insatiable.

Take your time to learn orgasm without being too focused on inside orgasm, but also with the expectation of a new world.