Why Recommend Sex Lubricants Masturbation For Women?

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Sex Lubricants is not the only reason why we recommend masturbation, not just because masturbation makes you feel good. By masturbating and feeling comfortable, the body secretes oxytocin, a substance called “happiness hormone.” Oxytocin also has the effects of feeling happy and reducing stress, and reducing anxiety and fear.

Also, female hormones are secreted, so you can get closer to a feminine style. Also, many people seem to be able to sleep soundly after sleeping after masturbating. Sex Lubricants are easily available at drug stores and can be easily ordered online. Therefore, it is also recommended for beginners and those who are worried about masturbation or sex.

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Sex Lubricants?

What does a lubricant mean in the end? I think many people think that. Simply put, it is a liquid that improves sliding.

It is good to have it when using sex toys and having sex. Of course, it can be used for massage, and not only for moisturizing vagina, but also for massage on the penis, the slip doubles the pleasure.

What is Sex Lubricants?

What are Sex Lubricants in the first place? For those of you who aren’t, it’s probably faster to actually see it. This is called Sex Lubricants.

It is very clayy and makes your skin slippery. Compatibility with sex toys and masturbation is very good.

Why do we need Sex Lubricants for female masturbation?

Of course you can masturbate without Sex Lubricants. However, the method is always the same, and I get tired of making a rut. With Sex Lubricants, you can touch the nipples and clitoris as you normally would, but the feeling is completely different, so you can enjoy the feeling of being touched by someone.

Some Sex Lubricants also contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and honey. Therefore, not only the role of increasing the sensitivity but also the beauty effect can be expected. When you have sex, your skin may come into contact with you, so you may be happy that your partner feels smooth on your skin.

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Precautions when using Sex Lubricants

There are rumors that if you use Sex Lubricants, you will not get pregnant, but Sex Lubricants have no contraceptive effect. Be sure to wear a condom or take a low-dose pill. In addition, most of the Sex Lubricants do not have an expiration date, but since the main component is water, discoloration and decay proceed.

The expiration date for Sex Lubricants is about six months. However, if the color is changed or impurities are floating, there is a high possibility that the decay is advanced. Please be aware of the expiration date of edible Sex Lubricants because they have a shorter expiration date than regular Sex Lubricants.

When using Sex Lubricants in sex, we recommend using lubricating jelly. This is used for the skin to skin contact with the other person. “Sodium polyacrylate,” which is the main component of Sex Lubricants for the whole body, is a liquid that has the characteristic of becoming viscous by absorbing water.

This ingredient may absorb water in your vagina, causing pain in your vagina during sex. Lubrication jelly is “for mucous membrane” that supports friction and insufficient wetting during insertion. It’s safe because it’s designed to be inserted into the vagina even though it’s inside.

Advantages of masturbation using Sex Lubricants

Masturbating with Sex Lubricants has the advantage of doubling pleasure, reducing pain, outstanding compatibility with toys, being able to use it for sex, and finding your own comfort. We will introduce each merit in detail.

Pleasure doubles

With Sex Lubricants, you can feel the excitement more often than usual by touching your nipples and clitoris, and you’ll be more excited. You can enjoy the sexual excitement of being touched by someone. In addition, if you apply Sex Lubricants and use your fingers or goods during masturbation, it protects the erogenous zone from pain due to friction, so you can get a high pleasure. In fact, when you’re masturbating or having sex, when you’re getting a lot wet, have you felt slimy and comfortable? It feels great to me when I’m using the Sex Lubricants and touching it in a slippery condition.

Reduced pain

Sex Lubricants can reduce the pain caused by friction during insertion and touch. Some women feel pain at the time of foreplay. Foreplay is okay, but some people find it painful when inserted. One of the causes of pain is the friction between the skin. But with Sex Lubricants, you’ll be able to significantly reduce friction, making it less painful. It is also recommended for those who are worried that they will not get wet and will hurt during sex.

Also, the pain of insertion is partly due to familiarity and experience, so if you use Sex Lubricants and ring it with your fingers or adult guts, you will have the advantage of having smooth sex with your partner. If not wet, not only women but men may not feel comfortable. In order for your partner to feel good, they both need to be wet and feel good. Men and women can move more smoothly and have more comfortable sex when women are sufficiently wet

Great compatibility with toys

Sex Lubricants also go great with toys. Speaking of toys, there are many people who imagine the grotesque shape and color. However, today’s adult goods are more and more cute in appearance. At first glance, there are things that look like beauty goods and do not feel uncomfortable even if you leave them in the room.

A typical toy is the one with a vibration function that gives a pleasant sensation to female genitalia such as the vibe and rotor. If you do not use Sex Lubricants, you will not be able to insert it well, and even if you insert it you will feel pain and you will not be comfortable. However, if you use plenty of Sex Lubricants and the toy is sufficiently wet, you can move it smoothly, and even stimulate places where you can not reach with your fingers.

In addition, since I can stimulate my own feelings at my own pace, many people who have been having trouble with sex and have had an orgasm when they use toys can experience it.

In addition, recently, toys equipped with not only vibration but also a function that sucks up have been released, and it is popular enough to be out of stock. It is also attractive that many products can be easily purchased online. There seems to be a site that says “Beauty liquid” in the product name part of the box that you will receive after ordering. It is safe for those who are new to adult guts and who are uneasy or who live in their parents’ homes.

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Can be used for sex

Sex Lubricants can be used not only for masturbation but also for sex with a partner. First, let’s massage each other’s bodies with plenty of Sex Lubricants. You can create a relaxed state by not rubbing too much on sex and rubbing your shoulders or something like a massage.

You can also paint on each other’s body and enjoy the flirting atmosphere before sex. Creating a mood is especially important for women to have sex. If you can create an atmosphere and feel better, you will have more sensitivity in sex. It can also be used during foreplay, which is an advantage that it can be used for both male and female foreplay. When playing foreplay on a man, you can give a great sensation by taking out a proper amount of Sex Lubricants and rubbing it up and down.

When using it when inserting it, you can smooth the insertion and reduce the burden on the female side by putting Sex Lubricants on the male side as well as the female side. Women are more likely to get wet when they are wet, and men are more likely to get ejaculate if they are sufficiently wet and the vagina is warm.

You can find where you feel good

Masturbation has the advantage that you can find where you feel comfortable. There are many women who have never, or never, had sex with a partner. Do you have any troubles when you ask your partner to play foreplay and you feel uncomfortable because your partner does not feel comfortable or when you ask “Where do you feel?” If you masturbate alone, you can find out what you feel at your own pace.

First of all, if you know what you feel and tell your partner, you can be more comfortable with sex. If the woman feels good, the man can be pleased and there is no need to worry about damaging the pride. When masturbating, Sex Lubricants will reduce friction, so you can increase your sensitivity without feeling any pain. It is also recommended because even people who are suffering from pain during sex can relieve the pain during insertion, and by training themselves, they can enjoy sex much more than before.

How to use Sex Lubricants for masturbation

How do you feel comfortable when you masturbate for the first time with Sex Lubricants?
Sex Lubricants Many people don’t know how to be careful about masturbation or how to effectively touch their nipples and clitoris. So I will introduce you to the comfortable Sex Lubricants masturbation method.


Please patch test your Sex Lubricants before you start using them. Some people may have allergic symptoms because the ingredients do not match their skin. If you put it on your hand and it feels tingling or redness appears, stop using it immediately. It’s hard to put it in a delicate delicate zone.

In addition, when using it, many Sex Lubricants are cold immediately after they are taken out of the container. Also, many people masturbate with Sex Lubricants in the bathroom because they can be washed immediately. If you do it on the bed, be sure to put a bath towel on the sheets in advance so that they will not get dirty so that the sheets and bedding will not get dirty.

You must also remove your clothes before using Sex Lubricants. Be careful not to touch it as it may become sticky after it is taken out. The main ingredient of Sex Lubricants is water, so it can be wiped off quickly with a tissue. Just don’t wipe it off completely, so be sure to rinse it off with water at the end.

Sex Lubricants masturbation with boobs

If you masturbate with Sex Lubricants with your boobs, you can start it more comfortably than with clitoris or vagina, so it is also recommended for beginners. It can be easily started as an extension of a bust massage.

Gently massage your chest with Sex Lubricants to help boost your bust. Even if you don’t feel comfortable even if you caress your nipples when you have sex, by developing with masturbation you will be able to feel good even when you have your partner touch it. The more sensitive your breasts are, the easier it is to get wet, which will also increase your overall satisfaction with sex. In addition, Sex Lubricants may increase sensitivity and make your body more wet.

Sex Lubricants is a 10-yen coin size that is placed in the palm of your hand, and is raked with your fingers and your thumb and index finger extended. If you are fully familiar with your fingertips, try stimulating by pinching your nipples with your fingers, and then pulling by pinching your nipples, or by stimulating your nipples with your fingers. You can also get a different feeling by using not only your fingers but also your palm.

Apply Sex Lubricants to a wide area of the bust and move it around your nipple, rubbing it with your palm. Once you get used to it, you can gradually push it with your finger pad like rubbing your nipple and massage your nipple. It is also important to touch it with strength and weakness. Some people may feel a little more intense stimulation, but the nipple is a delicate part and may break if it is too strong. Avoid sudden stimulation.

Sex Lubricants masturbation with clitoris and vagina

When masturbating with Sex Lubricants on the clitoris or vagina, apply Sex Lubricants to the middle finger or index finger and actually touch the delicate zone. While gently touching the clitoris and its surroundings, try adjusting the amount of Sex Lubricants for pain or friction. At first, gently rub it in a circular motion around the clitoris, and then gradually squeeze it between your clitoris skin with your fingers or gently press it from above.

You can also put your finger on the vagina (inside the vagina) to feel comfortable at G-spot, which is one of the erogenous zones. The G-spot is located on the abdominal wall of a woman’s abdomen, and this spongy place gives some people a deeper feeling of pleasure than a clitoris.

Generally, the G spot is located about 4 cm from the entrance to the vagina. Put your finger up to the second joint, bend the finger and hit the G spot. At this time, it is easier to put Sex Lubricants on your finger and insert it, so you can reduce the feeling of “scary”. If you move your finger, there is a different feel and place from other rough places, so let’s search there.

You can feel an orgasm by pushing that place with a constant rhythm using your finger pad. This is to orgasm at G spot. G-spot is a place where it takes longer to feel more comfortable than clitoris, so let’s take time and increase the sensitivity without rushing. If you can feel it here, you will have a good body even when you have sex with your partner.

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Sex Lubricants masturbation with anal

Learn how to masturbate with Sex Lubricants in anal. Anal means a hole in the ass. This is a erogenous zone for people who like sex and advanced users. Anal is also a place where you can get a pleasure that is completely different from other erogenous zones. If you are not used to it, it will hurt if you insert your finger or adult goods into your anal suddenly, and there is a risk that it will break, so it is necessary to wet it sufficiently.

Unlike Vagina, there is no lubricant like joy juice from anal, so you should always use Sex Lubricants or jelly when you masturbate in anal. There are also Anal Sex Lubricants and Anal Lubrication Jelly for exclusive use of anal. It has different viscosity and slipperiness from normal ones, and it has the property that it does not dry easily even if used for a long time, compared to normal Sex Lubricants. Sex Lubricants are essential items for anal masturbation with peace of mind.

The use of Anal Sex Lubricants gives you a strong feeling of sliminess, which makes you feel good and amplify your feelings.

First of all, without using any tools, attach Sex Lubricants to your finger and trace around the hole with your finger, or insert your finger about 1 cm and if there is no pain or discomfort, there is no problem. The point is to apply enough not only on the surface but also inside. Apply Sex Lubricants to the area around your anus and apply it to your skin.

If you feel thirsty or stuck as you unwind, immediately add Sex Lubricants to keep you moist. When you get used to putting in and out of your fingertips, draw a circle and move it like a hole to loosen it. It is important to relax, as tension makes you feel more pain. I’ve never done anal before because I’m afraid that it’s scary, but there are people who say anal is the most comfortable, so if you feel like rut even if you try it May be good.

Sex Lubricants Masturbation in Adult Goods

As a typical adult guts, the one with a vibration function that gives a pleasant sensation to female genitalia such as a vibe rotor is famous. If you use a condom on the vibe or rotor, you can easily clean the Sex Lubricants as they will not get dirty easily. You can also use it with peace of mind because you can keep it hygienic, and you can use Adult Goods for a long time. If you don’t like condoms, please use a special cleaner.After use, clean the product to keep it clean.

After use, there are cases in which germs have propagated even if it is not dirty at first glance. .. It will be used in delicate areas, so be sure to use it with a condom and keep it clean. If it’s a rotor, you can hang it by the strap and hit it. Gently press it in small increments against the vagina or clitoris, and press it firmly where it feels more comfortable. Let’s insert the vibe as it is, using the slimy slide of Sex Lubricants. The slimy feel of the Sex Lubricants allows for a smoother acceptance and more transmission of vibrations and movements inside.

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Sex Lubricants masturbation for men

I will also introduce how to masturbate Male Sex Lubricants. It is recommended for those who have recently become masturbated with their usual masturbation. All you have to do is to rub your regular masturbation with Sex Lubricants, which you can easily get at drugstores and mail order. You can enjoy a slimy feeling than usual masturbation, and you can also enjoy the feeling of human skin by warming up Sex Lubricants.

First, take an appropriate amount of Sex Lubricants in your hand, warm it up to body temperature, and then spread it around the glans. The reason for expanding the glans centering is that the glans is particularly vulnerable to friction. I also attach the glans mainly for the purpose of protection.

Once you’ve got it wet, give it a stimulus as if you were doing regular masturbation. Touch the male genitalia with the Sex Lubricants on. It stimulates the entire area from the back streaks (the thin folds at the base of the glans) to the base. At this time, many people find it comfortable to move up and down along the back streak. Continue for a while, and once you get used to it, hang it on the belly of your thumb by hooking your neck from below.

This method may feel painful if you do not wear Sex Lubricants, but by adding Sex Lubricants, you can feel comfortable even if you stimulate it a little. You may get thirsty during the masturbation and it may hurt, so let’s keep it in a place where you can reach and supplement it. If you feel that slippage is getting less, add Sex Lubricants for a slimier feel.

Sex Lubricants masturbation points

Sex Lubricants If you masturbate, Sex Lubricants may get dirty around you. We recommend that you choose a place where you can wash off immediately, such as a bathroom, or use a bath towel to prevent the sheets and futon from getting dirty. Take off your clothes and take the Sex Lubricants out of the container.

Touching the clothes after putting them in your hands will make them dirty. Some people go to sleep with a feeling of weakness after masturbation, but be sure to drop the Sex Lubricants firmly. Leaving the Sex Lubricants on your body can cause dry skin. Even people with clean skin may have dry skin that absorbs water more and more.

If you leave something left on your face, it may cause stains, so be careful. Some people may find that the ingredients of Sex Lubricants do not match their skin and may cause allergic symptoms. Do a patch test before you become allergic. If you put it on your hand and it feels tingling, please stop immediately.

Use Sex Lubricants to increase your masturbation sensitivity

If you masturbate in the same way every time, you will get used to it and the comfort will be halved, and you will not be able to get enough satisfaction. You can also relax by using Sex Lubricants, and you will feel as if they are being touched by a person, which increases sensitivity.

People who feel uncomfortable with their nipples will gradually feel the nipples when they touch the nipples while touching genitals such as the clitoris. By increasing the erogenous zone and increasing sensitivity in this way, you can polish yourself into a highly sensitive body. In addition to just touching it, using Sex Lubricants can prevent rut and give you more pleasure. Looking at the feeling of women, men are also excited, so increasing sensitivity is only a merit. I can feel more than I have ever had and my partner can be happy.
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When using Sex Lubricants, be careful not to stain the surrounding area, pay attention to the expiration date, use a lubricating jelly for mucous membranes instead of Sex Lubricants, and rinse thoroughly after using. Protect these and masturbate properly with Sex Lubricants to increase sensitivity and polish your beauty.

Women also have a tendency to get wet and are hard to get wet, so I would like people who feel difficult to get wet to feel having sex with Sex Lubricants. For that reason, training before sex with a partner using Sex Lubricants and Adult Goods is important. Finding out what a woman feels can help her partner become more sexually excited and satisfied.

Partners can feel more confident when they know that they caress themselves. In addition, the love for the other person will increase. I hope people who are uncomfortable using Sex Lubricants can try this opportunity once again.