Proper use and precautions of sex lubricant for sex and masturbation for women

How to

For women, the word sex lubricant is a bit embarrassing.
“I’m interested, but I don’t have the courage to use…”
“I’m embarrassed to hear what it is…”
There should be many such women.

However, for women, I really recommend masturbation and sex using sex lubricant.
This time, I would like to explain about sex lubricant for such a woman.
What is sex lubricant? Are there any usage or precautions? Is there a merit to use?
I will answer such various questions.

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What is sex lubricant?

Do you know what “sex lubricant” is?
I’ve heard about it, but I don’t think there are surprisingly few people who can answer it correctly.
We usually say “sex lubricant” all at once, but in reality there are various types, and the purpose of use depends on the application.
The product called “body massage

sex lubricant” sold in Japan is for “measuring communication with partners” and its purpose is “to apply to the whole body”.
On the other hand, what is “applied to the local area” is called “lubrication jelly” and is defined as “supporting insufficient local wetting”.

If you use it incorrectly, it can be dangerous…
This time I would like to talk about a little about “sex lubricant” that I know and don’t know.

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Lubricating jelly for lack of moisture

During sexual intercourse,
“It won’t get wet…”
“It hurts a little…”

How many women have some experience?
Even if you have a happy time with your partner, if you feel like that, you will feel down and it’s wasteful.

At that time, I would like to use sex lubricant called “lubrication jelly”.
Many products use natural ingredients and water so that it can be applied to mucous membranes, so you can use it directly in the vagina or on the partner’s local area with confidence.
Some products have a flavor, and some are safe to eat.
If you use a product with a flavor,

“I’m not good at caressing the locals of the other party…”
It seems that people can overcome it, and it seems that there are more ways to enjoy it with partners.

Of course, even if you don’t have a partner, you can enjoy using this “lubricating jelly” by yourself.
If you use “lubrication jelly”, you can enjoy a different feeling and increase the variation of one-man etch.

In addition to the flavors, there are products with various ideas such as “warm feeling type” and “cool feeling type”, so look for something you like, something that your partner might be happy with, or something that seems to eliminate troubles. How about trying it out?

Massage sex lubricant

Unlike sex jelly, massage sex lubricant should not be used inside the vagina or locally.
The reason is that massage sex lubricants often contain “water-absorbing ingredients”, which may conversely dry the vagina. Not all, but be careful if it contains a component called “sodium polyacrylate”.

Lubricating jelly is used only for “intravaginal/local”, but massage sex lubricant can be used for the whole body other than “intravaginal/local”, and its purpose is diverse.

It can be used to communicate with your partner and, of course, as a lubricant for massage.

If you try different ways of using it, you’ll feel like having more time with your partner.

Various types of products are also sold here, so why not try choosing one that you and your partner like.

What is the raw material for sex lubricant?

There are various types of sex lubricants, but the raw materials also differ depending on the type.

Now, let’s take a look at what raw materials are used to make them.

Sodium polyacrylate type sex lubricant

Most commonly known sex lubricants are of this type.
It is made of water and a component called “sodium polyacrylate”. As I explained earlier, “sodium polyacrylate” is a water-absorbing ingredient, so if it is used in the vagina, it may be deprived of water and dry out. Avoid using it in the vagina.

Glycerin type sex lubricant

Glycerin is an ingredient that is also used in lotions, etc. It has the property of being gentle to the skin and easily soluble in water.
The glycerin type sex lubricant does not have to worry about becoming dry and is easy to wash off so it can be used in the vagina when having sex.

Silicon type sex lubricant

Often made of silicon and plant-derived oils.
It is difficult to dry for a long time, making it ideal for anal play.
Please note that it may melt if applied to the same silicone-based adult goods or condoms.

Advantages of using sex lubricant

“You don’t have to use it separately…”
It is a sex lubricant that is often thought to be, but in fact, using sex lubricant has various advantages.
Introducing sex lubricant into your sexual life and private life may eliminate your worries and change your values.
Then, I would like to explain what kind of benefits it has.

Relief of pain (also for sexual intercourse)

It is said that women feel pain when they have their first sex, but it is said that many women suffer from pain not only when they have their first sex but also when they have subsequent sex.

If you feel pain during sex, the sex itself will be painful, your partner will have to put up with it, and as a result the relationship between the two will deteriorate …

In fact, women often feel pain during sex because of lack of water in their vagina.
The lack of water causes friction in the vagina, which causes “pain” and “discomfort.” In the worst case, it may bleed…

We recommend that you actively use “Lubricating jelly” to solve such problems.
Lubricating jelly contains plenty of water, so you can have smooth sex without friction and reduce the burden on women.

Do you feel that even if you have sex with a partner who could not be positive, you can actively face it by using “lubrication jelly”?

Improved sensitivity

With sex lubricant
“Sensitivity improves”
Did you know that?

The use of sex lubricant on the body improves slippage and has a massage effect, which improves sensitivity.
If you apply it to each other’s nipples and local areas, the sensitivity will increase and the degree of excitement will increase.
It has been said that both women and men who have been worried that “it was difficult to orgasm” used sex lubricant and improved sensitivity by using sensitivity.

In addition, there are many people who are not good at licking a male part…
If you apply a sex lubricant to the men’s local area, the smell will be reduced. Good slippage and comfort for men! !

Even if your usual sex becomes rude, using sex lubricant will increase the sensitivity and change the atmosphere, deepening your mutual love.

Great compatibility with sex toys

I think that there are many people who use a Vibes , Dildos  or a rotor(Egg Vibrators) to do a solo etch.
Did you know that adult goods and sex lubricants really work great together?

Not only can sensitivity be improved, but obscene sounds can be produced to create a naughty atmosphere.
By slipping slippery, you can stimulate a place different from usual, enjoy a naughty atmosphere with a sound that is “obscene sound”, and it seems that there will be a lot of variations of one person etch.

If you use sex lubricant with flavor, you can enjoy the aromatic scent at the same time as one person etch and you can even immerse yourself in an elegant mood. It seems that you can keep it clean even after using it, without leaving any unpleasant odor.

In addition, both men and women, if they use adult merchandise without sex lubricant, there is a risk that they will get injured inside the vagina or the local area due to “friction”.
I want to make it a fun time for one person, but that’s a problem…

To protect yourself from such dangers, adult goods and sex lubricant must be used as a set.

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For anal…

It’s a bit of a maniac story, but I think many people like anal masturbation and anal sex.

Anal cannot get wet by itself, and if you tamper with the anal without using sex lubricant, there is a lot of danger that it may cause hemorrhoids and swollen bacteria from the wound, so sex lubricant is It’s required, isn’t it?
However, the usual sex lubricant has the drawback that it easily dries and the pain when inserting a finger or object is difficult to relieve.

Did you know that there are sex lubricants for anal?
Compared to ordinary sex lubricants, sex lubricants for anal use have the property that they do not dry for a long time. They are moisturized and the elasticity of the anus is improved, reducing the pain during insertion. (6)
Better slippage Longer slippage improves sensitivity and allows anal sex to be more comfortable with each other.

It’s a sex lubricant, which is quite beneficial for anal lovers.
Of course, it’s best to use a special anal lubricant, and unlike many normal lubricants, it doesn’t dry easily and long play is possible.

Use sex lubricant for masturbation

When you masturbate using sex lubricant, the pleasure jumps by an order of magnitude more comfortably than normal masturbation.
However, masturbation using sex lubricant is a hurdle for people who are not familiar with it, and it may become dirty, so be careful.
Therefore, I would like to explain the basic method of masturbation using sex lubricant.

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To masturbate using sex lubricant, you need to prepare first.
If you go without making preparations, the bed and floor will be covered with sex lubricant and it will be difficult to clean up afterwards, and it may become dirty.
Not only that, but there is also the risk that masturbation with sex lubricant will be revealed to family members and cohabitants who have seen the dirt, so make sure you do the preparation without being bothersome.

First, cover the bed, floor, and potentially spattering areas with newspaper or a plastic bag or bath towel so that the sex lubricant does not get dirty.
For dirt measures, this is OK.
Or, do it in a place where you can wash away immediately even if it scatters, such as a bathroom.

Next, heat the sex lubricant to the level of human skin.
We recommend using a hot water bath to warm it up. If you put the sex lubricant in hot water at 60-70 degrees and leave it for about 10 minutes, it will warm up to human skin.
By warming it to the level of human skin, it blends smoothly without feeling “cold” and doubles comfort.

After warming, dilute the sex lubricant with lukewarm water. You can thin it as you like.
You can use the undiluted solution as it is, but it is very sticky and may dry out quickly, so it is better to dilute it if possible.

Practical edition

When you’re ready, it’s time to practice.
How much you should use depends on your personal preference, but use about 500 yen coins on the part you want to attach.
If you feel that something is not enough, gradually increase the amount.

It’s a good idea to apply a proper amount of sex lubricant to your chest and stimulate your nipples in a circular motion with your palms and fingers.

For the vagina, I think it feels good to apply sex lubricant to the fingertips, stimulate the clitoris in a circular motion, or tap the fingertips to play.

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Also, when using sex lubricant masturbation with a vibe or rotor, apply a proper amount of sex lubricant to the vagina, and at first, stimulate with a slight touch of the vibe or rotor.
After getting used to the stimulus, gradually insert it to strengthen the stimulus.
Don’t forget to add the sex lubricant as soon as you feel it is dry or if you feel it is not enough.

There are no rules for masturbation, so you can use the goods after stimulating with your fingers, or you can use the goods from the beginning to stimulate, so please find the sex lubricant masturbation that suits you.


I myself used to masturbate using sex lubricant, but masturbation without sex lubricant was not enough anymore, and the comfort and sensitivity were completely different.

In fact, this is what other people who have experienced sex lubricant masturbation say.

Most of the people who have masturbated using sex lubricant answered that the comfort has improved.
Some say that “the quality of the skin has improved”…

It seems that just adding sex lubricant to your usual masturbation is not only pleasant but also beneficial in terms of beauty.

Use sex lubricant for sex

If you use sex lubricant when you have sex, you will feel better and you will get closer to your partner, and you will feel even more naughty.
In fact, I think there are many couples and couples who use sex lubricant when they have sex.
But is the usage of the sex lubricant really correct?
As you may know, if you do not know it, let’s learn how to use sex lubricant correctly and enjoy sex lubricant sex even more.


First of all, when using sex lubricant for sex, it is necessary to prepare two kinds of sex lubricant for massage and lubricating jelly for local use.

The sex lubricant for massage is basically better if you enjoy it in the bathroom so that you don’t have to worry about bed and futon getting dirty.
However, if you really want to use it in a bed or futon, you should lay a bath towel. It seems that they also sell sheets for waterproofing, so it may be good to prepare and prepare such things.

Also, if you do not remove the stickiness of the sex lubricant immediately, it will dry quickly, so it is safe to prepare to wash it off after enjoying.

In that sense, it is better to do it at a love hotel rather than doing sex lubricant sex at home, and it is better to wash it off quickly, and above all it may be better not to worry about getting dirty.

Practical edition

With sex using sex lubricant, you can not only flirt but also massage each other’s bodies and enjoy each other. If you want to massage, put a lot of sex lubricant on each other’s body, and massage each other where you want them to massage.
The massage improves blood circulation and eases your feelings, and you can feel very happy because your body is in touch with each other.

For the purpose of flirting, pick up about 500 yen coin size of the lubricant and apply it to where you want to stimulate each other to stimulate each other.
Rather than suddenly getting harder, you can deepen your bond by exploring what makes you feel better and communicating.

There is also a way for two people to have fun together by using adult goods.
Even in that case, let’s do it while confirming each other’s inspiring points and feelings.
Adult goods and sex lubricant may discover new sides of each other.

In the case of insertion, apply lubrication jelly to each other’s local areas, and insert while gently stimulating.
The insertion will be smooth, there will be no pain, the sensitivity will be improved and you can comfortably concentrate on sex.


By myself having sex lubricant sex, I feel that my sense of distance with my partner has shortened and I have had more conversations. I feel that I have a feeling of compassion for the other person, and I feel that the relationship with each other has improved.

I have heard from other people as well.

Everyone seems to be able to become more positive by having sex lubricant sex because their worries about sex are improved and their marriage is getting better.
When I hear these impressions, I feel that just by incorporating sex lubricant sex into a part of my life, various things seem to move forward.

Types of sex lubricant and how to use each

So far, I’ve talked about sex lubricants roughly, but if you look closely, what kind of sex lubricants are there and what are their characteristics?
Also, are there any usage or precautions for each?
I would like to take a closer look.

Normal type

Isn’t it a so-called generally known sex lubricant?
Many of them are fragrance-free and transparent, and can be used for a wide range of applications such as massage, masturbation, and foreplay of sex.

It is convenient to use in any situation, but it often feels cold when used as it is, so it is necessary to use it by heating it up.
Also, if it contains a component called “sodium polyacrylate,” it should be used in the vagina because it has the characteristic of drying it in the vagina and making it difficult to wash off. (14)

Warm feeling type

The warm feeling type is a sex lubricant that makes the applied surface warm and wrinkle and further increases the sensitivity.
Many of them contain moisturizing ingredients, and I am happy that they are gentle on the skin.

It is a sex lubricant that is especially recommended for massage because it gets warm.
If you use it for massage, blood circulation will be improved and you will feel comfortable.

In addition, you can comfortably use it for sex lubricant masturbation or sex lubricant sex in the winter, and you can enjoy sex lubricant masturbation / sex lubricant sex without worrying about catching a cold.

Flavor type

There are various flavor-type sex lubricants, and there are many products with fruit flavors such as “peach” and “apple”.

There is also a sex lubricant that is safe to eat, so you can enjoy it more safely if you check the product label and choose one that you can eat.

For flavor type sex lubricant, you can enjoy the scent with sex lubricant masturbation, and it is also recommended to take a bath and play with the partner while enjoying the scent.
It’s great that you can feel good while being healed by the scent! !

Also, if both women and men are not good at caressing the locals of the other person, I think it’s okay to apply a flavor type sex lubricant and cheat with the scent to overcome it.
If we can overcome it in this way, we can further reduce the distance between us and build better relationships.

Silicon base type

Normal sex lubricant is based on water, but this silicon-based type is based on silicon as its name implies.
Because it is based on silicon, it has a slimy feel and is hard to dry compared to normal sex lubricant.

The silicone-based type sex lubricant has the characteristics that it has a great slimy feel and the characteristics that it does not dry easily, so I think that it is extremely effective when used for anal play and hard play.
If you are unsatisfied with ordinary sex lubricant or lubrication jelly, we recommend using this silicone-based sex lubricant.

Also, be careful because some products may melt if applied to the same silicone-based adult goods or condoms.

Medical type

Most of the ingredients of medical type sex lubricant are water and glycerin.
Many products have been sterilized, so you can use them more safely and safely.

In addition, medical type sex lubricants are often compact and tube type, so they can be used without touching them directly and can be used cleanly.
It’s compact and convenient to carry.

From such a safety aspect, medical type sex lubricant should be used in situations such as anal masturbation and anal sex where germs are a problem.
If you are looking for more security and safety, you may use it when inserting ordinary sex.


So far, I have talked about sex lubricant, but how was it?
Did you become familiar with sex lubricant?

It turns out that there are various types of sex lubricants and there are various usages.
By using sex lubricant, the sensitivity was improved, masturbation could be enjoyed even more, and the pain of sex, which was a problem, was reduced, so the effect was great.
And those who masturbate, sex, and massage using sex lubricant were fun and enriched.

In addition, by incorporating sex lubricant, I feel that many people can face each other openly to sex with their partner, and develop a feeling of compassion for each other, reducing the distance.
From such a feeling of compassion, I think that many people are now able to enjoy not only their sexual life but also their normal life in a rich and enjoyable way.

But sadly, many people feel embarrassed and can’t take the courageous step of using sex lubricant…

It might be sex lubricant, but don’t you think it’s a waste not to use sex lubricant to make your life positive and happy?

It may be embarrassing, but let’s take a little courage and incorporate sex lubricant into our lives.
With your courage, your partner will be happy to know you.
I believe that your little courage will enrich your life little by little.