Introducing Magic Wand Vibrators for women, recommended Magic Wand Vibrators

How to

Even girls feel horny and want to have sex.

Survey results are showing that more than 30% of people in their 20s are masturbating.
It is said that the number is increasing year by year, and it can be said that masturbation is a matter of course, including those who are interested. But I don’t know how I feel, and it’s embarrassing to buy a sex toy, but I think many people are masturbating. “Magic Wand Massagers Vibrators” is recommended for such women.

Magic Wand Massagers Vibrators are relatively resistant to purchase, easy to use, and yet full.

Here, we will explain in detail how to masturbate using Magic Wand Vibrators. Magic Wand Vibrators is easy to feel, but I want you to feel more if you do it. I wrote it not only for the first woman but also for the woman who is already using it. If you read this, you will have a wonderful experience that you have never experienced before.

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Is Magic Wand Vibrators a sex toy?

Magic Wand Vibrators were originally electric massagers, electrical appliances made for massage of the shoulders and lower back. Many people have experienced that it is used for erogenous zones, etc., and many people have come to think of it as a sex toy when it comes to Magic Wand Vibrators. So, to the question that Magic Wand Vibrators is a sex toy, the answer is “a sex toy, although it’s different originally.” So, what you have to be careful of is that when you buy the original electric massager, don’t say “Magic Wand Vibrators” even if you make a mistake!

Here, I will explain other sex toys for women to let you know the features of Magic Wand Vibrators.

There are 4 types including Magic Wand Vibrators.

■Magic Wand Vibrators

It is one of the hand massagers and is now recognized as a sex toy for women.

■ Egg Vibrators

A small egg-shaped toy with a vibration function. You should think of it as a weak type of Magic Wand Vibrators.

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■ dildo

A toy shaped like male genitals. There is no function such as vibration.

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■ Vibe

A dildo with a vibe function and a swing function.

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Dildo and Vibe are mainly for vaginal use, while Egg Vibrators and Magic Wand Vibrators are mainly used for other parts of the vagina. Compared to Egg Vibrators, Magic Wand Vibrators are more powerful and easy to use.

Therefore, Magic Wand Vibrators are more comfortable than Egg Vibrators. Most sizes range from a handy type that fits in a bag, up to about 30 cm. Use equipment that makes you feel comfortable even if you use it on your shoulders. There is no doubt that you will be impressed if you experience it once.

How to masturbate Magic Wand Vibrators and Massager Vibrators?

Here, I will explain how masturbation using Magic Wand Vibrators (Massager Vibrators) makes you feel better. Magic Wand Vibrators is a massage machine originally, so I think that I know how to use it. However, if you can understand the characteristics of it again, you will be able to use it more effectively. The greatest feature of Magic Wand Vibrators is that it can generate strong vibrations. The internal motor rotates at high speed, causing more than 10,000 vibrations per minute. You can’t do this with your fingers.

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Another feature is that the head is large and wide. Therefore, it is easy to apply it to small parts, and the stimulation on a wide surface is transmitted. There is no need for fine adjustment to the desired position. Also, since it is a massage machine, it is easy to use. The moderate length and easy-to-hold shape make it easy to use in various places. Also, it has a function to change the strength and pattern of vibration.
Some also have adjustment functions that give the woman a comfortable rhythm and pattern. If you use Magic Wand Vibrators made for women in this way, you can feel it by applying stimulation to your feelings and feelings.

Vibes can be used inside the vagina, while Magic Wand Vibrators can be used throughout the body. There are other erogenous zones besides vagina and clitoris. Try to apply it to various parts of your body and find out where you feel comfortable. And try changing strength and rhythm. That way, you can discover new erogenous zones and new ways of feeling. By doing it repeatedly, it becomes a body that you can feel easy and it becomes easier to orgasm. As a result, you’ll feel more sex with your boyfriend or partner and you’ll have better sex.

Why Magic Wand Vibrators are recommended for female masturbation

Here’s why Magic Wand Vibrators are great for masturbating women. Characteristic of Magic Wand Vibrators is that it can give strong stimulation, it is easy to apply to the erogenous zone, it is easy to use, and the intensity and rhythm can be adjusted. And above all, Magic Wand Vibrators are created to make it easier for women to feel. Using these characteristics makes it easier for women to feel masturbation. Next, I will explain the specific reasons for using the features of Magic Wand Vibrators.

GOOD for developing the erogenous zone

Besides the vagina, clitoris, and breasts, there are erogenous zones throughout the body. Many people will feel their thighs, armpits, and necklines. Besides that, there are other places that I have never been stimulated and did not know. Apply Magic Wand Vibrators to various parts of your body to find the unknown. Magic Wand Vibrators are easy to use, so you can easily apply them to your body. The large head makes it easy to find, which is another advantage of Magic Wand Vibrators. When you arrive at a place where you feel comfortable and feel a little, it is time to stimulate the surrounding area.

It may be felt not in one place but the surrounding area. Especially, it seems that many women feel the entire inside of the thigh from the genital area around the thigh. Let’s try actively even where you have never touched it. If you don’t feel it, you’ll notice that you know where you don’t feel. When doing so, be careful when applying it weakly. If you feel too strong, you may not feel the pain in the place where you should. Magic Wand Vibrators, which allows you to test all over your body, is a good way to develop an erogenous zone you didn’t know.

Easy to feel with powerful surface stimulation

The characteristic of Magic Wand Vibrators is “strength”. It’s more powerful than other sex toys. Also, you can gradually increase the strength from a weak force and give it a rhythm. Now that you know where you feel, use these features. In other words, try changing strength and rhythm. By changing the strength and rhythm, you will feel even more intense. Magic Wand Vibrators do not get tired, so they stimulate you for a long time, orgasm. You will reach areas that you couldn’t feel with your fingers.

You can also adjust the intensity changes and change the rhythm. The neck may feel a slight stimulus, but the thigh may need some strength. Also, some women may feel that the intensity changes drastically, while others may feel that the intensity gradually increases. Change the vibration pattern. The vibration pattern of Magic Wand Vibrators is made easy for many women to feel. You can adjust with one button according to your feelings and how you feel.

Discovering the erogenous zones and feelings that you did not know is the reason why we recommend Magic Wand Vibrators.

It doesn’t look obscene.

Another reason to recommend Magic Wand Vibrators is its appearance. Vibes, etc. are just men-conscious shapes, so some people may have a rejection reaction. However, the Magic Wand Vibrators are Marserge devices, so naturally, the design is also Marserge devices. The apparent obsceneness is “0”, which is also the GOOD of Magic Wand Vibrators. If you find it with your family or him, you may be able to cheat (I recommend keeping it properly!).

Magic Wand Vibrators have many designs based on pink and white, so you can purchase and use them without any resistance. Many handy types are convenient for storage. However, the criteria for choosing Magic Wand Vibrators is to prioritize performance such as power, usability, and size, and then design. In the first place, Magic Wand Vibrators aren’t displayed or shown to others, so you don’t have to be very particular about design.
Most Magic Wand Vibrators have a similar design. When you use it, it also just vibrates, so it doesn’t have an obscene movement like a vibe. Even the first person can use it without any resistance.

Magic Wand Vibrators include not only the normal handy type but also the dogleg type and the special type. These two are not obscene in appearance. Magic Wand Vibrators is a sex toy that even beginners can purchase with confidence.

Basic masturbation method using Magic Wand Vibrators

Here, I will explain how to masturbate using Magic Wand Vibrators. For those who are interested in Magic Wand Vibrators and would like to try it, we will explain in detail the basic masturbation method. As I wrote earlier, to get a pleasant feeling with Magic Wand Vibrators, use the vibration of Magic Wand Vibrators and let yourself go. Magic Wand Vibrators are very stimulating, so weaken them first.
Do not rush.

First, remember the basics here. After that, you can get it according to your taste.

Irritation from above clothes and underwear

First, gently apply the Magic Wand Vibrators over your clothes or underwear. Please keep vibration low, even from above clothes. You can feel it even on thin and soft relaxing clothes, bras and shorts. Gently apply Magic Wand Vibrators to your nipples over your bra. The feeling at that time may be unforgettable! If you are uncomfortable for the first time, it is good to start with the shoulders, hips, and legs that you usually apply during a massage, and then gradually move to the chest. The shoulders and feet may be directly applied.

When the nipple and the area around it become more comfortable and feel comfortable, move the Magic Wand Vibrators to the lower body. Also, in that case, let’s move it little by little. You can feel it without touching it directly. Also, if you apply it directly for the first time, the magic Wand Vibrators will be too stimulating and you may be surprised. Think about it. Even in actual sex, you can feel it even if it is caressed from the clothes and underwear.

Masturbation with Magic Wand Vibrators is the same.

Even if you feel a little confused and frustrated, you can get a pleasant feeling. Rather, if you can feel it in this slightly frustrating state, you will have more pleasure afterwards, and your body will feel easier. Don’t panic, let’s recommend slowly and slowly.

Enjoy weak stimuli

For masturbation with Magic Wand Vibrators, which is especially important for beginner women is to start with a weak stimulus and enjoy the weak stimulus. If you give a strong stimulus early, you will not be able to relax, and you will not be able to control your mood. The reason I recommended Magic Wand Vibrators was that I could discover erogenous zones that I had never noticed before. If you give a strong stimulus from the beginning, you may not be able to discover the secret erogenous zone.

Also, if you can feel a weak stimulus, the sensitivity will increase. Rather than strengthening Magic Wand Vibrators, you will know what you feel, what posture you should be in, and what rhythm you feel. It is also recommended to try while thinking about your favourite situations. As you do so, you will feel more needed. This is important, and if you experience it, you will feel more in sex.

Even in actual sex, at first, it may start softly and then gradually become more intense. When your body wants stimulation and you find it difficult to put up with it, gradually increase your stimulation. Don’t be afraid to talk with your body and be aware of how you feel better.

Stimulation is gradually strengthened

You can feel it with a weak stimulus, and gradually increase the stimulus as you get used to it. Even in that case, I will gradually strengthen it without hesitation. At that time, do not continue the stimulation of the same strength, but repeat weakening and strengthening. You can also use the rhythm function etc. attached to the vibe.

By doing so, you may notice your new feeling. Even in actual sex, you may feel that the intensity of the stimulus changes rather than the strong but monotonous behaviour that continues.

The same is true for masturbation.

It is good to gradually raise your feelings, but don’t panic, raise your body and mind, and drop a little. The vibe has a function that allows you to easily change the strength and a function that gives you rhythm, so use it vigorously. It is also recommended to try moving your body and changing your posture. Starting from weak, it stimulates a lot of the body’s feeling while giving strength and rhythm. When I felt like I was about to reach the peak, I increased the strength of Magic Wand Vibrators and reached the level of the organism.

I think this is the best masturbation.

Don’t overuse!

Whether you use Magic Wand Vibrators or not, masturbation has proven to be scientifically beneficial, not bad at all.

By orgasm, “oxytocin”, which is said to be a love hormone, is secreted.
This oxytocin has the effect of creating a gentle feeling and relieving stress.

But don’t overdo it.

There is no right answer because of how much you do too much depends on the person.
The important thing is that you don’t get so absorbed in your daily life.
It is within the range that you can control the number yourself.

With Magic Wand Vibrators, you can get inspiration that humans cannot do. This is a good thing, but at the cost of being overused and overused. Although Magic Wand Vibrators are strong, they have a lower risk of scratching than sex toys in the vagina. However, no doubt using it too much will strain the body. Prolonged strong stimulation may cause irritation and rough skin. The pleasant sensations of Magic Wand Vibrators are unforgettable and there is a high possibility that they will be overkill. Also, many things are more pleasant than sex, so it may be difficult to feel during actual sex.

For that reason, be careful not to overuse it.

Tips on how to use Magic Wand Vibrators that feels good

Here are some tips on how to use Magic Wand Vibrators to make you feel better. As I explained earlier, the trick with Magic Wand Vibrators was to enjoy a weak stimulus and then gradually increase it. However, if you continue doing that, you will understand to some extent what you feel and how you feel it. Moreover, I want more stimulation. If so, level up so that you can feel better? Let’s do However, not only by giving vibration but by devising a new way of enjoying.

Use to massage the entire body

At first, I simply used Magic Wand Vibrators to stimulate the entire body. I think you can still feel enough, but let’s improve the level. Magic Wand Vibrators have the function of massage. So, try to massage your entire body, not just the erogenous zone. Masturbation is not only effective for satisfying sexual needs, but also for relaxing and relieving stress.
For that reason, massage is effective. Some women get excited from massage.

Instead of suddenly blaming the erogenous zone, it is recommended to stimulate the entire body to relax and then stimulate the main body. Furthermore, use not only Magic Wand Vibrators but also hands and bodies that do not have Magic Wand Vibrators to apply stimulation at the same time. For example, Magic Wand Vibrators will be put on the nipple, and the other hand will be rubbing the surrounding area, thighs and clitoris at the same time. It is an image of blaming the whole body. However, some people may prefer one location. It is important to know your taste. Don’t be afraid to try various things and find a play that suits you.

Intensive clitoris

Until now, I wrote that I should stimulate the whole body. However, there may be some women who were unable to orgasm. There may also be women who want more fun and want more stimulation. The recommended method for such women is to stimulate clitoris intensively. The clitoris is one of the things most women feel most about. If you stimulate such sensitive clitoris intensively, you will feel good. Stimulate your clitoris, and if you feel uncomfortable and can’t stand it, let’s reduce it a little.
After that, the stimulus will be strengthened and the pleasure will be increased. Repeat this several times, and continue to stimulate your clitoris even if you think it is impossible. That way, even women who have never reached organicism will be able to do so. Also, women who have achieved organicism may experience even more pleasure.

This method is easier to work by focusing on one thing. Therefore, it is also recommended for women who have not been able to orgasm until now. However, you may want to start with a weak stimulus and then gradually increase it. Also, at first, it is basic to stimulate different areas and finally concentrate on the clitoris.

Try using lotion or sex lubricant

We also recommend masturbation using lotions and sex lubricants. Many women think that sex lubricants are used in real sex, but that’s not the case. You can use it even in masturbation. For women who feel a rut in masturbation or who want new stimulation, sex lubricant can be used to improve the pleasure. Lotions and sex lubricants will not only protect you from the pain of friction but will also make you more excited by the unusual moisture.

You will feel better just by applying it to sensitive areas such as your nipples and clitoris. What’s more, Magic Wand Vibrators will have a smoother stimulus, which will give you even more pleasure. First, don’t apply the lotion directly, just pick it up and warm it before applying. Let’s apply it gently. Then stimulate with Magic Wand Vibrators. If the lotion seems dry, add it.

It is recommended that you take a bath so that the lotion does not get on your sheets or clothes. When you are in the room, spread a large towel, etc., so that the lotion does not stain the sheets etc.

You can also put on a toy cover to keep the Magic Wand Vibrators clean.

The lotion may not fit, so if you feel any discomfort, stop using it.

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Cover with your hands

I’ve explained how to put Magic Wand Vibrators on your body or directly on your body. However, even if you don’t apply the Magic Wand Vibrators to your body, you can use the vibrations of the Magic Wand Vibrators well and feel them. The way to do this is to grasp the tip of the Magic Wand Vibrators with your hand, extend only the index and middle fingers, and apply the extended fingers to the erogenous zone. The vibration of Magic Wand Vibrators is transmitted to your finger, and the vibration stimulates the part you feel. The stimulus will be a comfort you have never tasted. You can extend one or two fingers. You can touch it with one, or you can put it between two.

You may use two fingers to pinch your nipple or clitoris to stimulate. If you insert your middle finger and stimulate the G-spot, you’ll be ready to go. G-spot is a sensitive place on the stomach side about 3~5 cm after entering the vagina. You can see it because you feel sensitive when you press around it. It is also recommended to attack your fingers and Magic Wand Vibrators at the same time. For example, put your finger on your nipple and Magic Wand Vibrators around it, insert your finger inside and put Magic Wand Vibrators on your clitoris. This method uses the strong vibration of Magic Wand Vibrators, and it will not be possible other than Magic Wand Vibrators. If this happens, it may be more than being attacked with his hands and lips.

Fix Magic Wand Vibrators

Whether you use Magic Wand Vibrators or not, you can get new pleasure by changing masturbation. One of them is to fix the Magic Wand Vibrators. It is an image of seeing Magic Wand Vibrators as him and applying his body to him. The Magic Wand Vibrators may be fixed to a heavy box or the like to stand or may be fixed to a chair or the like. After fixing it, turn on the switch and apply your body to the Magic Wand Vibrators. You may not just hit it straight, but change the angle of hit. Do not just hit your body straight, but try turning it from the side or the back. It may also be good to crawl on all fours.

If you can stand and fix the Magic Wand Vibrators, you can straddle them from above and hit various places. Yes, the point is to imagine what you are doing or going to him. In reality, it may not be as you expect. Continue to do that, feeling irritated by him and imagining it carefully. If you get tired of it, you can take off your Magic Wand Vibrators and hit the clitoris to culminate.

The point is to imagine and do.

Try Magic Wand Vibrators in front of the mirror

So far, we have introduced various methods. If you do these things, you will find that you want to feel more. The recommended way to do this is by copying yourself in a mirror. Put your magic wand vibrators and hands where you feel them, and put your actual body and face into the mirror to see them. The expression you feel is firmly reflected in the mirror. As you progress, you’ll find your facial expression in the mirror feel even more. The face turns a little red, the mouth opens a little, and the expression becomes laid back. If you’re embarrassed, you can start with a mirror that only moves your face, but in the end, do it in front of the mirror that moves your whole body.

It may be embarrassing at first. But that embarrassment will increase your pleasure and reach the further territory. The more you look at what you feel, the more you feel. Also, it may be good to think that you are seeing it, showing it to your boyfriend. The things in the back that you didn’t know will sprout and make you feel more.

Magic Wand Vibrators How to squirt with masturbation

Here’s how to squirt with Magic Wand Vibrators masturbation. First, use the vibes and fingers to raise your feelings. Then, while applying Magic Wand Vibrators to the clitoris strongly, stimulate the G spot in the vagina with your finger. For squirting, not only clitoris stimulation with Magic Wand Vibrators but also G spot stimulation is required. It is necessary to keep the vagina wet. You can use lotion.

It is said that the posture is relaxed, M-shaped legs are good with your back against the wall. Continues to stimulate the fingers and vibe rhythmically and strongly. Continue to stimulate, and if you feel like peeing, keep pressing hard. Then release it as it is. Squirting is different from organicism, so some women blow the tide just before orgasm, and some blow it later. So it may be necessary to continue after that. Squirting is not as pleasant as organicism. The amount of tide varies, but no one will get more than pornographic videos.

To be honest, it’s quite difficult, don’t worry!

How to insert Magic Wand Vibrators

This section describes how to insert Magic Wand Vibrators into your vagina. A vagina is a place where you can feel more, and if you can strongly stimulate it, it will be a new pleasure. A dedicated attachment is recommended for insertion. If the Magic Wand Vibrators are of a smaller type, you will be able to insert them. But even if you can insert it, we recommend the attachment. When inserted with attachments, Magic Wand Vibrators are no longer massage machines, but full sex toys.

You can not only insert and vibrate, but also attack and move the G spot and the back, and enjoy various stimuli. Many types of attachments are on sale. Some of them are included as accessories, and some are sold separately. Various stimuli increase by increasing the number of attachments. There is also a form where you can enjoy the inside of the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. There are also attachment types other than those for insertion. Please do various research and select the one you like. At that time, what I recommend, or what I want you to be careful about, is to choose a small size. Especially for first-timers, choose a smaller one to find the part of your vagina that you feel. Even small things can feel enough. Also, let’s start with weakening the stimulation, just like any other part. Some women will be surprised, so don’t be afraid to do it.

Magic Wand Vibrators masturbation notes

Here are some notes on masturbation with Magic Wand Vibrators.

Masturbation is not a bad thing, but it has many advantages. And masturbation using Magic Wand Vibrators will give you even more benefits, such as being amazingly felt and increasing the sensitivity of sex. On the other hand, there is a high risk that you will not forget your pleasure and you will not be able to control masturbation yourself.

Also, Magic Wand Vibrators may be so stimulating that you don’t have enough sex with your boyfriend, or in extreme cases, you can’t feel it. The vibration of Magic Wand Vibrators is very strong, so if you apply the same place for a long time, you may feel pain, skin trouble or inflammation. In particular, be careful when applying it to delicate places. For that reason, please apply a slight vibration by applying it from above the clothes. I wrote it many times, but you can feel enough even with weak vibration.

Don’t get used to it and give it too much stimulation. If the weak vibrations make it difficult to irritate, adjust the vibration of the Magic Wand Vibrators. Also, the Magic Wand Vibrators should be kept clean. Be especially careful when inserting it. After using it, keep it clean. Be careful not to be addicted.

Can a guy masturbate with Magic Wand Vibrators?

Is it possible for men to masturbate using Magic Wand Vibrators? The answer is yes. However, some points must be changed from the way women do things. Men may be doing it themselves, but here’s how to get them together. Here’s how women use Magic Wand Vibrators to inspire men.

There are other places for men to feel besides the penis. So, you can use Magic Wand Vibrators to stimulate your body and search for erogenous zones. However, there are not many places where you can feel the whole body like women. For some people, it’s only the nipples, the penis, and the area around them. Also, since it is sensitive to pain, the irritation should be small. The man finally squid should stimulate the penis. Directly applying Magic Wand Vibrators to the penis may cause excessive irritation and cause pain. So it’s best to have a Magic Wand Vibrators and use their vibrations to touch them.

In any case, it is safer to start more than you, after listening to your preferences and wishes. And finally, men have a desire to insert and have a good feeling. Although you can masturbate with Magic Wand Vibrators, you should think of Magic Wand Vibrators as part of the play.

Enjoy masturbation by changing the stimulus of Magic Wand Vibrators

I explained various methods of masturbation using Magic Wand Vibrators. You can feel it in a variety of ways, but one thing you can say in common is to change the stimulus of Magic Wand Vibrators and enjoy it. Magic Wand Vibrators can adjust strength as well as give strong stimulation. Also, it has the function of changing the rhythm and giving a stimulation. Please fully enjoy those functions. Violent vibration is good, but please enjoy the change.

The body and mind of a woman seek change.

Especially when given strong stimulation from the beginning, the mind and body are not ready. Feel the change, such as gradually increasing the strength, increasing the strength, or changing the rhythm. Instead of continuing to stimulate the same place all the time, you may stimulate various places. You may change the direction of your self-confidence and change the stimulus from Magic Wand Vibrators. Find out how you feel and how you feel more. That way, your body will feel more comfortable without being strongly stimulated. Magic Wand Vibrators easily give you a strong stimulus, but it means giving it to your delicate parts.

As I explained earlier, giving too much stimulation is a source of trouble. Please treat yourself carefully. In masturbation and sex, not only strength but also change is important. Magic Wand Vibrators makes it easy to adjust stimulation. We recommend that you enjoy masturbation using that function.


Here we have summarized how to enjoy masturbation using Magic Wand Vibrators. Originally a massage device, Magic Wand Vibrators are now used by many as a sex toy.
The design is not obscene and the first woman will be able to purchase without any resistance. Magic Wand Vibrators can give vibrations of strength and rhythm that cannot be done with fingers and can be enjoyed by experienced people as well as beginners. First of all, please give a stimulus all over the body from above the clothes with a weak vibration. Then, change the strength and rhythm and enjoy. You will be able to discover new things about how and how you feel better in your body. Then your body will feel better and easier. Please do not overdo it and enjoy yourself.