Multiple orgasms? Experience an unparalleled feeling of pleasure

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Have you ever heard of “multiple orgasms”? Multiple orgasms is literally having multiple orgasms in a row. But multiple orgasms are really possible, and there are a lot of benefits to having multiple orgasms.

For example, men love to see a woman come, so they are happy when she comes multiple times, which makes sex much more exciting. Although multiple orgasms are wonderful, they are actually very difficult to pull off.

In order to have a series of orgasms, you need to be able to have an internal orgasm. The Portio, which is located in the back of the vagina, and the G-spot, which is the symbol of the internal orgasm, are especially important for the continuous orgasm.

Developing these zones is essential for a successful continuous orgasm. It is also important to know what position to choose for multiple orgasms during sex with him.

So, this article will thoroughly explain what a girl needs to know in order to perform multiple orgasms, as well as practical techniques for sex.

Do you know what multiple orgasms are?

Multiple orgasms is the act of reaching orgasm multiple times. Multiple orgasms are not a series of orgasms where you come once and then come again without a pause.

Rather, it is too difficult to cum multiple times without pause. Rather, the definition of multiple orgasms is to have multiple orgasms within one sex session, even if there is a pause of a few minutes or so.

If you think of it this way, having an orgasm once on the clitoris and then coming on the G-spot is also a kind of multiple orgasms. However, my impression is that multiple orgasms might be when you repeatedly come in the same sexual area.

In any case, as I will explain later, multiple orgasms with just the clitoris is impossible, so an internal orgasm is necessary. There are many benefits to being able to do these multiple orgasms. Let’s take a brief look at some of the typical benefits of multiple orgasms.

  • It just feels good
  • Sex will be much more exciting
  • More variations in sex

Multiple orgasms are just so good. It’s not that the single orgasm is amazing, but that it is amplified by repeating it multiple times, giving you a feeling of pleasure that you can’t get anywhere else.

Once a woman’s body reaches orgasm, all of her sexual zones become more sensitive and sensitive. Because of the continuous stimulation, the spots that feel good will feel even better.

As a result, multiple orgasms are more pleasurable than other orgasms, and you will become addicted to them.

Men love to see a woman cum. It is no exaggeration to say that it is every man’s dream to bring his beloved girlfriend to orgasm.

Seeing a girl cum boosts their confidence, which in itself excites and burns them up. This will make sex even more exciting and will make you love her more.

In addition, the development of sexual sensitivities, especially Portio and G-spot, is essential for multiple orgasms, which will help you find new and pleasurable points. It enriches the variation of sex.

If you can orgasm internally you might be able to reach multiple orgasm!

In order to do Multiple orgasms, Internal orgasm is essential. This is because it is very difficult to do Multiple orgasms with the clitoris.

This has a lot to do with the “refractory period” of the clitoris. The clitoris, like the penis, is made up of “spongy” tissue that becomes erect and increases in size during sexual arousal.

It is important to note that after orgasm in these corpus cavernosum, a hormone called “prolactin” is released. Prolactin has the ability to bring the body and mind back to a calm state.

This prolactin causes a period of refractory period after reaching orgasm with the penis or clitoris. During the refractory period, the organ is barely able to respond to the sexual response.

The refractory period varies greatly between genders and body types, and can last from 1 hour to 24 hours for the penis.

The refractory period can last from 1 hour to 24 hours for the penis. This refractory period (sage time) is the reason why men sometimes become peckish after sex.

On the other hand, the refractory period of the clitoris is much shorter than that of the penis, sometimes lasting only a few minutes.

However, after the refractory period is over, the organ is much less aroused, making it difficult to perform multiple orgasms on the clitoris.

So, how can we achieve multiple orgasms? This is where the vaginal orgasm, or internal orgasm, is a big key. In particular, the Portio sexual area is very much related to the Internal orgasm, and the G-spot also plays a big role.

the Internal orgasm is mainly brought about by the Portio and G-spot. Internal orgasm is mainly brought about by Portio and G-spot, and unlike external clitoral orgasm, there is little refractory period in internal orgasm, so multiple orgasms are possible.

Let’s delve further into Portio orgasms and multiple orgasms.

Portio orgasms are the key

In order to achieve Multiple orgasms, you need to have an orgasm in the Portio sexual zone. The Portio is a mysterious sexual area located at the very back of the vagina, around the cervix. It is not known exactly why the Portio makes you come.

It is not known exactly why the Portio makes you cum, but research has shown that stimulating the Portio can make you climax.

An orgasm with Portio is a sensation that comes from deep inside the body, like a resonating pleasure that spreads to the whole body.

In other words, it is a climax that can be called ecstasy, as if your whole body becomes a sexual zone. In this sense, the orgasms of both Portio and G-spot are rather similar. However, the Portio orgasm tends to be deeper, longer lasting, and more lingering.

However, it is said to be quite difficult to reach orgasm with Portio.

Only those who have successfully developed the Portio will be able to cum with it. The only people who can cum with Portio are those who have successfully developed it, and not just anyone can cum with it.

In order to be able to do multiple orgasms, you need to develop Portio to be able to reach orgasm and then aim for continuous orgasm. In order to be able to do multiple orgasms, you need to develop Portio to reach orgasm, and then go on to Continuous orgasm.

Only a handful of people can do multiple orgasms

Not everyone can do multiple orgasms. Rather, only a handful of women are able to achieve continuous orgasm. Although there are no specific numbers available, it is thought to be much less than women who can do internal orgasm with G-spot or Portio.

As mentioned above, multiple orgasms are required to reach multiple orgasms, either with Portio or G-spot. But at the same time, this is what makes it more difficult.

Portio is a sexual sensation that varies greatly from person to person. Therefore, Portio needs to be developed, but this development is not very easy.

As we will see later, Portio is a sexual zone deep inside the vagina, so fingers can hardly reach it, and sex toys are necessary. With goodies, Portio can be easily stimulated, but you need to know the tricks to develop Portio.

The details will be discussed later, but the Portio development procedure itself is not difficult. However, there will inevitably be individual differences in the way the results are achieved.

When I say this, you may feel as if you are being discouraged. However, in other words, since it is so difficult, it is natural that you cannot do it and there is no shame in it.

In fact, it is more amazing to be able to do multiple orgasms, and that is why he is so happy when you have multiple orgasms during sex. In other words, continuous orgasm is a supreme moment that only a limited number of people can achieve.

Some people experience several distinct orgasms in one session. They may be separated by several minutes or more.

Others may experience a continuous orgasmic state, also known as “stacking orgasms.”

These people have one orgasm, and then before it subsides, they begin ramping up for the next wave. In short, it’s an orgasm that doesn’t end.

This state of hyperarousal is difficult to achieve, but if you’re up for playing around and trying things, it may be worth the effort.

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Procedures for developing Portio

In order to achieve Continuous orgasm, you need to develop Portio. However, the Portio is located at the deepest part of the vagina, which is a problem in its development. When you try to stimulate it with your fingers, it is often difficult to reach.

To develop the Portio, you will basically need a sex toy, and the most effective toys for developing the Portio are dildos and vibrators. Dildos, in particular, are simple to handle and easy to move, making it easier to develop Portio the way you want.

The key to developing a Portio is to develop the sensation of pushing into it; as you gently push the Portio into you, your sexual zones will be naturally stimulated. By repeating this process, the Portio will be developed.

With these points in mind, let’s take a closer look at some important points about where the Portio sexual zones are and how to develop them.

Sophie McGrath, head of customer satisfaction at the Adult Toy Mega Store, tells, “[C]ervical orgasms are the most misunderstood, least known, and hardest to master. But if you can master a cervical orgasm — it’s a full-body climax that is difficult to describe! It’s the deepest orgasm you can have if you have a cervix, simply because the cervix is deep inside the vagina.”

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Where the Portio is

The Portio is located at the far end of the vagina, in a place called the cervix. The cervix is a part of the uterus that protects it. The cervix is a part of the uterus that protects the uterus. It is like a guard for the uterus, protecting it from foreign substances other than semen and blood.

On the other hand, the cervix is a mysterious part of the uterus that can reach orgasm when it is subjected to intermittent sexual stimulation. It is still a mystery, but the orgasms it can produce are amazing.

The location of the Portio itself is very easy to understand, as it is simply the innermost part of the vagina. However, since the cervix is attached to the lower part of the uterus, you need to stimulate the back of the vaginal wall.

The tricky part is that the depth of the Portio varies from person to person, and in some cases it is quite difficult to touch with your fingers.

Anyway, let’s try it first. Once you have accustomed yourself to the clitoris and vagina and put your finger in deep, if you hit something like a wall, you may be able to touch the cervix.

As mentioned earlier, the Portio is on the underside of the uterus, so explore the back. You should then feel a rounded protrusion, like the mouth of an octopus or a human nose.

It may feel crunchy or plump. Once you touch it, you can stimulate the Portio with your fingers. If you can’t touch it, unfortunately, you will have to give up on developing it with your fingers at this time.

However, if the conditions are right, the possibility of touching it with your finger will increase, so let’s take a closer look at that.

How to develop with fingers

In order to develop Portio with your fingers, its position is a very important factor. If you can’t get your finger deep enough to touch it to try, you have two options. Once you reach orgasm on the clitoris or G-spot, or wait until you are ovulating.

The position of the uterus drops as sexual arousal increases, and especially when orgasm is reached, it drops considerably.

The luteal phase (progesterone phase) after ovulation and before menstruation also seems to cause the uterus to drop in position. This is probably to make it easier for the uterus to receive sperm.

If the position of the uterus is lowered in any of these ways, the associated Portio will also be lowered, which should make it easier to stimulate with your fingers.

If you still can’t touch the Portio with your fingers, use a sex toy to develop it. When it comes to sexual development, you may think that it is better to push or rub the Portio in order to provide strong stimulation. However, you should not poke the Portio as hard as you can.

The Portio is a delicate area and unintentional touching can cause pain. It is also important to keep your fingernails trimmed to avoid scratching it. As long as you keep this in mind, the procedure itself for developing Portio is simple.

When you insert your fingers deep into the Portio and hit it, first touch it gently, as if you were massaging it, and then press lightly. This is necessary to accustom the Portia to the stimulation. Then you can begin full-scale stimulation of the Portio to develop it.

Stimulation of the Portio can be done in three ways: pushing, lightly tapping, and rocking. when pushing on the Portio, let your fingers touch the Portio once, and then push in more lightly from there.

This is similar to stimulation with a penis or dildo; lightly tapping on the lower Portio or the surrounding vaginal walls may cause the Portio to shake and give you pleasure.

Another very effective stimulus is to press your fingers against the bottom of the Portia on either side of the base and shake your fingers. Repeat any of these that you find particularly pleasurable.

How to use a sex toy

If you have become accustomed to developing Portio with your fingers, or if you find it difficult to touch with your fingers in the first place, try using sex toys.

One of the most effective sex toys is a dildo, and while a vibrator may seem more effective because of its vibration feature, a dildo works better because of its finer stimulation. When using a dildo to stimulate your Portio, it is important to be aware of “pressure”.

To do this, first familiarize yourself with the vagina as described earlier, and then insert the dildo as far back as it will go.

Once the dildo reaches the back of the vagina, push the dildo further into the vagina to put pressure on the Portia. However, you should never push too hard. The appropriate amount of pressure to apply to the Portia with the dildo is strong enough that you will not feel any pain.

Stronger stimulation does not mean that development will be easier. The trick to being able to do internal orgasm with Portio is to transmit “vibrations” to the uterus.

The key to achieving internal orgasm with the Portio is to transmit vibrations to the uterus, not small vibrations like the Vibrator. A gentle vibration, like when you gently press a dildo against the cervix, works well for Portio.

However, be careful not to poke the dildo in the middle of the cervix, as this may damage the opening of the uterus. The dildo should be placed against the back of the vaginal wall as if it were rubbing against it.

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The dildo should not be pushed all the time, but should be repeatedly pushed and pulled to vibrate and stimulate the Portio. When you pull the dildo, you don’t need to make a big pull and piston movement. It is enough to pull the dildo just a little and then push it back in.

Repeating this action will be enough to fully develop your Portio. If the pain is too much for you, look at your menstrual cycle and try different times of the year, such as before ovulation and before your period, and you may find a less painful time.

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G-spot is also important

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, continuous orgasm is when you reach your first climax and then reach your next orgasm while the pleasure continues. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to aim to climax in only the same sexual area or keep stimulating only that area.

In other words, the more sexual zones you can utilize, the more chances you have for multiple orgasms. For example, if you move from the G-spot to the Portio, or from the Portio to the G-spot, it is still Multiple orgasms.

The G-spot is located at the front of the vagina. Many people think of the G-spot when they think of internal orgasms. The G-spot is the symbolic sex point for internal orgasms.

The G-spot can be stimulated with your fingers, but it can be more effectively developed and pleasured with a vibrator. With these points in mind, let’s take a closer look at some important points about where the Portio sexual area is and how to develop it.

Where the G-spot is

The G-spot is tricky in that unlike the Portio, it can be hard to find; the G-spot is basically located about 3 cm to 5 cm in from the vagina. To find the G-spot, wet your vagina as you would when masturbating and insert your finger.

To find the G-spot, wet your vagina thoroughly as you would when masturbating, and then insert your middle finger slowly.

The G-spot has a slightly different texture than the rest of the vagina, so you can often identify it by exploring it with your finger. The G-spot is characterized by a slightly rough texture and may be puffy and swollen.

The G-spot is not a spot, but rather an area that is spread out over a certain range. The G-spot is not a spot, but rather an area. However, the location and extent of the G-spot varies greatly from person to person, so you may need to be at least 5 cm from your vagina to reach the G-spot.

There are times when the G-spot is inevitably hard to find. However, it would be extremely wasteful to give up there. Try moving your finger back and forth inside your vagina in a calm and relaxed manner.

You should be able to find a part that feels different from the surrounding area. If you still can’t find the G-spot, try stimulating the clitoris to increase sexual arousal. If you can’t find your G-spot, try stimulating your clitoris.

How to develop it with your fingers

The G-spot is a sex point that is easy to develop with your fingers. The G-spot can also be developed by inserting one finger and massaging or stimulating the area.

You can also develop your G-spot by inserting one finger and massaging and stimulating the area of your sex zone, but here we will show you how to use two fingers to develop your G-spot more effectively.

First, let your vagina get used to the idea, and then slowly insert your index and middle fingers.

You may think that two fingers are impossible ……, but a man’s penis is much thicker than two fingers. After caressing your vagina and getting used to using one finger, you should have no problem inserting two fingers.

When your finger is about the second joint, place your finger on the G-spot you just found. This is more effective with two fingers because you can stimulate a wider area than with one finger. You can also use two fingers to vibrate the G-spot for further development.

To stimulate the G-spot, try moving your fingers in a tapping motion. Simply bend and stretch the second joints of both fingers and place the belly of the fingers against the G-spot.

You can either bend and stretch one finger at a time or both at the same time. When you start to feel a jolt of pleasure coming from your G-spot, you’ve successfully developed it. Just keep up the pleasant stimulation.

How to use a sex toy

One of the main attractions of the G-spot is that it can be developed rather well with just your fingers. However, if you only use your fingers, you may not be able to develop as much as you would like.

It requires a certain amount of familiarity and technique, and sometimes your fingers get tired. This is where sex toys come in handy. The Vibrator is like a vibrating dildo that you can insert into your vagina and use to develop your G-spot.

There are several different types of G-spot devices, but the G-spot Vibrator is the best for developing a G-spot. As the name implies, this type of vibrator was developed specifically to stimulate the G-spot, and the stimulation is transmitted when the unique warped part of the vibrator hits the G-spot.

In addition, the G-spot vibrator does not need to be moved by hand in any detail, so there is no technique required. It is very easy to use, just insert the Vibrator into your vagina and turn on the vibrations.

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The dildo we mentioned earlier can also be used to develop the G-spot. Insert the dildo so that the warped part of the dildo is facing your belly, and rub the glans against the G-spot area.

The shape and feel of the dildo is similar to that of a real penis, and because you move it manually, you can develop your G-spot with a stimulation that is similar to actual sex.

Therefore, once you get used to developing with the Vibrator to some extent, you may want to take the plunge and switch to a dildo. This way, you will be able to get used to a more realistic sensation on your G-spot.

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Clitoris is a must

As I mentioned in the G-spot section, multiple orgasms are not about continuing to climax in the same sexual area. As long as you are still experiencing the pleasure of your last orgasm, you can then stimulate other parts of your body and reach orgasm there.

You can also use the clitoris to achieve a continuous orgasm, or you can transfer an orgasm that started in the clitoris to the Portio.

However, it is probably best to consider using the clitoris for multiple orgasms as a last resort, since internal orgasms are basically more pleasurable and last longer.

The clitoris is not difficult to develop, since it is located outside the body unlike other spots, and it functions as a sex point in almost all women. The Egg-vibrator and electric massager are especially recommended.

With these points in mind, let’s take a closer look at some important points about where the Portio sexual area is and how to develop it.


It is not an exaggeration to say that the clitoris is one of the most important female sexual organs. On the other hand, the clitoris is also a sexual organ that is not known for its depth.

When you think of the clitoris, you probably think of the pea-sized protrusion at the top of the vaginal crevice. However, this is mainly the glans penis, which is only a small part of the clitoris.

The clitoris is mostly hidden inside the body, extending deep into the vagina.he clitoris is an essential sexual area for a woman to reach orgasm.

In fact, it has been found that very few women are able to come with the G-spot or Portio without clitoral stimulation. There are many unanswered questions about internal orgasm, but some believe that the vagina is part of the clitoris.

There are many unanswered questions about internal orgasms, but some believe that the clitoris is a part of the vagina.

The clitoris is located at the top where the left and right labia surrounding the vaginal fissure meet on the ventral side. The labial glans is normally encased in a foreskin, but when sexually aroused and erect, the foreskin is also removed.

The clitoris functions as a sex point for almost all women, and if developed in the right way, it can certainly help you reach orgasm. However, it is difficult to perform multiple orgasms on the clitoris alone because there is a refractory period after climaxing on the clitoris.

Therefore, try to use the clitoris as a bridge to continuous orgasm.

How to develop it with your fingers

The clitoris is the easiest sexual area to develop with your fingers. However, you need to get used to caressing the clitoris, as it can be painful if you suddenly tweak it. First, try touching the clitoris indirectly with a feather touch on your underwear.

If you feel a tingling sensation, you are off to a good start. Even if you don’t feel anything in particular, keep touching for a while and you will start to feel more sensitive. Next, take off your underwear and use your fingers to touch the labia, vulva, and other areas around the clitoris with the same soft touch.

Do not touch the clitoris directly yet, but gently caress the area around it. When the vagina becomes moist and wet, this is a sign that sensitivity has increased sufficiently. Hurrying in this way is an extremely important technique for reaching orgasm on the clitoris and other sexually sensitive areas.

Once you have reached this point, it is time to begin direct caressing of the clitoris. Leave the foreskin of the pubic glans intact and touch it gently with a feather touch.

Try to stimulate the clitoris by stroking it, pushing it a little, or making circular motions with your fingers. After a while, your sexual arousal should increase and your clitoris will become erect.

The bigger and harder the clitoris becomes, the easier it is to stimulate. Try different stimulation techniques, such as pinching, flicking, rolling with your fingers, or gently vibrating the clitoris.

There must be a particular way that makes you feel good, so try to concentrate on repeating it. If the foreskin of the clitoris has not been removed, you can safely expose the pubic glans by placing your index and middle fingers on either side of the clitoris, spreading them out as if making a peace sign, and pulling them up.

Then stimulate the glans directly, and you will be able to reach orgasm.

How to use a sex toy

The clitoris is a very easy sexual area to develop with just your fingers, but you can stimulate it even more effectively with a sex toy.

The most effective clitoral toys are the Egg-vibrator and the electric massager. Both of these have a vibrating function, so you can easily stimulate your sex toys just by turning them on.

So, if the finger caressing method I mentioned earlier doesn’t make you feel good, or if you want to increase your pleasure, I recommend using these sex toys.

When using sex toys to stimulate the clitoris, prior caressing is still essential. In particular, the electric massager has very powerful vibrations that can hurt the clitoris if it is not accustomed to them.

If you are a beginner, I recommend the Egg-vibrator, which has less vibration. First, set the Egg-vibrator’s vibration function to the lowest setting and apply it to the area around the clitoris.

The vibrations will be transmitted indirectly to the clitoris, and you will feel a jolt of pleasure. Then apply it directly to the clitoris to achieve more and more orgasms.

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The electric massager is used in the same way as the Egg-vibrator, but you don’t have to apply it directly to the clitoris. It does not have to be applied directly to the clitoris.

The electric massager is used in the same way as the Egg-vibrator, but it does not necessarily need to be applied directly to the clitoris; just applying it to the area around the clitoris will produce strong enough vibrations to stimulate the vagina and increase pleasure.

There are also clitoral suction products available, but they are not recommended because they tend to enlarge the clitoris. A standard Egg-vibrator or electric massager is recommended as it is easier to develop the clitoris effectively.

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Positions that facilitate multiple orgasms

If you are able to perform multiple orgasms during masturbation, you should be able to achieve continuous orgasm during sex as well.

If you can do multiple orgasms in masturbation, then you should be able to reach continuous orgasm in sex as well. To please your partner, you should definitely try multiple orgasms in sex.

However, not all positions are suitable for multiple orgasms, and each position has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Side position
  • Sleeping back
  • Rolls Royce
  • Cowgirl position
  • Missionary position

The reason why positions are so important in multiple orgasms is because different positions require different body orientations and positions, and different sexual zones are easier to stimulate.

For example, the G-spot is more easily stimulated in the cowgirl and missionary positions, while the Portio is more easily stimulated in the sleeper and Rolls Royce positions.

The lateral position is somewhat unique and is not a position where you can aggressively attack your sexual zones, but the point is that it gives you more mental satisfaction than other positions.

Side Position

Spooning is a variation of Doggy Style where the man and woman lie on their sides in the same direction and the man penetrates the woman from behind. It is a variation of Doggy Style, but it is very different from the other positions.

It is not a position that actively stimulates the sex organs, but rather a position that enhances mental satisfaction.

In the lateral position, the hips and thighs hit each other and the range of motion is narrow, which makes it difficult to insert the penis deep into the position with a narrow range of motion. Therefore, it is not a position where you can enjoy the physical stimulation as he attacks you more and more.

The main attraction of the side position is the feeling of closeness. In the side position, both of your bodies are in close contact with each other, and you are being held tightly by the man.

This allows the woman to enjoy a sense of unity that is hard to get in other positions, and the mental excitement level increases rapidly.

Relaxation and contentment are important factors for a woman to have an orgasm, and the side position provides both. In the lateral position, both relaxation and fulfillment are important.

In addition, the man can continue penetration for a longer period of time because he does not have to move as much. Another great advantage is that you can have sex with ease because you are both lying on the bed, so there is less physical strain.

The lateral position is not suitable for Portio stimulation, but it is a good way to stimulate the G-spot. Therefore, after reaching a Portio orgasm in the Doggy Style or Rolls Royce, it is recommended to move to the Side Position for a second orgasm.

Sleeping Back

“Prone Bone” is a position in which the woman puts her upper body on the bed and the man leans over her. Prone Bone is a variation of Doggy Style, but it differs from Doggy Style in several ways.

First of all, the woman’s upper body rests on the bed, allowing her to take a relaxed position. Since the woman can stretch her legs, she can also put more energy into her legs to bring her orgasm closer.

In addition, the penis can be inserted as deep as in a regular backdoor, which increases the pleasure. The sleeping back is a versatile position and can stimulate both the G-spot and the Portio.

The sleeping back is more likely to hit the G-spot than a regular back because the man inserts it from above and angles it. Moreover, if you insert it straight back, the warped glans of your penis will hit the Portio, making it feel good all the way to the back.

The key to making the sleeping bag feel good is to close your legs tightly and make the pressure stronger. If you find it hard to put your upper body on the bed, place a pillow or cushion around your stomach.

There are several variations of the sleeping bag. There are two common positions: one where the man puts his hands on the bed to create a space between himself and the woman, and the other where he is in full physical contact with her.

In the latter position, the body is in close contact with the woman, just like in the lateral position mentioned earlier, so the mental satisfaction is increased. This should also make it easier to have an internal orgasm.

It is an attractive position that is a combination of the Doggy Style and the Side Position. However, it is important to ask him to move slowly, because thrusting too hard can damage the Portio.

Rolls Royce

In contrast to the sleeping back position described above, the Rolls Royce is a position in which the woman lifts her upper body and stands on her knees, while the man supports her body.

This is a type of the Doggy Style position, but it is also similar to the Back Sitting position in that the bodies of the man and woman are mostly awake.

The Rolls Royce is relatively simple because it can be done from the normal back position by the woman tightening both knees and raising her upper body.

The Rolls-Royce is easy to do if you imagine that you are on your knees, but the Rolls-Royce is easy to lose your position, so make sure that the man supports you.

Rolls Royce is an effective stimulation position for both G-spot and Portio. By controlling the angle at which the woman raises her upper body, the direction in which the penis enters the body will change and the area that is often hit will also change.

Of course, if the man inserts his penis deep into her, the Portio can be stimulated more and more. In addition, Rolls Royce is a position that can be transitioned from Doggy Style, so you can also transition from Rolls Royce to Doggy Style or Sleeping Back.

The Rolls Royce is a great way to enjoy a variety of stimulation depending on how you do it.

Cowgirl Position

In the cowgirl position, a woman straddles a man who is lying on his back and inserts his penis into her. The name “Cowgirl” comes from the fact that the woman looks like she is riding a horse. The cowgirl position is one of the most popular positions among men.

It is one of the most popular positions among men, because it gives them a visual thrill and allows them to enjoy the sight of a woman enjoying herself.

Not only that, but the cowgirl position also allows the woman to move as she pleases, making it easier to stimulate the G-spot and Portio for internal orgasm.

Since the cowgirl position allows the woman to insert her penis deeper, it is easy to focus on the Portio sexual area. However, the Doggy Style is more effective for Portio, and the cowgirl position is a great way to achieve a G-spot orgasm.

The cowgirl position is a great way to achieve a G-spot orgasm, and it is very easy to do, as you just straddle the man. However, in order to successfully stimulate the vaginal sex points, you need to learn the “grind” motion.

The grind motion is to swing your hips back and forth while inserting your penis to stimulate the sex points.

First, open your legs to the left and right, either on your knees or in an M-shape. Then slowly sway your hips back and forth, which should make it easier for your penis to hit the G-spot in a grinding motion.

If you lift your hips slightly away from the man’s body and move them below the pubic bone, the vagina and penis will rub against each other.

However, be careful not to move your hips too far back or to the left or right, as this can damage your penis. The cowgirl position is one of the easiest positions for internal orgasm, so give it a try.

In this position, the female partner not only has all the control over the depth and speed of penetration but also experience maximum clitoral stimulation, leading to multiple orgasms. Similarly, the male partner is also aroused by entire process, making it easier for him to reach orgasm.
Here are 5 sex positions for multiple orgasms

Missionary postition

Missionary postition is a position in which a man inserts his penis into a woman who is lying on her back with her legs spread to the left and right. Because it is the most common position, it is actually thought to be effective for continuous orgasm.

The missionary position is most effective when aiming for Internal orgasm at the G-spot. Missionary position does not allow for as deep penetration as cowgirl or Doggy Style because there is more contact with the thighs and lower abdomen.

On the other hand, the warped part of the penis often touches the belly side of the vaginal wall, which allows the glans to hit the G-spot well and stimulate it.

Although the missionary position is primarily a man’s position, the woman can actually control the movement and angle. A quick technique is to place a pillow or cushion under the hips.

This will allow the penis to be inserted at the right angle, making it easier for it to hit the vaginal sex points. This will also make it easier for you to fine-tune the angle of your hips and place your penis where it feels good.

To achieve internal orgasm in the missionary position, you will need the cooperation of your man, so let’s explore together how to do it in a way that feels good. The missionary position is an easy position to relax in, so it is rather easy to get off.

However, if you are used to masturbating with your legs stretched out and straining, such as foot pin masturbation, it may be difficult to come in the missionary position.

Therefore, the key to making internal orgasm easier in the missionary position is to masturbate in a natural position. Combining this with other positions will also make it easier to achieve continuous orgasm.


In this article, I have explained what a girl needs to know in order to have multiple orgasms, as well as practical techniques for sex. multiple orgasms are the most pleasurable of all orgasms.

This is why it’s so difficult to do, but it’s also extremely worth the challenge. It is important to be able to perform internal orgasms because it is difficult to do so with the clitoris.

It is important to be able to internal orgasm because multiple orgasms are difficult to do on the clitoris. Use your fingers, sex toys, etc. to develop them through regular masturbation.

Once you have developed your sexual zones to a certain extent, you will be able to aim for multiple orgasms when you have sex with him. If you utilize the positions introduced here, such as “side position”, “sleeping back”, “Rolls Royce”, “cowgirl”, and “missionary position”

you will increase your chances of being able to Internal orgasm. Let’s try to achieve the ultimate orgasm, multiple orgasms, as a couple.