Sex toys you should have to ensure you have an orgasm


There are quite a few women who have never experienced orgasm, or reaching the sexual climax called orgasm, with their partner before.

Unlike male ejaculation, it is said that a woman needs to develop her sexual orgasm to some extent in order to reach orgasm.

Of course, you can develop them by having sex with your partner, but in order to ensure that you will have an orgasm, you need to develop your own sexual organs through masturbation on a regular basis.

Moreover, if you use sex toys other than your partner’s penis or your own fingers, you can feel orgasm more easily.

In this article, I will explain in detail the types of orgasms that women feel, the types of sex toys that are appropriate for the sexual zones they want to develop, and how to choose a sex toy for women who want to ensure that they feel orgasms.

I want to feel an orgasm!

To begin with, orgasm is the stimulation of the genitals and sexual organs to achieve a sexual climax. There is no visible change in the body, like ejaculation in men, where the climax is reached and the body expels something from the body.

However, when a woman has an orgasm, the contraction of the uterus, vagina, and inner muscles such as the anal sphincter, and the lowering of the opening of the uterus toward the vaginal opening occur in her body.

Along with these internal changes, a pleasant sensation travels through the nerves to the brain and inside the body, and women who have had an orgasm say that their minds go blank and their bodies twitch and twitch.

Some women may have had some experience with sex and masturbation, but have never felt this kind of orgasm before.

This is probably because they don’t know exactly how to have an orgasm, and they just blindly stimulate themselves, but they haven’t developed their sexual organs.

There is more than one type of orgasm a woman can feel. In order to feel orgasms, it is necessary to understand the types of orgasms and to develop the appropriate sexual zones for those types of orgasms.

For those women who are desperate to have an orgasm, let’s start with the different types of orgasms and how and where they can be stimulated.

Kinds of Orgasms

There are two main types of female orgasms, generally called outside orgasm, which is an orgasm felt in the clitoris, and inside orgasm, which is an orgasm felt in the vagina.

There are two types of inside orgasm, inside orgasm and continuous orgasm, which are felt in the vagina.

These three orgasms, inside orgasm, inside orgasm and continuous orgasm, differ in the place to feel, the way to develop, and the pleasure to be obtained when you reach orgasm.

The first step to feel orgasm is to understand the differences in detail.

outside orgasm

Outside orgasm refers to an orgasm caused by stimulating the clitoris, a sexual area.

The clitoris is a small, slightly puffy protrusion above the female urethral opening, also known as the genitalia, and is the male equivalent of the penis.

Like the penis, the clitoris can be covered with skin, so if it’s hard to find, open the legs and lift the skin where the labia minora meet with your fingers slightly to reveal the projection.

The clitoris is a small area, only a few millimeters in size, that is densely populated with pleasurable nerves, so it is easy to feel pleasure when touched, and when stimulated, it becomes bloodshot and erect.

Because the clitoris is outside the woman’s body, it is easy to find and touch. Many women may have felt good about being stimulated by their partners during sex. The outside orgasm on the clitoris is the easiest orgasm to feel.

The outside orgasm is climaxed by applying vibrations or pinching with a fingertip. The duration of the orgasm is more instantaneous than other orgasms, as it gives a sharp, electrifying sensation of pleasure.

inside orgasm

An inside orgasm is an orgasm obtained by stimulating an area of the vagina called the G-spot.

The G-spot is a coin-sized area in the vagina, located at the top of the anterior vaginal wall underneath the pubic bone, and varies in location from person to person.

Specifically, it is about 3-5 cm from the vulva, where the first joint of the vagina touches when you insert your finger and bend it towards your navel. It feels rough to the touch and can make you feel the urge to urinate if it is stimulated.

The pleasure of the inside orgasm is said to range from a feeling of floating in the air to a slow wave of pleasure spreading throughout the body. It’s also possible to squirt at this G-spot orgasm as soon as you reach your climax.

Continuous orgasm

It is said that a woman has an orgasm and the duration of that pleasure is 10 to 20 seconds for each time she reaches it. However, when the orgasm lasts for a long time and the sexual climax comes in succession many times in a row, it is a state called continuous orgasm.

During this continuous orgasm, no matter which sex zone is stimulated, a pleasant sensation rushes through the body and the orgasm is felt.

It is possible to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot continuously for continuous orgasm, but the most reliable method is to stimulate the portio, which is located deep inside the vagina.

The portio is a sexual area located deep inside the vagina, near the cervix. It is located deep inside the vagina where you can push your finger deep into the vagina and your fingertips can touch it.

There are a lot of nerves concentrated in the area around the portio, so the area is very sensitive to stimulation and the pleasant sensation spreads through the nerves to the whole body.

In addition, the porcupine region gets more pleasure from being poked and squeezed than from being rubbed, which can be painful to the touch at first. You will need to develop gradually until you have an orgasm with the portio.

Porcine orgasms are sometimes said to be the ultimate in pleasure, with a strong sensation that lasts for several minutes, so strong that your entire body twitches.

Therefore, if you reach orgasm by stimulating the portio and continue to stimulate it while the pleasure lasts, you are more likely to induce a state of continuous orgasm, where you feel multiple orgasms.

Let’s start with the outside orgasm

Because the clitoris is a part outside the body, it is easy to stimulate it pinpoint with your hand or sex toy, and if you can get the hang of it, it is easy to reach orgasm in both sex and masturbation.

Outside orgasm is easier for beginners to feel than inside orgasm, so if you have not felt an orgasm yet, let’s try from outside orgasm first.

The best items to do outside orgasm

So here are some sex toys that are suitable for outside orgasm, or clitoral orgasms.

The clitoris is a very sensitive area, so pinching and kneading it with your fingertips is enough to give you pleasure, but a sex toy will give you stronger and sharper stimulation.


A rotor is a sex toy, also known as a pink rotor.

It is generally battery-operated, and the switch part and the vibrating vibrator part are connected by a cord, and the strength can be changed with the switch part.

To use it, the vibrator is placed on the clitoris and the vibrations lead to the outside orgasm. Most of them are light and small, easy to carry around, inexpensive and easy to find, so even beginners to sex toys can easily buy them.

You can buy them not only at sex toy stores but also at vending machines in love hotels, and since they are battery operated, you can use them as soon as you insert the batteries.

In addition, the cord is not attached, and the main body itself vibrates is sold a lot recently.

The ones that vibrate have a variety of designs, such as cute mascot shapes, lipstick shapes, and so on, so at a glance it’s not always obvious that they are sex toys.

Some are remote controlled, and some are linked to a smartphone app to change the strength of the vibrations, so couples can enjoy a different kind of stimulating play, such as when a man operates a rotor that is placed against a woman’s clitoris outdoors.

Magic wand

The Magic wand, officially called an electric massage device, was originally designed to relieve stiffness in the shoulders and back, but after being used to stimulate the clitoris in adult videos, it has become popular as a sex toy.

The best thing about the Magic wand is the powerful vibrations that are unique to this corded device, which is connected to the power supply and the cord. The Magic wand provides strong stimulation as if it were massaging the clitoris, and if you are not used to it, you will reach orgasm in no time at all.

Some women are so used to the Magic wand that a battery-powered rotor is not powerful enough, and some women can only have an outside orgasm with the Magic wand.

The Magic wand is large and bulky and is often found by the bedside of a love hotel, so if you are not sure about buying one, you can try out the power of the Magic wand at a love hotel.

The Magic wand was originally designed to be a health and wellness device, but nowadays, there are small USB rechargeable Magic wands that are specially designed for use as sex toys.

The rechargeable ones are easy to carry around and have power when fully charged, so you can take them with you wherever you go to use them.


Friction is one of the most important things to be aware of when stimulating the clitoris. Because the clitoris is a very sensitive area, if you use a sex toy that vibrates too strongly, the friction can cause pain and darken the skin of the pubic area.

In that case, using a lotion will reduce the friction caused by the sex toy and protect the sensitive clitoris, and at the same time, the slimy feeling of the lotion will increase the sensitivity of the clitoris by inviting a pleasant sensation.

There are various types of lotions, but since it is a sensitive part of the body, it is best to use a lotion that is made of natural ingredients and does not dry easily.

Vegetable oil products are convenient because they don’t dry easily, but if you use a condom over a sex toy, the properties of the oil can melt the rubber, so be careful to use a condom made of polyurethane.

If you don’t like the cool sensation of lotion, you can warm up the lotion by boiling it in hot water, or you can use a warming lotion that warms up when it touches your skin.

Try inside orgasm when you get used to it

Women who have already experienced the outside orgasm or who have been able to feel the outside orgasm with a sex toy should try the inside orgasm.

Inside orgasm differs from outside orgasm in that the sexual zones cannot be seen and must be explored and developed gradually with the hands and sex toys.

When you get used to the outside orgasm, try the inside orgasm, and when you get used to the inside orgasm, try the continuous orgasm, and then develop the sexual zones with sex toys with pinpoint accuracy. Continuous orgasm in particular can be difficult to reach with a woman’s fingers and can be difficult to stimulate well.

You can develop them with your penis when you have sex, but I still recommend using a sex toy to slowly explore and develop your own sensations.

The best items to inside orgasm

In order to have inside orgasm, you need to use a sex toy that is inserted into the vagina and stimulates it effectively, not just giving vibrations like a rotor or Magic wand.

In addition, the sex toy you choose may change a little when you aim at continuous orgasm from inside orgasm, so I will introduce the sex toy suitable for inside orgasm and continuous orgasm in detail.


Vibrators are mainly sex toys in the form of sticks that mimic the shape of a man’s penis and are held in the hand and inserted into the vagina. Most of them are battery-operated, and they vibrate or swing around in the vagina to stimulate the vagina.

There are some straight ones that are a single rod-shaped, but most of them have a small projection called a clitoral vibe that has a vibration function at the base, and can stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

The one with a little curve in the body and the one made of a soft material that can be bent as you like are more suitable for stimulating the G-spot, because you can give pinpoint stimulation to the G-spot in front of the vaginal wall.

A vibrator with a reasonable length to stimulate the portio and lead to a continuous orgasm, a motor with a thrusting piston function at the tip, or one with a tulip-like tip that captures the portio and envelops it and vibrates it are recommended for stimulating the portio deep inside the vagina.

Most vibrators are made of PVC, which is a resilient and soft material such as polyvinyl chloride or silicone, but recently, an elastomer, which is a medical-grade silicone that absorbs into the skin, is also popular.

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A dildo is a sex toy that mimics a man’s penis in the same way as a vibrator, but most of them do not move electrically like a vibrator. It is fixed with a suction cup or pedestal and inserted into the vagina so that it is covered by you, and you move your hips to stimulate it.

Some women use the dildos for practicing sex, such as cowgirl and back side.

Women who want to explore the pleasant part of the cock slowly and steadily at the speed of the piston they like without adding unnecessary vibrations, the dildo is suitable for them.

Also, since you sit or squat on top of it, you can use your body weight to thrust deeply into it, and it can stimulate the porthole deep inside the vagina, leading to a continuous orgasm.

The material of the dildo is mostly made of silicone like a vibrator, and it is elastic, so you can adjust the angle of insertion to your favorite angle and stimulate the part that feels good at a pinpoint.

Since you can adjust the speed and angle of insertion to whatever you want, there are many things you have to do yourself, so many advanced women will use them after they become relatively familiar with sex toys.

Are you actually interested? Anal Development Goods

Some women who are accustomed to using sex toys, or who are looking for additional pleasure that cannot be obtained through normal sex and masturbation alone, may be interested in developing the anal area.

The area around the anus is a very sensitive area because it is where all the nerves come together. But did you know that stimulating the anus can actually help stimulate the porthole?

Anal and vagina are adjacent to each other with a single thin wall, and the stimulation to the anus is transmitted to the porchio and has the effect of bringing you to orgasm.

Also, the muscles of the anus and the vagina work together in a figure of eight, so if you lightly stimulate the anus, the stimulation is transmitted to the muscles around the vagina, and the muscles around the vagina contract and you will feel an orgasm.

In addition, there is a pleasure from excretion in the anal area. When you insert a foreign object into the anus and squeeze or rub the rectum, you will feel the same sensation as when you excrete, and the sensation of being refreshed will become a pleasant sensation. It can be.

Even if your partner is not interested in anal sex or is not cooperating with you, if you develop your own anal orgasm, you can feel a new orgasm with your own hands.

Anal development is actually easy!

Some people may not have tried anal development because they thought it looked painful and would require a special technique. But it’s surprisingly easy to do anal development on your own. I’ll explain the procedure of anal development in the following pages.

First of all, there are some things you need to do before you start developing your own anus. Before touching the anus, start with a bowel wash. If you touch the anus with some stool left in your rectum, it’s not very hygienic, and the smell of the stool will make you feel uncomfortable.

Some people use showers or washlets to clean their bowels, but if you’re a beginner who hasn’t yet developed your anus, you may end up with stool left behind. Use a commercially available enema device, add a small amount of an enema, warm water or other bowel cleansing solution, and then repeat the process until you no longer smell.

When you can clean the inside of the intestines, put on a finger-sack. From a hygienic point of view, you must wear a finger-sack to develop the anal area.

If you don’t put your fingers in, there’s a risk of germs from your fingers getting into the intestines, and you may damage the mucous membranes of your anus or rectum with your fingernails or hardened nails. If you don’t have a finger sack, use a condom instead.

Once you’ve prepared a finger sack, the next step is to use lotion. If you use lotion, you can insert your finger smoothly and it will reduce friction and prevent damage. There are also finger sacks with lubricating gel for anal use, so you can use that too.

Apply plenty of lotion to the anal area, and carefully massage the area around the anus instead of just putting your finger in. The anal area is wrapped by the anal sphincter muscle, so loosening the muscle makes it easier to insert a finger.

Also, it’s important to relax when developing the anus. If you are tense, the anus will be tight and you won’t be able to insert your finger into it.

Massaging the anal area and touching other sexually active areas such as the nipples and clitoris will help you relax and moisturize the anal area by secreting love juices.

Once the tension and muscles are relaxed, it’s time to insert your finger into the anus. If you feel a tugging pain near the anal area, go back to massaging again and gradually insert your finger in. Don’t put your finger in all the way to the root of the anus all of a sudden, but slowly sink in one joint at a time.

If there is no pain, put your finger in deeply and massage the inside of the anus and rectum, spreading it little by little. If you move your fingers too fast, it may hurt, so proceed slowly. When you get used to it, increase the number of fingers to 2 and gradually expand again.

The basic rule for anal development is to take it slow! When you feel pain, try to stop it immediately.

Some women can have an orgasm just by inserting their fingers in, but if you want a stronger stimulation, I recommend using anal sex toys. The following are some of the types of anal sex toys.

Anal plugs

Anal plugs are used for anal stimulation and dilation. They are cone-shaped, with a pointed tip that becomes thicker and thicker for easy insertion, but the base of the plug is thinner, so the only strain on the anus is during insertion and ejection.

You can change to a thicker cone when you get used to a thinner one, and then you can gradually expand your anus.

There are various designs of anal plugs, from electric vibrating plugs to warts, and you can choose from a variety of materials, from silicone to metal, depending on your preference.

For your first anal plug, choose a cone-shaped plug with a maximum diameter of about 25 mm so that you can insert it without straining the anus. Of course, don’t forget to use lotion when inserting the anal plug.

Anal Pearls

Anal Pearls, also called anal beads, are made of string or plastic with multiple round pearls, ranging from large to small, threaded through the string or plastic and linked together like beads.

These pearls are inserted and moved back and forth to stimulate the rectum from the anus to the rectum when moving them in and out or discharging them. You can get a strong sensation at the moment when the bead part goes out through the anus.

There are various kinds of beads from 2 cm to 5 cm in thickness, and the material of the beads are soft silicone or plastic.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are slightly different in shape and thickness from the male genitalia dildos that are basically used for the vagina.

Most of them have a series of bumpy protrusions or warts on them, or have a curved tip that looks like a hook, and just like anal plugs, the tip is designed to be narrow so it’s easy to insert into a narrow anal area.

Just like the anal plugs, most anal dildos can be fixed with suction cups, so they can be inserted by yourself by fixing them to the floor or a chair.

There’s a spot about 7cm from the entrance of the anal passage that activates the nerves in the anus, but it’s so deep that it’s hard to reach with fingers or an anal plug.
A dildo will allow you to penetrate deeper and change the angle of the anal plug by yourself, so you can stimulate that area with pinpoint accuracy and get a stronger sensation.

Advanced sex toy women will also be able to reach intense orgasms with two dildos or vibrators inserted into both the vagina and the anus, which will allow you to reach intense orgasms.

Tips for choosing a sex toy

We have introduced you to various sex toys, but if you haven’t gotten your hands on a sex toy yet, you may not know what kind of sex toy to choose at first.

These days, there are stores on the Internet that specialize in sex toys for women, and there are many different kinds of sex toys to choose from, so it’s easy to get confused.

If you do not understand it well, you may not feel good at all when you use it, or you may feel pain, which may cause you to have a negative image of sex toys.

In order to reach orgasm with a sex toy, you need to make sure you choose the right sex toy for your purpose and your body.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right sex toy for you.

Choose based on where you want to develop

When choosing a sex toy, think first about which sexual zone you want to orgasm in.

If you don’t have experience with outside orgasm, a rotor or Magic wand that stimulates the clitoris, a vibrator that can develop your G-spot if you want to have inside orgasm, or a dildo that can reach the porthole for continuous orgasm, the sex toy you choose depends on where you want to develop.

Also, if you are developing anal, make sure you buy one that is specifically designed for anal rather than vaginal use. It is definitely not recommended to use a vaginal sex toy for the anal area.

Also, if you can’t decide which part of the body you want to develop just by looking at it, we recommend that you go to a sex toy store where the sex toys are categorized according to where you want to develop them, and where the description of the sex toy is written in detail.

Select by material and size

Sex toys are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Be careful not to choose the wrong one and it will just hurt.

Typical materials used in sex toys are PVC, silicone, elastomer, and plastic, but it’s best to choose a silicone or elastomeric material that is gentle on the skin at first. The description of the sex toy will clearly state what is used in the material, so look at the material to choose.

Some dildos, for example, are made of glass and are very beautiful looking, but they can be quite hard to use, so it’s best to avoid them at first.

It is especially important to choose the right size for dildos that are inserted into the vagina or anus rather than being placed against a rotor or magic wand to create vibrations. If you choose something too thick or too long at the beginning, it may cause rupture or damage to the sensitive area.

The size of the vulva and anus varies from person to person. You may not be able to expand it as much as you develop it.

Choose a smaller, softer one at first, and as you get used to it, gradually try a thicker or longer one or one made of a harder material.

Choose by price

Because it’s the first sex toy! If you go out on a limb and buy an expensive product, you may be disappointed that you have wasted your money when you try it and find it doesn’t fit.

Just because it’s expensive doesn’t guarantee that you’ll ever feel good about it. Instead, the more expensive ones are for advanced users and can feel hard to use. We recommend that you buy a few inexpensive ones that you won’t regret failing at first and try them out.

The more expensive ones may have so many different features that you may not be able to use them. You can try to keep your first sex toy as simple as possible, and once you get used to it, you can try to get into the more sophisticated ones.

Some specialty sex toy stores have a selection of recommendations for beginners, so consider buying one based on the description.

Beware of hygiene!

When you use a sex toy for sex or masturbation, be careful about your hygiene.
If you use a sex toy with dirt and germs on it, it can cause vaginitis and other infections.

Whenever you use a sex toy, be sure to cover it with a condom for better hygiene and easier cleanup. There are condoms available specifically for sex toys, so buy them as if they were a consumable item.

After using a sex toy, if it is flushable, lightly rinse it with water and spray it with disinfectant spray to keep it cleaner. You may find dirt in unexpected places, so take care of it carefully. If you leave them dirty, germs can grow and cause your sex toy to deteriorate.

Also, make sure your hands, fingers and body are clean before sex and masturbation.


In order to ensure that you feel an orgasm, you must first identify the orgasm you want to experience. Different orgasms have different sexual zones that you want to develop and different sex toys to use.

Think about whether you want to have an outside orgasm or try an inside orgasm or a continuous orgasm and choose a sex toy that fits your goals and your body. If you feel pain, you need to stop there.

Orgasm is very deep and the more you pursue it, the more you will discover new pleasures. Do not start out by choosing an advanced play or sex toy because you want to experience an orgasm as soon as possible, but rather, take the time to study your body and develop your own, and you will eventually find the orgasm you are looking for.