What is a cervix sexual area? New pleasures make sex a lot more fun!

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The cervix sex zone is a spot that gives women a new level of pleasure. The cervix sex zone is different from the clitoris and the G-spot in that it’s one of the more erogenous zones for women, sometimes called the “C-spot.”

Orgasms in the cervix sex zone are as deep and long-lasting as the G-spot, which is what makes it so appealing. It makes it easier for you to reach orgasm during sex, and your partner will be happy to see you. However, it’s the spot at the very back of the vagina, so you may not usually be aware of it.

It’s said that at most, less than 10% of people can feel in the cervix sexual area, and most people don’t get a good feeling when stimulated. That’s why cervix sexual zones are so rare and can be very pleasurable when you feel them.

Even if you don’t feel anything right now, developing them may help you refine your sensitivity and make you feel good. To make masturbation and sex more enjoyable, try cervix sex toys. This article explains in detail the features of cervix sex zones, how to develop them, and how to use the toys.

What are Cervical sex zones?

The cervix Sexual Zone (C-spot) is a sexual zone located around the very back of the vagina. Specifically, it is located at the back of the vagina, where the cervix juts out to the vagina. There are still a lot of things we don’t know about the cervix sex zones, but one thing we do know for sure is that the cervix sex zones are a very important part of the vagina.

But one thing is for sure, when you reach climax in the cervix sex zone, you will get a very deep and long-lasting pleasure. This alone is enough to make many people want to give it a try.

However, before you try cervix Orgasm, there are a few things you need to know. They are that “not everyone can climax,” “you basically need a sex toy,” and “it can be uncomfortable at first. I’ll explain more about this later, but the cervix sexual zone (C-spot) is not a place for everyone to feel. Most people don’t feel good when stimulated, so steady development is necessary.

Since the cervix is located at the very back of the vagina, it’s not the first place you can put your finger, and to effectively stimulate the cervix, you’ll need a sex toy that can reach deep into the cervix, such as a vibrator or dildo.

Therefore, it’s important to be familiar with the toys and techniques to use them. Even if you are well prepared in this way, the stimulation to the cervix may not always be pleasant and enjoyable. Rather, it is often accompanied by pain and discomfort, so you need to get used to it gradually.

We’ve given you a quick rundown of the difficulties of cervix orgasms, but there’s no need to fear. Stimulating the back of the uterus can be a very scary feeling for women, as it can be painful while you are not used to it.

However, rest assured that cervix sexual orgasms are not considered to be dangerous as long as they are stimulated in the right way. Rather, a successful cervix orgasm will make masturbation so much more enjoyable because it will give you pleasure that you can’t get any other way.

How to find cervix

The cervix sexual area is located at the very back of the vagina. The cervix is located at the back of the vagina and is like a wall and cannot go any farther. You can think of the cervix as being deep inside the vagina and at the end of the vagina is the cervix, or the cervix. It is deeper than the G-spot (about 5 cm), about 10 cm deep.

Since the length of the vagina varies from person to person and the position of the uterus changes depending on your health condition and your menstrual cycle, the location of the cervix often varies. The problem is that the cervix is located this deep in the vagina.

Depending on your condition and physical condition, you may be able to touch it by inserting your longest middle finger deep into the vagina. If your finger touches something that looks like the tip of your nose, or something uniquely shaped like the mouth of an octopus, it is the cervix or part of its projection.

The texture is characterized by a rubbery elasticity and a crunchy or pruning sensation. However, most people don’t get any pleasure from touching it, so you can find it with the sensation of your fingers alone.

If your finger doesn’t touch the back wall of the vagina, unfortunately, you won’t be able to stimulate the cervix with your finger. In this case, you will need to use a sex toy. Details will be discussed later, but if you use a vibrator or dildo, you should be able to find it easily as you can just insert it deeper and feel it hitting the cervix.

Incidentally, the position of the cervix will drop when sexual arousal is high or after the day of ovulation. Therefore, if you must check the position of the cervix with your finger, you may want to increase your arousal at the clitoris or G-spot, or wait until the day of ovulation to make another adjustment.

It is a part of the womb

The cervix, or cervix, is actually part of the uterus. As mentioned earlier, the cervix sexual area is located at the very back of the vagina, where the protrusion on the cervix juts out on the vaginal side. It is about 2-3 cm long and usually close to a cylinder, but the size and shape of the cervix varies from person to person.

The cervix is located at the bottom of the uterus, and like a guard, it prevents foreign objects from entering the uterus. Only semen and blood can pass through here to reach the uterus.

In other words, the cervix makes up part of the uterus and is responsible for guarding the important reproductive organs. Incidentally, some people think that a cervix orgasm (Cervical Orgasm) can be achieved by thrusting a penis or goodies into the back of the cervix (Cervical Penetration), but this is actually a mistake.

As mentioned earlier, the cervix is basically impenetrable except for semen and blood; cervix orgasm can only be achieved by stimulating the protruding parts of the cervix.

As I mentioned earlier, the position of the cervix can vary greatly depending on the menstrual cycle. This is because the position of the uterus itself moves. Typically, the position of the uterus drops significantly when you ovulate, and then it remains in a lowered position until your next period.

The reason for this is not yet understood, but there are two main reasons for this. One is to make it easier to expel the endometrium, and the other is to make it easier to get pregnant. To begin with, menstruation is a process in which the endometrium, which has been thickened in preparation for pregnancy, is expelled out because it is no longer needed.

Once ovulation occurs, the cervix drops lower and becomes more firm, once again feeling like the tip of your nose. The opening to the uterus will become tightly closed. This can happen immediately after ovulation, or may take several hours to several days.
Cervical Position: What Your Cervical Position Tells You About Your Fertility

However, if the endometrium is not expelled smoothly, the excess remains around the uterus, which can be an inconvenience. This is why the first reason is that by lowering the position of the uterus, the endometrium may be easier to expel during your period.

The other may be easier to visualize, but it is also thought that the uterus is lowered after ovulation because it is easier to get pregnant when the distance between the uterus and the vulva is closer than farther away. In fact, the timing between ovulation and menstruation is when you’re most likely to get pregnant.

In any case, the cervix also lowers after ovulation, which may make it a suitable time for a cervix orgasm. This is because, in some cases, the cervix can drop so low that you can feel it even when you touch it with your fingers.

Moreover, between ovulation and menstruation, the cervix becomes softer and more sensitive. Even if you don’t normally feel anything with cervix, this timing may make you feel good. However, high sensitivity also means that you are more likely to feel pain, so it is important to do this only with care.

Only 10% of people can feel it?

We’ve identified the location of the cervix, which is necessary to practice cervix orgasm. It’s usually difficult to stimulate because it’s located at the very back of the vagina, but with a sex toy, it’s rather easy to do. However, reaching orgasm with the cervix sex toy is actually very difficult.

For many people, the cervix is not functioning as a sexual zone, so it’s hard to feel it when you stimulate it here. So how many people can actually feel good in the cervix sex zones?

The cervix sex zone has been studied even less than the G-spot. Therefore, there is no research data available to show how many women feel at cervix. On the other hand, a study by Kontula et al. shows that only 6% of women are able to reach orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Many women need to stimulate their clitoris together to reach vaginal orgasm.

Therefore, it can be said that less than 10% of all women are able to cum with cervix, no matter how many women are able to do so.

For this reason, many people think that cervix orgasms may not even exist. However, some researchers, such as Wallen and Komisaruk, report that some women can reliably reach orgasm by stimulating the vagina or cervix without directly stimulating the clitoris or glans.

Regardless, the fact remains that orgasm with cervix is an extremely rare occurrence. That’s why developing cervix and being able to feel it is extremely gratifying.

If you develop it, you might be able to get pleasure!

You may be halfway through the process of saying, “cervix orgasm looks difficult ……” or “I can’t cum on cervix anyway ……. As mentioned above, there is still a lot we don’t know about cervix orgasms. Therefore, developing a cervix does not necessarily mean that you will be able to feel it.

This area is more difficult than the G-spot. But you won’t know anything unless you try it in the first place. That’s why you should try it.

And even if you find it difficult to feel with cervix, the development of cervix will not be in vain. This is because the techniques you develop with cervix masturbation will also be useful when stimulating other sexual areas, such as the G-spot.

Furthermore, since cervix is also a vaginal sex zone, it is also neutered to other parts of the body, so even if training cervix doesn’t make cervix itself more sensitive, it’s entirely possible that other parts of the body will become more sensitive. So if you’re wondering if you should do it, try it first.

Some women find it easier to feel the cervix rather than the clitoris or G-spot, as reported in the study I mentioned earlier. It’s not clear why, but it seems that the point at which a woman feels better varies greatly from person to person, and what one person doesn’t feel at all can be very pleasant for another.

There are other sexual zones in the vagina besides the G-spot and the C-spot (cervix), so you may find some unexpectedly pleasant points.

However, be sure to keep your fingernails short and aligned before developing cervix; whether you use your fingers for cervix stimulation or not, you should stimulate the clitoris and vagina beforehand to make it easier to feel with cervix, so that your body can get used to it and increase your pleasure.

If your nails are stretched out or sharp at that point, you can damage the vagina. Not only is it painful, but bacteria can enter from there and cause an infection. It is important to prepare for masturbation by tweaking your genitals well in advance.

Pleasure you get from cervix

When you decide to go for a cervix orgasm, if you don’t know what kind of pleasure you’re going to get, it’s hard to get an idea of what it’s going to feel like. If you’re going to take the trouble to develop it, you’ll want to know how good it will feel. In fact, the pleasure of a cervix orgasm is said to surpass that of the clitoris as well as the G-spot.

To help you get an idea, let’s first compare orgasms with cervix orgasms to the pleasure you get from the clitoris and G-spot.

The hallmark of clitoral orgasms is the electric rush of pleasure as well as the sensation of climax that occurs as you climb to the top. It’s a so-called instantaneous pleasure, and it feels like your mind is going blank. In this respect, clitoral orgasm is rather close to male ejaculation.

G-spot orgasms, on the other hand, are characterized by a deep, pleasurable sensation that is felt deep inside the body and lasts for a while, while cervix orgasms are characterized by a weighted sensation that reverberates throughout the body from deep inside the vagina and lasts for several minutes.

An orgasm with cervix can be described as a true “full-body sexual feeling” or “ecstasy”. According to posts in the online community, it can be “so pleasurable that you lose control of your body” or a “life-changing” experience. However, some believe that these tremendous orgasms don’t necessarily come from cervix alone.

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple sexual zones in the vagina; the G-spot is one of the best known sexual zones and the other is the C-spot (cervix), which I’m going to discuss here.

In fact, in addition to the G-spot and the C-spot, there is also the “A-spot”, which includes the C-spot as part of this area; the G-spot is about 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina, and the A-spot is another 5 cm back from there, so the C-spot, which is about 10 cm back from the entrance of the vagina The spots and they are much the same location.

What’s important is that the sexual zones in the vagina are so close to each other that it’s quite difficult to distinguish between the “types” of orgasms. It is important to think of vaginal orgasms in terms of a broader “area” rather than a narrow “spot” like G, C or A.

Seriously! “It can be difficult to accurately differentiate between ‘types’ of orgasms, because the area you’re stimulating is small and various parts sit in close proximity to one another,” explains Dr. O’Reilly. Like, really close proximity! The G-spot is typically two to three inches inside the vagina, the A-spot is two inches deeper than that, and then the C-spot is…in that same region. That’s a lot of potential pleasure points in five to six inches!

8 Things to Know About Cervical Orgasms

Plus, there’s the fact that “it can be impossible to isolate just one of those spots during sex”, she says. “If you’re stimulating the cervix, it’s likely you’re also massaging the vaginal canal and putting pressure on the G-spot,” she says. So, in short, you may be experiencing an orgasm you think is from A-spot stimulation, when in fact it’s a combo of many pleasure-spots.

If you look at it this way, you’ll see that it’s not necessarily just what you feel on cervix that’s important. As mentioned earlier, reaching orgasm with cervix is difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured to “make sure you feel it on cervix” at all.

It’s not about the location, it’s about “does it feel good”, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have to use cervix, or if you feel it in the G-spot or A-spot. The vagina is surprisingly large, so as long as you are calmly stimulating the cervix, you will be able to feel it in other parts of your body and it will always feel good somewhere else.

How to stimulate the cervix

We’ve looked at the basics of what cervix is and where it’s located, and how good a cervix orgasm feels. You’ve also been able to set up a mental set-up where you don’t necessarily have to cum with cervix, but just need to feel good with vaginal stimulation anyway.

Now that you’ve got your mind in order, it’s time to actually try cervix. Specifically, you can stimulate cervix in one of the following three ways

  • Stimulate it with your fingers first.
  • Ask your partner to help.
  • Use a sex toy.

The beginning of sexual stimulation starts with your fingers. Of course, the cervix is difficult to touch with your fingers because it’s so far back, but you should try first. If you’re lucky enough to touch it, it will be easier to get the image, and even if you can’t, there are other ways to do it.

Asking him to stimulate your cervix with his penis during sex can be very effective. Of course, you can also try stimulating yourself with a sex toy during sex alone, which will help your development. Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods.

Try to stimulate with your fingers

Since cervix is located at the back end of the vagina, you’ll basically need a sex toy. However, this is inconvenient if you want to get a little bit of a feel for it, as you need to have the toys for it. So, you can try stimulating the cervix with your fingers first. Just be aware that the cervix is located at the very back of the vagina and that it is sensitive and prone to pain.

Therefore, first caress and wet the vagina to get it wet and used to it before approaching the cervix. Carefully stimulate the clitoris, which is the most easily felt part of the female genitalia.

Caress the clitoris in the same way as you normally do clitoral masturbation. You don’t have to climax, but it is important to keep your excitement and pleasure high enough. By doing so, the sexual excitement will cause the cervix to drop in position. If it’s not wet enough, I recommend using a lotion to increase the sensitivity.

Once your clitoris is wet, it’s time to insert your fingers into it. If possible, use the longest middle finger. Proceed slowly and carefully to the back of the clitoris to avoid pain.

Since the cervix is located in the lower part of the uterus, that is, on the side of the hips, it is easier to catch the cervix if you move your fingers in the direction of the back. Hopefully, your finger should touch a projection shaped like the tip of your nose. If you feel a bouncy pull or crunch, that’s the cervix. Once you’ve located the cervix, you can start by gently loosening your fingers. Instead of poking or rubbing it, you should press and massage it a little bit.

If you don’t feel any pain when you touch the cervix, try rocking your entire hand up and down in small increments to make the cervix vibrate. It will feel like your entire uterus is shaking and you may get a kind of pleasant sensation. If you continue to stimulate in a steady rhythm, you can focus on the pleasure. It is even more effective if you try rocking the vagina in a way that gently pushes it deeper.

However, since the cervix is located deep in the vagina, it is sometimes difficult to stimulate it with your finger. If you don’t touch the cervix when you first insert your finger deep into it, unfortunately you will need a sex toy as it is difficult to develop with your finger.


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Ask for it during sex

When you have sex with your partner, it can be very effective to have him stimulate your cervix with his vagina. However, if you ask your man to stimulate your cervix, you need to be careful about how you move.

Be sure to tell him to use a “soft touch” to stimulate the cervix. First, have them caress the female genitals, mainly the clitoris, as in the case of the fingers I mentioned earlier, to get the vagina firmly relaxed and wet. Then have them insert it and proceed to the back as normal.

Once the penis is inserted all the way in, the tip of the penis should touch the cervix. The way it moves is important here. If he has a habit of pistoning hard, be careful not to rock your hips as you usually do. Do not poke the cervix too hard; cervix stimulates it by pushing, not poking.

It’s very easy to do: once your penis touches the cervix, simply push it slowly inward from there, pull back slightly, release the penis, and repeat the rhythm of carefully pushing in again.

As you get used to it, rock your penis up and down and from side to side, gradually increasing the stimulation; the cervix is more likely to give you pleasure from the rocking and vibrations than from the thrusting, so you should feel something as you continue this movement. While you shouldn’t poke the cervix with a piston motion, there is nothing wrong with shaking your uterus by vibration.

However, you don’t have to force the cervix to continue, so if you feel pain, ask them to stop the movement.

Since stimulation to the cervix does not require any piston movements, you should be able to get your boyfriend to continue for a while, even if he is experiencing premature ejaculation. On the other hand, if he is a slow ejaculator, you can ask him to pull his penis away from the cervix in the middle of the session to stimulate the G-spot with piston motions.

This will stimulate both the C-spot and the G-spot, which should make it easier for you to increase your pleasure.

However, since the position of the cervix and the length of the penis varies from person to person, you may not be able to reach deep enough. If this is the case, “changing positions” or “climaxing” can help. The most effective positions for stimulating the cervix during sex are “cowgirl” and “Doggy Style”.

The cowgirl position allows the penis to be inserted deep into the depths of the body and allows for female-driven movement, while the posterior position gives the vagina a straighter vagina and makes it easier for the penis to reach the cervix, which is a major advantage. Change positions in moderation to stimulate the cervix.

Use a sex toy

You can stimulate cervix by using your own fingers or by asking him to do it for you during sex. However, your fingers may not be able to reach them, depending on your condition at the time, and it can be difficult to get him to stimulate you.

Also, if you are going to ask him to stimulate you during sex, it should be easier to feel when your cervix is sensitive enough. That way it will be like a surprise to him and he will be happy and the sex will be more exciting.

So, start by using a sex toy to develop your own cervix. The great thing about sex toys is that they are able to reach deep into your body. cervix stimulation with your fingers often doesn’t touch the cervix, so you may feel the stinging sensation.

It’s also tedious to reach orgasm with the clitoris or wait until ovulation day to lower the position of the uterus. A sex toy is long enough to reach the cervix, so you can stimulate the cervix without straining.

You can also use the sex toy anytime and anywhere to develop the cervix as you see fit. In order for your partner to stimulate you, you’ll need to meet in person to have sex, and you’ll need to coordinate your mutual availability.

And depending on his condition, you may not be able to take your time for a long time, which can be somewhat inconvenient. With sex toys, you can enjoy cervix masturbation as much as you want to, which makes development easier. By all means, take advantage of sex toys.

2 Toys you cannot go wrong with!

cervix sex toys are important to develop anyway, but in order to do so, the penis needs to be either a sex toy. However, the penis is a male thing, so it can’t be available at all times. If possible, you should be able to use it for development whenever you feel like it, whenever you feel like it.

This is where a sex toy can come in handy. When you masturbate, while you’re teasing your clitoris and G-spot, you can also stimulate your cervix with the following products.

  • Vibrator
  • Dildo

All of these are so-called penis-shaped sex toys that are inserted into the vagina. The great thing about these toys is that they can be used in place of a man’s penis, which is exactly what they are.

They also don’t end up in the middle of the process, so you can take your time and develop them without worrying about it. The main difference between these two toys is whether or not they have a vibration function. Vibrators have a vibration function, while dildos are all manual. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these toys and how to use them.


A vibrator is a sex toy that can increase sexual arousal through vibration and other electric functions. It is one of the most popular masturbation toys for women, so you may have heard of it before. In fact, there are many different types of vibrators in a nutshell.

The small egg-shaped rotor for clitoral stimulation (Love Egg) and the massage device known as the Denma (Magic Wand) are among the types of vibrators.

However, the most famous type of vibrator is probably the Dildo type. A dildo type vibrator is a dildo that has a vibration function attached to it, which will be discussed later. They are similar in shape to a man’s penis and are inserted into the vagina.

The great thing about dildos is that the vibrating function allows them to feel good without having to move them by hand, and they can reach deep into the vagina. Therefore, the dildo is exactly what it is for cervix masturbation.Using the vibrator to stimulate the cervix is simple.

First, caress your clitoris as before and get your vagina thoroughly wet and used to it. Then insert it shallowly into the vagina and try to stimulate the G-spot first. As I mentioned earlier, the sexual zones in the vagina affect each other. If you’re going to use a vibrator, you want to develop it more effectively; stimulating the G-spot first makes the vaginal sex zones more active.

As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable with the cervix. Of course, if you reach orgasm in the G-spot first, it’s perfect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it, just make it more pleasurable.

Once you feel the cervix, don’t move it, just let it vibrate for a while. Try to push in a little bit. The trick is to experiment with different spots and pushes, looking for a comfortable spot and pushes that are comfortable. As explained in the section on how to stimulate with the penis, the rhythm of pushing the dildo, pulling a little, and then pushing again can also be effective.

There is also a type of dildo vibe called “Rabbit” that has a rotor underneath the dildo. This is more effective in developing a cervix because it can stimulate the clitoris at the same time as the cervix. If the cervix doesn’t feel so good with the dildo, you should also try a rabbit-type vibrator. The pleasure you get from the clitoris combined with the stimulation to the cervix should naturally give you pleasure from the cervix as well.

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A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy that looks just like a male organ. It is like a manually operated vibrator. The feature of the dildo is that you can move it by yourself. Since there is no electric vibration function like a vibrator, beginners may find it difficult to stimulate it as they wish.

However, from a different point of view, you can control everything by yourself, so if you have some familiarity with the cervix, you may find it easier to use a dildo.

The length of the dildo is roughly 10cm to 15cm, which is within the average length range of an adult male penis. Also, the stimulation of the dildo is not an electric function, but a human-powered piston movement. All of this makes cervix masturbation with a dildo a very realistic and pleasurable experience, much like being stimulated by a man’s penis during sex.

Once you have become accustomed to cervix masturbation using the methods we have described so far, it is time to take the plunge and switch to dildos. You’ll experience a different kind of stimulation and you’ll find it easier to pinpoint the spots that feel good, which will make your development even more effective.

Using a dildo is basically the same as using a vibrator. Start by caressing your clitoris and slowly wetting your vagina, then insert the dildo. Once it’s in deep and hits the cervix, slowly push it in to stimulate the cervix. As you get used to it, repeat the rhythm of pushing the dildo in, pulling slightly, and then pushing it back in.

Vibrating the dildo in small increments and moving it up, down, left and right also helps. To put it plainly, recreate for yourself the procedure of having a man stimulate you with his penis. Enhance your cervix sensitivity even further with a dildo.

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Stimulating other sexual zones at the same time is better

cervix sexual zones are not easy to feel when stimulated alone. This is because for most people, cervix does not function as a sexually active zone. This is why it needs to be developed, but it is often difficult to get it right because the image of cervix as a sexual zone is not connected to the actual nervous system.

Therefore, stimulate cervix while stimulating other feel-good sex zones to make it feel good and connect cervix as a sexual zone.

  • While caressing your tits.
  • While touching your clit.

The boobs and clitoris are relatively easy for anyone to feel. Therefore, the sense that “cervix feels good” is refined by stimulating cervix while feeling “good” while teasing these areas. In this way, your brain will determine that the pleasure in your boobs and clitoris is due to the cervix, and as a result, the cervix sexual area may also be activated, making it easier to develop successfully.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

While playing with your tits

Stimulate the cervix while caressing your breasts, which are one of the main sexual zones in women. Studies show that stimulating the sexual zones of the breasts also activates the vaginal sex zones. This means that caressing your breasts and nipples will make it easier to feel them in cervix.When you caress your breasts for cervix masturbation, you basically don’t need any special techniques.

You just start by rubbing your breasts, mainly the underbusts, where they feel good, and then you can stimulate your nipples more and more.

However, the trick is not to stimulate the nipples suddenly, but to caress the breasts and areola first to make them a little impatient, and then move on to the chickney. This will increase your excitement and make you feel more comfortable.

If you have difficulty feeling your nipples, try teasing them over your clothing while wearing a t-shirt or other thin underwear. At this point, it’s important to remove your bra and then put your shirt on directly. Caressing your nipples through a t-shirt or other thin underwear is more comfortable because of the friction between the cloth and your nipples than touching them directly raw.

You can also try using a special product for chickens. Nipple toys include “nipple rotors and vibrators”, “nipple pumps” and “nipple clips”. Each one has completely different characteristics, but if you like the sensation of having your nipples sucked, the nipple pump is a great choice.

This is a nipple pump that gives you the sensation of having your nipples sucked during sex, and is used by moving a manual pump. Other recommended items include nipple clips for those who want to feel the pain of pinching their nipples, and nipple rotors and vibrators for those who want to feel good from the vibrations.

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While touching your clit

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the sexual zones in the vagina do not function in isolation; multiple sexual zones, such as the G-spot, A-spot and C-spot, interact with each other. Furthermore, because the base of those sex zones is the clitoris, clitoral stimulation is considered extremely important for vaginal orgasm.

So, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the stimulation of the cervix, you should stimulate the cervix while also stimulating the clitoris. The most important thing is the first caress.

Before performing cervix masturbation, caress the clitoris thoroughly to increase your arousal, and then insert a finger or sex toy into the vagina. A certain amount of impatience is also important in clitoral caresses. You should not touch the clitoris suddenly, but first caress the base of your thighs and the labia around the clitoris, and gradually increase the pounding of the clitoris.

It’s best to use one hand to tease the clitoris with the other to make it easier to reach orgasm.

To stimulate your clitoris, using a sex toy can be very useful. The best clitoral toys are rotors. If you apply the rotor to the clitoris, the vibrations will instantly increase the pleasure. Denma is also surprisingly effective. In addition, since the stimulation of the Denma is very strong and the vibration is transmitted deep into the vagina, you may be able to stimulate even the cervix at the same time.

However, since the stimulation of the Denma is too strong, do not apply it directly to the clitoris, but only convey the vibration indirectly at a little distance. Stimulating the clitoris in this way in a variety of ways should make it easier for you to have a successful cervix orgasm.

The important thing is to relax

One of the most important aspects of a woman’s orgasm is to relax mentally. Mental pressures such as tension, anxiety and stress are thought to have a significant negative impact on orgasm. This is because the tension in your mind causes your body to become harder and your sexual organs to function less well.

Especially if you are new to cervix masturbation, you may be afraid to touch cervix ……, or you don’t want to hurt ……, or what if you can’t cum… …”, you will inevitably feel a variety of anxiety and fear.

However, this kind of stress can keep you away from orgasm even more. If you practice the methods we’ve described in this article correctly, cervix masturbation is nothing to be afraid of. If you do it carefully, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you feel pain, you can stop immediately and try again next time and you will be fine.

As mentioned above, it’s natural for a beginner to not be able to cum, as cervix is not supposed to make you feel good in the first place. If you challenge yourself with the mindset of “I’m lucky if it feels good,” you will be able to masturbate in a more relaxed state of mind.

In this way, your body will relax and you will be able to approach an orgasm more easily. If you never feel comfortable, try taking a bath to warm up your body before you masturbate. When your body temperature rises, your body relaxes and your parasympathetic nervous system becomes more active, which helps you relax mentally.

Anyway, relaxation is important in cervix masturbation, so enjoy masturbation in a relaxed state of mind and body.

Be patient with cervix development

cervix takes time to develop; it is unlikely that you will reach orgasm on the first try. In fact, most of the time you won’t even feel good; it takes at least three to six months before you can start to feel pleasure with cervix.

It will take an even longer period of development before you start to reach orgasm. For this reason, it is important to take your time and feel calm and relaxed in developing cervix without rushing it.

If you only focus on cervix development when masturbating, it may not work and you may feel stressed out. When this happens, cervix masturbation can become uncomfortable, so it’s better to try tinkering with cervix in between while doing your regular masturbation.

For example, if you often stimulate the G-spot during normal masturbation, try going deep and stimulating the cervix while doing so. It may seem like a one-sided approach, but it is easier to make cervix masturbation more successful this way.

As I’ll tell you repeatedly, the clitoris, the G-spot, the A-spot and the C-spot (cervix), and other sexual zones are all connected and affect each other; if you concentrate on the cervix alone, the other sexual zones won’t be as active.

However, if you make the other parts of the body your main focus and sub the cervix, you can stimulate the cervix while the others are already active, which makes it easier to get pleasure from the cervix as well. This way, it’s easier to develop cervix while still enjoying masturbation.


In this article, we have detailed the features of cervical orgasm, how they are developed and how to use sex toys for it. When you reach orgasm from cervix, which is located in the cervix at the back of the vagina, you will experience a deep pleasure that spreads throughout your body.

On the other hand, cervix sexual zones require development in order to feel good, so it is important to stimulate them with the proper procedures. Cervix masturbation can be stimulated with either fingers, your partner’s penis, or sex toys. Use the technique for each method for cervix masturbation.

In either case, it’s important to first caress the clitoris and get the vagina used to it. If you are using your fingers, once you are deep inside and rocking into the cervix, stimulate it by lightly pressing and rocking it with a gentle massaging motion.

If you want him to stimulate you during sex, have him slowly push into the vaginal canal and vibrate it up and down and from side to side once he has inserted his penis all the way in. However, it is more recommended to use a sex toy, as fingers can be difficult to reach with the pushers and it can be difficult to stimulate with the penis as you wish.

The most effective sex toys for cervix masturbation is the “vibrator” and the “dildo”. The vibrator has a vibrating function, so you can basically stimulate the cervix by simply inserting it deep into the vagina and moving it lightly. Dildos need to be moved manually, so stimulate them the same way you would with a penis, by slowly pushing in and rocking them.

If you also stimulate your breasts and clitoris, it will activate the entire vagina, which is more effective, so you can enjoy the good feeling of the cervix and improve your sex life.